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  1. Hi Jamie, I received a email from one of your colleagues stating that they could not get confirmation from my previous insurer (the AA), and I need to ring them to authorise that Hastings can have the information. I rang the AA and they have said that nobody has accessed my account or tried getting the info because it gets logged on their computers. They where slightly surprised that this information wasn't given to Hastings as this is standard practice. Anyway, I've ask for a letter confirming my No Claims Bonus, and it should be with me in about 5 working days, then I'll forward it to Hast
  2. Hi all, I haven't had a reply from Hastings yet. Does anyone know how long at takes to get an answer.
  3. Hi Jamie, I've sent you my details. Thanks for trying to sort this out. Regards William.
  4. Hi all, Please can someone help me with this problem. I signed up for Hastings car insurance and sent my "no claims" doc's from my previous insurer to them. I have now received a letter stating that my no claims has been reduced to zero because of no proof. So the are charging an additional amount of £446.07. They have said the are collecting this from my account within 7-10 days. The letter is dated 1st June 2012. I arrived home on saturday because I work away on contract, and only go home every 3-4 weeks. I have sent the documents again by email on saturday. I can't get over the
  5. Hi just another update. I've received another letter (3rd) "Legal Action Pending", now I'm required to pay £120, or the matter will be referred to their Solicitors (in bold type). The letter also mentions they will register the debt at the County Court, who will get the Bailiffs in, and my credit rating may be affected.
  6. Hi all Just an update. I've received my 2nd letter "FINAL REMINDER BEFORE LEGAL ACTION". I'm just going to keep ignoring them.
  7. Thanks Crem, electron, Al27, and DD Wales. All your comments are very reasurring. I will do what you all say. One thing I never knew about these car parks is that as soon as you park on one you enter into a contract (according to the PCN). I'm beginning to wise-up on these companies, after having read a few postings on this excellent site. Thanks again
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'm just worried if I don't pay the Parking Charge Notice, the company will ask for more money, or they will send in the bailiffs.
  9. Hi all I've received a parking charge notice from CP Plus Limited for overstaying my time limit at Moto-Birch services, near Manchester. They are asking for £80, £50 pounds if I pay before a certain date. I spent a small fortune at that services! I was supposedly photographed by a overhead camera which got my licence plate number. What shall I do? Do I ask them for the photographic evidence (do they charge for this)? Make them a lower offer, £25? Don't pay? This is my first parking fine, so I have no idea how to proceed, but £50 seems quite excessive. Any advice would be great.
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