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Found 5 results

  1. Hoping this is the correct forum so apologise if not. After a good two years being ill I managed to get a job starting last January at a local SEN school as a Teaching Assistant. Upon calling me with the news the Head told me not to get too excited as it was only until July. A few days after I started I was conversing with the HR Head about something else when I mentioned to her about this Fixed Term Contract. She told me that I was on a Permanent Contract so I assumed that the 6 months the Head was talking about was the 3 then 6 months probation. Got through 3 months fine but today I was called into a conversation with the Assistant Head and was told my contract was not being renewed because next years student numbers have dropped and the student that I was partially one to one with is no longer classed as one to one. For clarification I was helping many students as I was told that one to one is in name only and I was working in the class with all. However I mentioned to the Asst Head that I was a tad confused as HR had told me I was on a Permanent Contract. The Asst looked a tad confused themselves and said they would look into it and mentioned that if I was on a Fixed Contract they would not have done any probation which confused me again because it was this Assistant Head that received my Line Managers 3 month probation form so you would have expected it to have flagged up a possible contract error. A massive kick in the teeth is that I also received a staff email later on that says they are recruiting for Teaching Assistants for next year and yet I am told I am surplus to requirements because they don't need any more TA's despite at the meeting being told that all feedback on my efforts are positive and that my contract isn't being renewed purely down to numbers not being required?! If I am honest I have never got on with this particular Assistant Head. They belittle many people and are generally disliked by a larger proportion of the staff and from day one I could tell that she had a problem with me for whatever reason. So I wouldn't be surprised if they just want me out. However if they have had a breakdown in communication and whilst I was originally meant to be on a Fixed Term Contract but HR accidently put me on a Permanent One what are my rights here? I have gone through the contract with a fine toothcomb and I cannot fond anywhere where it says it's Fixed Term and whilst there is a commencement date there is not expiry date. If they have made an error they may try another excuse but if I have been already told that the only reason for my dismissal is that they do not require me next year then what can I do if another excuse/reason is put forward in another meeting? I love the job and obviously feedback on my performance is positive and whilst I would love to stay this is an incredibly awkward situation for both sides but if I am correct and I am on a Permanent Contract and they have made an error what if any rights do I have? Most appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have done some research and have previously reclaimed charges and PPI i just wanted to confirm with others the process should follow. I wanted to avoid admitting tyne debt as 2 are just 12 months from being statute barred, so can i address letters "without predjudice"??? so as to not restart the period for the debts becoming statute barred? And any tips anyone may have for settling debts at a reduced rate. So my process i am think i should follow: 1 write to CRA(experian, equiFax) to find any company claiming debt 2 write to companies asking for true original of credit agreement 3 if provided Agreement, make offer of 10p per pound for Full and final settlement including marking debt as settled in full. 4 await letter confirming settlement 5 pay debts. I do worry about making these debts enforceable for the next 6 years by doing this so is there anything i can do to mitigate this risk? thank you in advance nak
  3. just wondering if anyone can help with this, my son was on a drink drive ban about 11 years ago and not been driving since, now he has applied for his licence, paid the 90 fee and was sent a letter to arrange for a medical before he can get his licence, they have given him 6 weeks from the 22nd April to get the medical done with the cost of £98.50 for a blood test ect., he has not got the money until after the six weeks they have stated, could this result in him losing his original £90.00 fee for the renewal and have to re-apply with a further fee of £90 Please can someone give some advice on this.
  4. Hi, I have a new ESA50 to fill in before the end of November. I have been in the WRAG group for some time now after going to tribunal the first time after a looong wait. Can someone tell me how long it takes from when I return my ESA 50 for ATOS to arrange my medical now. Will they contact me by phone or letter to arrange an appointment. I just want them to leave me alone until after christmas, I have butterflies just thinking about it all again. How quickly will they move once they receive my ESA50. Thanks. SJ
  5. hi I`m trying to renew my tax credits, have few problems with it. I`m self-employed, so do I have to enter my income gross after my expenses taken off? for example I earned 15000, my expenses were 5000, so do I enter 10000 as my income from self-employment? Another issue with my wife income, she was on Statuatory Maternity Pay all year, except 4-5 weeks when she was on holiday leave. Please be patient, this is complicate April and part of May 2011 - SMP she got pay for it 901.11 GBP than June, July - unpaid SMP August and few days in September - Holiday leave and again, from September 2011 to March 2011 she was on SMP - got pay for those moths 2713.82 GBP So she was on SMP for about 47 weeks in whole year. Now I`m going through deductions on working sheet from my renewal pack. Should I just get her SMP payment for whole year (2713 GBP) and divide by 47 weeks? That will be easy solution. or do I have to go through each week and check how much she was paid for it? They saying if your payments were more than 100 GBP a week enter 100 for each week, should I do so in case of April and part of May? For December she was paid 424.32 GBP for January 467.90 GBP Other months were under 400 GBP so that work out under 100 GBP a week. Hope someone can help work it out, otherwise I will have to give them call and thats not gonna be easy one to explain on phone If you have any questions just ask Thanks
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