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  1. Hi BazookaBoo, Thanks for your post and the advice. This is the email I received from the landowner today after they emailed me yesterday saying they would "squash the fine." i.imgur.com/OOkfyxw.png
  2. 1 The date of infringement? 18/10/2017 2 Did you appeal to the parking company? Have you received a Notice To Keeper? No. Not through the post. There was a PCN style document left on the windscreen instructing to go to myparkingcharge.co.uk although it claimed 'This is not a PCN' 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) No 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? [it is well known that parking companies will reject any appeal whatever the circumstances] N/A 5 Who is the parking company? Vehicle Control Services Ltd --------------- I pay a monthly fee for an underground car park space on land owned by an apartment building development company. I have a tax disk style parking permit issued by VCS. The car park is patrolled by VCS. I came down this afternoon to find a myparkingcharge notification saying to log into their portal to view evidence of a parking T&C contravention. I looked over at my car park permit to find it upside down, when I was driving home yesterday with the windows open it must have shifted around and landed face down. In the 'evidence' photographs taken by the so called parking 'agent' you can see the disk. Upside down but it is obvious what it is. I have parked there for 7 months, surely he recognises my car and will have seen the disk countless times before. i.imgur.com/FJxk1pS.jpg I righted the disk and phoned VCS who advised to lodge an appeal. I looked into that but upon seeing the form that requests personal details and the requirement to check a checkbox that says "I accept these facts as they are presented" or something similar - there is absolutely no bloody way am I doing that and providing them with that information or checking that box. I pay for a valid parking permit. I'm not a paying £60 'fine' (private company issuing a fine, yeah ok) for 1) the ramifications of gravity and 2) because some **** has spotted an opportunity to extort some commission. I spoke to the landowners, the company I rent the apartment from who agreed with my point of view and said they'd contact VCS and get this ridiculous charge squashed. They have done so however I heard back saying that there is a remaining 'reduced settlement charge' of £20. I phoned VCS who said if I refused to pay they would pass the matter onto a debt collection agency. I know all about Simon Renshaw-Smith. I will not be one of his victims. Please find screenshots below of all relevant contracts/documentation. i.imgur.com/ndKKenf.jpg i.imgur.com/BSRAIVL.jpg i.imgur.com/9JOBEt0.jpg The parking permit was, after signing the above parking contract with the landlord, presented to me enclosed with the following document from VCS. 1) I did not sign this document, nor have ever explicitly agreed to accept its stipulations 2) I did not agree at any stage to explicitly enter into a contract with VCS 3) The first I knew of any association with VCS is when I opened an envelope to find this letter with permit disc attached i.imgur.com/PV4kfC4.jpg Seeking your advice and experience. Cheers guys, much appreciated.
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