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Found 12 results

  1. What exactly happens under Universal Credit if you work part time, are you still expected to attend fortnightly signing so if I were working lets say 24 hours per week under UC, would I still have to go to the JCP each fortnight to make a declaration ?
  2. Hi everyone, Story so far - myself and ex business partner owned a business back in 2011-2013. Business was closed in 2013 and this July i received a letter stating that i owe business rates. I contacted council and explained that it was not me personally liable for rates but company and provided all profs (bills, registrations, etc). They lost my first letter. After a months or so i posted a second letter with all proofs and explanations. Based on tracking it was delivered to them and signed. Council kept it quiet for 6 weeks after which i received a C
  3. Hi, My brother is being summonsed to appear at Magistrates Court in June for not sending his two kids to school regularly. The School count the attendants twice a day and they are claiming that out of 154 possible attendances only 130 were attended which works out to 12 days (154 - 130 = 24 / 2 = 12 For each of the days, the council demanded a penalty fee of which was not paid as i advised my brother that they had no legal bases within the Education Act 1996 to charge such fees. Out of the 12 unattended days of which penalty notices were issued the council later withdraw
  4. I received a letter yesterday with the following wording: We're reviewing your benefits and circumstances You must come to an office interview. Dear Miss --------- We need to talk to you about some changes that may affect your benefits payments. You must be available for this interview and have all the information listed on page 1 and 2 with you. It asks me to bring something proving who I am which the bank statements will do. It asks to bring my latest bank statements. I saw at the bottom it has a code FESL2T which many people on other forums has said is from t
  5. The following story has been heavily reported in the media this week: A 20-year-old student has been fined a staggering £562 for a £2.20 journey after she was caught with the wrong ticket. Parys Lanlehin was caught using a return train ticket on the wrong day - and going in the wrong direction - on June 4, 2014. The University of Nottingham student was issued with a £20 penalty ticket on the Nottingham to Beeston train, but the court heard it was never paid. Lanlehin, of Walthamstow, London, then signed a declaration stating she was unaware of legal proceedings taki
  6. Looking for some help, Wife was caught speeding doing 51 in a 40 zone. She has asked to attend court as they had the time at 8.46 (photo evidence) however where the photo was taken was at least 6 miles from where she works and starts work at 9am. The road was down to 1 lane due to the cycle lane being built and traffic was at peak time when she set off. She signed in at work for 8.59am and her case is that she couldn't have been pictured at the time stated as it would have been impossible to get the 6 miles in the allotted time they apparently caught her speeding. Not
  7. Been going to Triage for nearly 2 years now, and I am in the work related group. Used to have to attend weekly and fortnightly sessions with other people till they put me onto monthly sessions quite some time ago, as they said they feel that I am not ready for work. So now I attend once a month, and it's a 1 to 1 with an adviser instead of a group. But, I was kept on the same ESA and not put into the support group. 3 weeks ago I had an appointment. It was scheduled for 10am. However, I was feeling ill the night before and didn't fall a sleep till around about 6.30am. I work up about 10.30
  8. Finally managed to find a ES567SJP form online that I have printed off and started to complete. As I have MWA hanging over me, not sure how to answer some of the questions as not sure whether MWA counts as a job opportunity. Question 6 in part one asks - Are you willing and able to change the hours of your course so that they do not overlap with the hours you said you are available for work in your Jobseeker’s Agreement? Now if I answer yes to that will it be claimed I can do MWA and fit college around it? I have attached the form and the guidance they use. If anyone can
  9. A quick run down of my case. August 2012, started claiming ESA IR. Initial WCA appointment March 2013 (Missed due to severe illness), so our ESA was stopped, we appealed citing the reasons and providing proof and the decision to stop the benefit was overturned and our benefit continued. Then it took a good 5 months (Aug 2013) until I actually had my assessment. I was awarded 0 points, the assessor made up lies in the report and said I could do stuff that I was not even asked to do etc etc etc. So we appealed this, I must have put in the worlds biggest appeal papers, about 2
  10. Hi, I'm looking for some help. I have an outstanding parking ticket notice from October last year. I didn't have the money to pay so stuck my head in the sand and ignored it. Got a letter through saying a bailiff had been to my house and that I needed to pay by the next day or would take my goods. Rang the bailiff and said I don't have the money to pay it can you give me a week to find it which he did. After reading through lots of things im thinking I shouldn't of done this. the original charge is £200 but the bailiff has now added charges of
  11. About 3 weeks ago a bailiff knocked my door to collect a council tax debt (£930) from approx 18 mnths ago (i totally forgot). I received a letter yesterday stating that they were coming to seize goods and the police will be accompanying them. I did not open the door to the bailiffs 3 weeks ago where he wanted to come inside to discuss the matter, I told him no and that he was to go away, he wouldn't go and started threatening locksmith (actually on the mobile phone with the locksmith) but he never came. The bailiff was at my place for about an hour sitting in his car an
  12. Following on from my other posts..... I've had three previous meetings with my employers over a grievance I raised almost a year ago. After the last meeting (I recorded it) and especially with the run up to it, enough was enough and I have now escalated it to an ET. Since starting my ET and on the same day they would have recieved a copy of ET1, I've had three different requests to attend three meetings, with three different people including capability and gross misconduct. I've already told them I hold no trust and confidence in them and I believe they are clearly incapable of foll
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