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  1. Hi everyone, Story so far - myself and ex business partner owned a business back in 2011-2013. Business was closed in 2013 and this July i received a letter stating that i owe business rates. I contacted council and explained that it was not me personally liable for rates but company and provided all profs (bills, registrations, etc). They lost my first letter. After a months or so i posted a second letter with all proofs and explanations. Based on tracking it was delivered to them and signed. Council kept it quiet for 6 weeks after which i received a C
  2. Thank you. I might not being clear in my query - what i am looking is a reason to cancel/invalidate this demand not simply to make it slightly smaller.
  3. Thank you. However my question was if incorrect valuation can be used to appeal against demand notice.
  4. Thank you Andyorch. I have looked into your 2nd post but could not find the information if incorrect valuation value/rateble value can make demand notice incorrect/irrelevant.
  5. Also - last night i noticed that valuation for that property on the vill in incorrect as it was adjusted to a lower amount few years back. Would this invalidate the demand notices?
  6. Thanks Craig. I have spoken to the council few days ago after i received this demand notice. They received information last summer (from our previous landlord) but only issued notice this year. They have confirmed this in email to myself. They had my full address as i have paid one of the demand notices for 2013 back in 2015.
  7. Thank you for help and information ss002d6252. The lease for the unit was signed under our personal names, not under Limited company name. Not sure of my next steps - to go to court and fight it, quoting those 2 cases? Especially if i am left alone to pay it..
  8. Oh no, business was closed and dissolved back in 2013. All business rates were paid up to a 2013 year, but not prior.
  9. Thank you for the info Andyorch. Unfortunately, both, me and ex-business partner signed the lease under our names (trading as XXX).
  10. Hi everyone, Story so far: I have been sent Business rate Demand notices for the period of 01/05/2012 - 01/08/2012 for the garage me and business partner rented back then. I have a few questions: 1. Is there a timeframe within which councils should present business rate bills within? Reason i ask is that business partner have left the UK few years ago which leaves only me to pay for it. Plus, i read there are some court cases whereby bills like that should be presented within reasonable time? 2. Rental agreement had my name spelled differently, would that void this bill
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