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Found 20 results

  1. My husband at 55 has just been diagnosed with young onset dementia, he has £52k in unsecured debt in a DMP and we have mortgage arrears I have been managing for several years as he was being treated for anxiety and depression, I assume caused by the mis-management of our family finances ( a seperate issue), something that only came to light after he was made redundant in 2012. My question is how to move forward - I am unable to pay these debts (in his name) as I only work part time and have no idea how much longer I will be able to do this with his diagnosis and need for care and h
  2. Housing support for young people READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/housing-support-for-young-people
  3. Well done those lads, how ridiculous - A Head Teacher of a Devon School threatened to put any boy who turned up to school in shorts in the recent spell of heatwave weather, into Isolation ! But sarcastically said they could turn up in skirts.. so a group of 5 did. Apparently 50 more of them were frantically trying to borrow skirts from their girlfriends and sisters to wear to school today Read the full story..
  4. As the title suggests this is a warning post to drivers and their parents about car modifications. I was out the other evening and i noticed three young drivers with very heavily modified cars, with tinted window, sports exhausts etc. As they were only in their early 20's, if they had insurance with all these mods properly disclosed, it would have made the insurance very expensive. Many people carry out mods to their cars and don't even think about insurance. If you fail to notify insurers of any modifications to a standard car, you are at risk of the insurers not paying out for an
  5. Banking Error Gave Young Lady 4.6 Million Overdraft-What Would You Do? Could you be tempted to spend some. Lose your battle between the Devil telling you to get stuck in and go for it. Or the angel of reason telling you to go into the bank and say i think you have made a slight mistake. As you read this story and perhaps watch the video what is your brain telling you. Would you be planning to lash out,travel the world,take a chance. Where would you go or do,could you be tempted. Or plan to catch the bus or walk to town if no funds to tell them Oh dear what is this on my state
  6. I tried to get insurance from the cheapest quote on GoCompare.com, which was for £800 from "4 Young Drivers". I called them and quoted the reference number, to which the chap on the phone told me that the price on the website was just the "referral price" and that I would never get that price. Instead he said I would be paying around £1,600!!! (My last years insurance was £600!!) Having contacts in the travel industry, I know exactly how this works, and these insurance companies use compare websites to drive calls, then find any possible reason to come away from the advertised price
  7. Hery everyone. I'm not sure if I can post this if not sorry. but I wanted your opinions as to whether the RPI done the right thing. http://www.suttonguardian.co.uk/news/10721808.Bus_inspector_fines_young_girl_even_though_she_had_mum_s_Oyster_card/
  8. Sophie Jones, 19, lost her battle with cancer on Saturday morning - her family say it should never have happened The parents have set up a petition in order that other young girls are not let down as Sophie was - you can sign HERE
  9. This show the country is the same as it always was. Bringing down the wall hasn't changed it one bit. It's still run by a Communist KGB Officer.
  10. A young chap , 25, has lost almost all the sight in one eye. He can still drive, for now, and he works for a large betting company. He went to one hospital and they delayed treatment and told him that if he was 16 he'd be a more urgent case. This was 2 years ago. He's been referred to another and told that they have to go through the whole evaluation again as they can't use what the other hospital has sent them and that will take 2 years and he will be completely blind by then as he needs cornea transplants amongst others. If he were a private patient he could have it done for £5000 wit
  11. I don't know if I am in the right forum here but here goes: Does anyone know of any organisations for young job seekers that actually offer practical help (not just CV and applications) to any young person (not just disadvantaged young people) in getting work? I have been a little dismayed that while a young person I foster has had all sorts of practical help from various organisations from helping her with her CV to actually taking her to agencies to help her look for work, my son, because he has not been in care, is not disabled, does not have mental health problems and has not been in tr
  12. Was on BBC 3 tonight: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03kw4pr/Young_British_and_Broke_The_Truth_about_Payday_Loans/
  13. Hi there, I'm not after sympathy or even understanding, I would just like some clear idea of how to get myself out of the bed I've made and how to get back into the black. When I was 19/20 I was at university, I had a pretty decent part time job at the weekends and could easily pick up overtime to gain a couple of hundreds pounds extra a month. It was ideal. However, I got into drugs and suddenly the relatively large amount I was earning wasn't enough to cover it. Well, not so much the drugs, it was the fact the drugs were eating into my essentials budget, so I had to borrow money i
  14. I'm 25 years old. I had a bank account with Halifax back when I was 15-16 and I went over-drawn by £5 and refused to pay the extra £25 they were demanding and thus they added it to my account. I told them to end my account and being so young and having no idea how the banking system actually worked (I left home and was fending myself at the time) and forgot about it. I've turned 25 and know exactly what jobs I want to do but I'm terrified of applying because they all ask to do a credit check of sorts. If I applied to these jobs, would my details be passed onto (I can on
  15. Hi thought i would post this as to make people aware of this company and also anybody who can help with regard to stopping his activity. I was cold called by Mr Allen Young of Pennington Pinder and Co of Sunderland (his company, not ltd) He is a debt recovery company, I had a few company debts to recover and he was not win no fee so thought I had nothing to lose. How wrong can you be. I did check the internet but only the company name, and as it was new there were not threads on it, If i had checked his name I would of been alerted to him. He collected £3000.00 from a customer and now will
  16. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14557/online-news/one-in-five-will-seek-payday-loan
  17. Women are being urged to check their car insurance ahead of a new rule coming into force next month which will ban firms from taking gender into account. It means female drivers will see their premiums go up by as much as 25% after 21 December. Some insurers say it might even be cheaper to cancel a policy and sign a new deal before the changes come in. More ... It was obvious they would up the womens policy and not lower the mens. This is twice now the government has forced extra profit on insurance companies and forced us to pay more. First was the con of the 'cont
  18. Hello, I wonder if someone can (urgently) help please... I have been accused of hitting a motor cyclist off his bike whilst turning right on a busy road..Here is actually what had happened. I was coming out of a side road onto a busy road, turning right. To my right was a set of traffic lights. I had drove out onto a clear road, up to the white line and was stationary position for at least one minute and noticed a car and a motorcyclist coming towards me to my right. The traffic moved forward in the direction of my intended travel, the car to my left and right, (driver to my
  19. Youngsters are angry with their high street providers and refuse to recommend them to their peers. High street banks are falling out of favour with the younger generation, with four out of five refusing to recommend their bank. The Young Money report, which investigated the views of 20 to 29 year olds found that they were frustrated with call centres, branch opening hours and draconian security checks. One in ten had hung up while on the phone to their bank out of frustration or anger. Only 17pc of them had recommended their bank to anyone in the last twelve months. "As everybody k
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