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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I don't think there is any help for me, but just thought I'd write here, to see if there is anything I can do. I purchased boots from Bells shoes online-about 2 weeks ago. They arrived, and I noticed that there was discolouration on the sole of the boots, but thought that that was how they came. Anyhow I wore the boots out, for a few hours, and noticed that there were suddenly signs of wear and tear-as if I'd been wearing them for a number of months, and one part of the sole-at the end was worn out-as in 'chipped-away', if that makes any sense. I purchased the boots from Paypal, and I managed to return them for free. I was asked to send photos of the soles of the boots-which I did. Then I get an e-mail asking for an order number, which I sent to them, despite having sent them an order number beforehand. Then I get an e-mail saying: "The technical team have advised that this looks like it might just be down to wear. We can't look into this much further due to it not being or own brand. The technical team have advised you would be best going directly to Reiker about this. Apologies there isn't more we can do to help!" I then reply back that this wasn't good enough, and something like I purchased the boots from them, and not Reiker (they are Reiler brand). Then this morning I get an e-mail saying: "We have received your return and inspected the shoes further and they have still come to the same conclusion that this is just down to wear. I understand that you have only had them for a short period of time however this is just general wear and tear. If you felt as though the shoes looked worn before your wore them then you should have sent them back to us, however it does state in our terms and conditions that if you choose to wear the shoes outside, this deems that you have accepted them and we cannot accept them back. I do apologise that you feel this way, I can send the shoes back to you, please confirm which address you would like them to be sent to." First of all-I told them in the first e-mail that I had worn them (my mistake!) for a few hours, and only once, not once did they mention that as I'd already worn them, I couldn't return them. Secondly-correct me if I am wrong, shoes do not show signs of wear and tear-after being worn only once, and for a few hours. Even cheap shoes/boots that I've purchased have taken time to show wear & tear, NEVER the first time. Their attitude comes across as not giving a damn, and being downright lazy. Is there any hope, for I know companies have a no returns policy, if you wear an item, but to send me boots, that are meant to be of a pretty good company, that show signs of wear and tear after the first day?? I feel that the boots I recieved were worn before I received them, well something does not add up, and the imbeciles at Bells Shoes are going to insist that it's my fault. Thanks for reading this. Regards.
  2. Shoes to seamines - 20,000 items recovered preparing for carriers’ new home READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/shoes-to-seamines-20000-items-recovered-preparing-for-carriers-new-home
  3. I work for a supermarket working 35 hours a week, where I wear non-slip work issued shoes. Flooring is concrete tiles. Other supermarkets in the area of the same company have smoother floors. I've been off sick since the 22nd May with a very painful lower leg, just above the ankle bone. I couldn't walk on it and put on some weight on it. From scans, it has been confirmed I have a stress fracture, on the end of the tibia. Been put into a cast for 4 weeks, then a walking boot cast for 4-6 weeks after that. I don't do any sporting activities outside work. These work issued shoes are the most uncomfortable shoes ever. Other colleagues say similar things. I work 8 hour shifts and by I have done 3-3.5 hours, my feet are crippling me. Earlier this year, I did ask a HR colleague, who doesn't work there anymore (so no comeback), could I have some new shoes and she asked, how long I had them and I said 15-18 months and she said that that's too early to replace them. I don't have issues with my own shoes which I wear outside work. I have also put in insoles into my work shoes and needed the bigger size as it made my feet tight in them. My job involves a great deal of standing and walking. I had a look at the colleague intranet, which we have access at home and they state that we are not allowed to wear our own non-slip/safety shoe. They provide just one type and they presume everyone's feet are the same. That is not the case. I'm a member of an union, so I will get in touch with the rep later this week as on holiday til Wednesday. I am worried that once I return to work, I will be forced into wearing those horrible shoes and risking my health even more - plus I'm more prone to getting further stress fractures. I am thinking, should I change jobs as my job has somewhat contributed towards my injury. Then some potential new employers may not want to know about someone who has had at least 3 months on the sick very recently. If its my work issued shoes that caused the injury, would that then be classed as a workplace injury? During my last 2-3 weeks, before I was off sick, I have asked supervisors that I needed to sit down, more times than in the past. I cannot sit down on my job all the time. There is always at least one colleague off sick with some sort of leg, foot or back problem from standing/walking too much in these shoes and on the flooring. I am the first one in my store to have a stress fracture on the leg. Apart from speaking to my rep, is there anything I need to do?
  4. Purchased from and on line market place , worn for less than a month . Complaint rejected by seller ( based in UK). suggested reconsider , silence ....
  5. We purchased a pair of Girls Black Patent shoes for our granddaughter on October 30th 2015. She has worn them for only 3 months and the Patent has partly peeled off on the left shoe only. Clarks refused outright to do anything about it citing that as they were 4 months old it was fair ware and tear. The shoes have virtually no wear on the soles and have been looked after well. They have been only lightly used. What rights do we have and how can we proceed further with this issue. Many thanks in anticipation
  6. The Bear Garden is a place of variety. A place where people can say what they like,discuss,debate and have a fine old time. So i thought i would put this on to cheer us up. Say what you feel.
  7. Hi guys, I purchased £15 shoes from new look I was in a bit of a hurry so I did not realise they were a size small and also on the back they were slightly worn out ( probably due to people trying them on) now I went back to ask for a refund but they said they cannot as they have been worn! I told them it is too small and i never wore them, which they replied if it had been worn we would have sold it at a discount price and I would need to complain to customer services. So i sent the first email to customer services ( after 28 days from date of purchase because I had to go back twice for another attempt) and NO BODY bothered to reply for months. So I got hold of a new email address and i forwarded the previous emails, the reply was no refund only gift card. I have not accepted the gift card , what are my rights? How can I take this up further? Who do I go to? Thank you
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