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  1. Hi everyone my sister got a letter on the 6th of feb saying she owes £173 for a parking ticket that happened in October last year. It says a warrant has been put though from the courts but my sister hasn’t received any other letters about this. This is the first she’s heard of the parking ticket. With her being on benefits and not having the money to pay I was thinking of sending a n245 form but don’t no what court to send it too. Ill upload a copy of the letter. Any help really appreciate. Thanks Andrew E007F505-5A47-4D11-99C1-143F8339C132-converte
  2. Hi, Need some advice, I got a letter on Friday from Jacobs Enforcement Agents for my Council Tax and it states on the letter the following: Removal Scheduled for 18/6/2018 at 7.30am - now all I need to know is that can Jacobs force entry into my flat? I am worried as I will be out as I am in work from 8am - 6pm. They haven't been in my flat as I haven't been answering the door, so can they still force entry even if they haven't been in my flat? I am waiting for it to go back to the council so I can set up a payment arrangement with them. Hope for some adv
  3. Hi, and sorry if this is a long post, but I’ve found myself in a bit of a situation and I’m getting absolutely nowhere with anyone, so hoping someone might be able to give me some advice. I’ll try and keep it as short as possible. I moved into my private rented property last October, and the Landlord told me that council tax was included in my rent. I’ve never had a council tax bill, letter or anything for the last year, I just assumed what he told me was right and never worried about it. Two nights ago I got a knock on my door at almost 6pm. Answering it, I found a bailiff s
  4. After some advice please I made a payment plan with Jacobs bailiffs for council tax debt back in aug, I missed 1 payment in sept but doubled up the following week. To cut a long story short after I was late paying I received a letter saying the payment plan was no longer in place. I've had several bailiff visits and I've not opened the door but I have continued to make my weekly payments with fail every week. I have continued to receive letters and texts saying removal action is imminent and today another text saying the removal team will attend today between 6am and 9p
  5. Didn't know whether to post here or in a benefits subforum. I recently received a letter from Jacobs chasing me for an alleged housing benefit overpayment of just under £2000 from over 7 years ago. I have responded in writing by disputing the debt and stating that as it is statute barred it is now unenforceable although I understand it may be recovered by the local authority through an attachment of earnings order (I am self-employed though) or deductions from future benefit payments. I had no prior knowledge of the alleged debt, have never acknowledged it, and no court informat
  6. Good afternoon everyone, Yes, it's my first post at the forum because I haven't had any problems like that and my knowledge of UK's law is very poor on this field. Let's start from begining. I've bought a car in August 2017 and got few PCN's that I didn't pay at the begining. After few weeks I got 2 letters from Medway Council to pay two different PCN's that I've paid (last one was on 27th September). Two days after I've moved to another flat in gorgeous Chatham. I've informed DVLA about moving and have VC5 with new address and a date 08/11/2017. Since then I didn't
  7. Please help, I am at my wit's end. I contact Jacobs on behalf of my mother, who is disabled and mentally ill. I also cannot say all of the details because she isn't entirely open with me, somehow she has incurred Council Tax debts, we have been making payments to the enforcement company Jacobs since April 2017. These payments started after my mother had ignored the debt for so long, that bailiffs visited our address. I had to pay them a sum of money (somewhere in the region of £300, which I had to go into my overdraft for and am still facing the repercussions for to this day) to
  8. Hi, Just looking for some advice on emails and letters ive received from Jacobs. Long story short: I was a student in Liverpool until May 16 and moved out of the flat I had in July 16. I obviously wasnt paying council tax at the time as I was a student. From this I have been paying council tax since that date to Cheshire West and Chester where I now live. in September of this year I received a notice out of the blue from Jacobs saying I owed over £1000. I contacted LCC and was informed they were trying to charge me from March (I was still a student) until Nove
  9. I received a letter from Jacobs today regarding our current arrangement for council tax debt. I'm extremely frustrated, I have never missed a payment with them and even now our current arrangement is a bit of a squeeze, but I pay non the less. Letter dated Aug 2, 2017. I really cannot afford to pay anymore than our current arrangement, I'm obviously going to call them but, I'm not sure what to say/do I can't deal with Bailiffs at my house again, I was a mess last time.
  10. Hello. I received a removal notice today from Jacobs enforcement,the amount is for around £600. This is the first instance I have had dealings with them. The notice says REMOVAL balance due: and Payment in full immediately. This letter was hand delivered. Now I have not paid the council tax since around the middle of May and prior to that I was about £125 behind in payments. I have had a look, briefly around the forum and other removal notices seem to have a deadline for e.g. 24 hours or 7 days etc. The one that I received today just says removal and without a tim
  11. Hi there I have a fine with Staffordshire county council which has escalated to £398 and now at the stage where bailiffs are due back tomorrow (with the addition of another £110). I had an agreement which I broke. I was paying weekly but fell behind. I am guilty of burying my head in the sand. I have a few mental health issues and claim ESA at the moment. I have 4 kids and am a single mum. I sometimes get anxious about opening my mail and ignore and forget things. I know it's the wrong thing to do, but sometimes I can barely leave the house or get out of bed. Just a f
  12. Hello, Been a while since been on here. Advice for my daughter please. She moved out of a property May 2015 and received a 'further notice of enforcement ' sent to her new address today. Bill was £495. Rang council - apparently £185 council tax £310 agent fees. My daughter didn't officially notify the council she was moving out but did start paying council tax immediately from new property. I guess my question is where does responsibility lie? Can fees be challenged? It turns out CT owed is not outstanding amount, is actually less but apparently you p
  13. Hi all I'm looking for a bit of advise really After a messy divorce and a house repossession i've been left in a lot of debt, i didn't realise until recently that i was still liable for council tax until the house was actually sold at auction rather than just when i was evicted In the past few weeks I've been receiving letters from Jacobs saying i owe £800 (its now up to £1100) to cover the Durham County Council debt. This morning a baliff turned up at the door and my partner answered and he has said he will be removing goods tomorrow unless full payment is made.
  14. I am having loads of hassle with Jacobs, i was paying as agreed £45 a week, then i went on the sick from work, i tried to lower my payments and just got passed around from one person to another. This went on for 15 weeks, i sent a copy of my wages paid into my bank account via email to Jacobs, got an email back saying they would be in touch in 5 working days, they then sent me a letter 10 days later saying this copy was not good enough, they needed my wage slips, i told them to phone council as they too had to ring my employer to get details, noth
  15. My son has an outstanding debt of £598 for council tax at a property he lived at with his g/f and as they have split up and now living back with me in rented accomdation Jacobs have sent an enforcement agent who has said he would take assets from the house, my son has no assets he said he didn't care and I would need receipts to prove what's in the house is mine, as most of what I own is over 5yrs old I no longer have receipts and going through a divorce I have the essentials only. What can I do
  16. Good morning - I wondered if anyone could help me. My live in partner received a Notice of Enforcement from Jacobs Enforcement Agents yesterday for an upaid Borough Council parking ticket on 31.5.13 with the total sum being £157 (£82 debt and £75 compliance stage fee). She has until 6pm on 27/08/15 to pay. That is the first notification she has had in relation to a PCN and the problem is that her car was still registered to her old address in early 2013 as obviously all the paperwork was sent there. She maintains she never received a ticket on her windscreen and would have paid it a
  17. Hey Guys I've been dealing with Jacobs more than once, a few months ago I cleared a debt of around £800 with them - this was for a previous address in my name. I was paying £50 per week each week and I finally had to clear around £350 up front for one missed payment. I did sign paperwork on this address and I told them some of the items I had but never let them in - to my knowledge this was still valid for them. I now have a separate account with them, completely different address and town with my ex-fiance's name also on the debt. I've mentioned this to her (as she's moved) but she'
  18. Can the bailiffs demand more money once an agreement has been agreed and have paid for the last three months on time? I came home today to find a letter from Jacobs saying with regards to the £100 a month agreement that's in place for some time (3 months) that due to the length of time their clients allow them to collect their debts that they must review this agreement and need to increase the payments. Can they do this after an agreement has been setup? It's for council tax years ago around £1200 and the council did an attachment of earnings but due to the
  19. Hi, This is my first post here - long time lurker. I stupidly fell into arears with my council tax at my previous address, partly due to my ill health ( which i'm registered disabled for ) I received a letter from my local council advising me to pay £222 by a certain date which I forget, I assumed I had paid by that date so thought no more of it. Mid June I received a letter from Jacobs advising they had been instructed to retrieve my debt £95 + fees which all in all added up to £170. I thought this was a mistake and so stupidly ignored it. To
  20. So, for various reasons I got behind on my Council Tax. I stupidly ignored it for quite some time, but I now wish to sort it out. From what I have been told by my council I have one case open with them and two open with Jacobs. The one with my Council went to court today, but I did not attend. Am I best off starting to pay some off that one on my council’s website? I am not sure of the exact amounts with Jacobs. Someone from Jacobs did come round in March but I am not sure where the paperwork has ended up. I have been trying to find an email address for them but have been unable to do so
  21. This is so true.... I need a little advice .......Will try to keep it short Had an accident 2013 was out of work due to this missed 1 payment of CT £60 .. now i owe over £700 to the EA and have them hounding me calling at the door every week at any random day of the week one time at 7am in the morning ....this can not carry on and nor will i pay these so called debts.... So from 1 missed payment of £60 CT i so called owe a debt collection company over £700 debt on debt i refuse ...I have spoken with the council and i have paid and up to date with my payments now but they have
  22. Hi, I would really appreciate some advice regarding debt collection fees. I had an original debt with council tax for the amount of £107.80 which got passed on to Jabobs debt collectors. The amount they are now claiming is £417.15 which is made up of the original debt, a £75 compliance stage fee and £235 for attending the premises. Is this all legal? Like I say any advice would really be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  23. I was currently paying off to these [removed] using the online system. at the beggining of the month, when payment was due i was unable to access the account, it stated balance was nil, i then sent an email to jacobs on the 3rd asking what my balance was as i had an idea there was still some owing, heres what happened Reveived email bk at 10am on the 15th stating i owed £ 207, had to be paid by end of day as it was bk in the hands of the baliff 1hr later i had a letter pushed through my door, no knock, i was in the property, letter said removal notic
  24. Hey all I'm back after a bit of a gap but I am after a bit of advice. You may or may not remember that I had a few issues with council tax arrears. Well I had a bit of a windfall and today have paid them all off along with a HB overpayment. I contacted the relevant councils and have paid them direct. However they are both saying that the accounts were with the bailiffs. The thing is the bailiffs had them listed as 5 separate accounts with 5 separate sets of fees. These fees have not been paid as the council only took what was owing to them. Am I still likely to be
  25. Just a quick one, this is regarding my partner's debts which are a thread elsewhere, but she's mid applying for a DRO. All her debtors bar one have put everything on hold - Jacobs are just being greedy, inconsiderate and bullying. Got a letter today saying unless a payment offer is made (have been advised by the National Debtline NOT to make an offer as Jacobs are one of many creditors) they will send out a "Debt Collecting Agent". Now the previous letter threatened court action but she has received NO court letters so presumibly it hasn't been to court yet. But if I'm ri
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