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  1. Hi all, just to let you know that I contacted my local councillor and he was very helpful is sorting it out. I didn't have to pay anything in the end. As always thanks for your help. Ill be sure to make a donation to the site.
  2. Agreed. But such is life. I've contacted both the council and Jacobs explaining that. Ill let you know how I get on. Thanks for the advice as always.
  3. Ok just so im on the right page. As The bill was issued incorrectly and a new one issued for almost a quarter of the original amount the council should have amended the Liability Order and a new Notice of Enforcement should have been provided. The fees over the £75 I could not have avoided as the timescale Jacobs gave me to pay the original incorrect bill was not long enough for the council to amend and re-issue to me so I could make the payment. Unless it was expected that I pay an incorrect bill over 4X what was actually due. Like I've said, as soon as I received the amen
  4. Hi guys When I was discussing the bill with the council they told me to use their payment line. So I did. I suppose my own opinion is that there is nothing I could have done to stop Jacobs contacting me. As soon as I knew about the debt I action'd it. Are you suggesting that I should pay them? Im just a bit worried about them coming round my house. The length of time it takes the council to respond to anything doesn't help with Jacobs previous correspondence from Jacobs giving me a 7 day deadline and the possibilty of more fees being added or them coming round my house.
  5. Ok thanks for that, I have issued a formal complaint with the council and sent them an email detailing my complaint. Should I let Jacobs know I have done this? Is there anything else you'd recommend at this stage?
  6. I received a letter from Jacobs stating that £1000 was due. I contacted Liverpool City Council and they sent me a bill for £950. That bill was then contested and amended once I told them I was a student and had moved out well before the Nov bill. (this was all in Sep of this year). As soon as the amended bill was sent by LCC I paid it direct as that who I thought would be the best people to pay. What you recommend I do at this stage? Also just to add. I couldnt have paid the bill stated as due until it was corrected. A correct bill was not issued by LCC (taking into
  7. Some money was due between my course finishing and moving out (about a month and half). However the first bill I received in September of this year was for over £1000. I got in touch with Liverpool CC and sorted it and paid the £225 due. Not sure what else I could have done.
  8. Hi, Just looking for some advice on emails and letters ive received from Jacobs. Long story short: I was a student in Liverpool until May 16 and moved out of the flat I had in July 16. I obviously wasnt paying council tax at the time as I was a student. From this I have been paying council tax since that date to Cheshire West and Chester where I now live. in September of this year I received a notice out of the blue from Jacobs saying I owed over £1000. I contacted LCC and was informed they were trying to charge me from March (I was still a student) until Nove
  9. Stupid question, will the payment need to be cheque? Who will it need to be written out too? Cheers.
  10. Hi, What sort of legal advice would you recommend? There is the contract which she signed to get the student loan. If they record conversations then they show what she says in the complaint that she contacted them on a number of occasions to check everything was in order. Thanks
  11. Hi This isn't actually for myself by my girlfriend. I have used this forum before and it was great so would appreciate some advice here. Its a complicated situation so in order to fully understand what has happened, here is the complaint she sent to student finance last week. "I would like to make a complaint regarding the communication skills and moral dishonesty of student finance. Before detailing the areas of my complaint I would like to state that I have always completed all paperwork on time, queried any abnormalities and upheld all details stated in the contract. T
  12. Hi, Id just like to say thanks for the advise on this. Never did receive anything back from either ARC or LA after the last letter. I made a small donation to the site at the time however ill be sure to make another. Thanks again Patrick
  13. Received a letter from LA Fitness last week stating: 'im sorry we havnt been able to come to an agreement. This will be our last correspondance on the matter'. Not sure, but im guessing this means ARC will now contact me?
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