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  1. Sorry for misunderstanding. I got those PCN's that are involved in this case on August/September 2017. My car has been taken from the street last week (May 2018). It's several months of time and for all this period nobody contacted with me to inform about that PCN's (I assume they sent all the correspondence to my old address while I changed my address in DVLA).
  2. Correct, I didn't received any correspondence about those PCN's mentioned by Bailiff. I mentioned about other ones I paid because I wanted to highlight that I would pay all of them. I didn't paid when they were sticked to the window and paid them after getting a letter notice. After moving i lost those PCN's and didn't care because I was pretty sure they'll send me letters and after time forgot at all.
  3. £530 for 3 PCN's - it raised because of time, but as I said I should be sent notices each time it raised (they had probably sent everything to my old address so I didn't know anything earlier) £188 for car carrier £158 for Jacobs.
  4. Thank you for answer, I clearly understand why they took my car. I just thought they should have informed me before taking any action about taking my property shouldn't they? I haven't been given any chance to pay the PCN's before taking my car. If I didn't call the Council I would probably didn't know what had happened with my car. PCN's are fine, but I don't understand why should I pay like £200 for service car when I didn't even know I'd been chased for that PCN's.
  5. Good afternoon everyone, Yes, it's my first post at the forum because I haven't had any problems like that and my knowledge of UK's law is very poor on this field. Let's start from begining. I've bought a car in August 2017 and got few PCN's that I didn't pay at the begining. After few weeks I got 2 letters from Medway Council to pay two different PCN's that I've paid (last one was on 27th September). Two days after I've moved to another flat in gorgeous Chatham. I've informed DVLA about moving and have VC5 with new address and a date 08/11/2017. Since then I didn't get any letters informing me to pay PCN's at my new address. And here the story begins... Last Friday morning (27/5/2018) I went out to my car and I saw it's going away on a service car . I've had no idea what's going on but I thought it might had some connection with those last years' PCN's I called Medway Council to find out what's going on. A lady I was speaking with told me that it's being taken by Jacobs because of unpaid PCN's and gave me their number. I've managed to contact with a man who was in charge of my case and he told me I had to pay £950 if I wanted to get my car back (while my car is worth £1500) and every next day I'll be charged £15 for parking. I needed this car next day to get me and my girlfriend to work so I'd met that man and paid him all the money he asked for just not to lose next day without the car. Do you think this kind of acting is legal? In my opinion I was robbed and I regret I didn't called the police that my car was stolen. Can you please tell me if there is something I can do to get any money back? Thank you in advance for any help.
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