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  1. Hi, Thanks for replies. I was surmising on fees as the £275 & £75 was all I could find. The council have just said that the amount owed is £180.00, with no breakdown. I think my daughter will need to go in and ascertain actual charges. Should Jacobs have issued a 'further notice of enforcement ' letter to the new address without previous letters? Assuming they sent them, maybe to previous address. Regards, Sherlock
  2. Hi, It was more threat of ccj re: credit file. Lady at council says no final notice for council tax was sent and daughter is on the system at new address as at 1/5/15 as landlord registered her at the address. Regards, Sherlock
  3. Posts have crossed lookinforinfo. I agree it was avoidable however, my daughter is going to apply for mortgage shortly and doesn't want it going any further obviously. Do you think a letter of complaint, offering the £75 will be the route? Regards, Sherlock
  4. Hi DX, Paid April instalment 15th - May 15th. Moved out end of May so does owe something (2 weeks I assume) CT was £126.00 month. Council are saying that the chasing is for the balance. The further notice of enforcement just states £495.00 owed, no breakdown on fees / c tax / dates etc. Am I right in thinking a notice of enforcement is entered once an agreement is in place and is broken? So no idea what a further notice of enforcement is. No agreement was entered into and this is the first letter received. Regards, Sherlock
  5. Hello, Been a while since been on here. Advice for my daughter please. She moved out of a property May 2015 and received a 'further notice of enforcement ' sent to her new address today. Bill was £495. Rang council - apparently £185 council tax £310 agent fees. My daughter didn't officially notify the council she was moving out but did start paying council tax immediately from new property. I guess my question is where does responsibility lie? Can fees be challenged? It turns out CT owed is not outstanding amount, is actually less but apparently you pay a full month and then it is refunded! No letters were passed on to my daughter from old address and council says Agents must have been searching for my daughter. Couldn't make it up, she is on electoral registered and paying council tax in her name. Any / all advice is welcome please as to next step. I have told my daughter not to contact Jacobs, go to council, pay outstanding CT over counter in cash and hand them a letter of complaint about Jacobs as she hasn't received any letters. Are there any forms on this site relevant or will it be ad-hoc letter? Regards, Sherlock
  6. Hi Andrew, Rhia, OK, I worked out my compounded interest and submitted to Barclaycard (received nothing yet), however, also sent the repayment request for Morgan's notice and a redrafted 'Tomlin Order' with the figure reduced by the repayment amount. Cabot agreed to it, returned the order signed, and all I have to do now is sign it and send it back. £400 charges increased with compound interest to £1350. I think this is maybe the best I could hope for without going to court, although I am sure this is still a healthy profit for Cabot on this account. It is also a reasonable monthly payment. Not sure what happens with the Monument / Barclaycard request? Would it be the case that Cabot have ok'd this with Barclays? Thanks, Sherlock
  7. They're a real pain in the *rse me thinks. Struggling with the compound interest thingy, can someone enlighten me?? Heres a list of charges + dates, regards, Sherlock
  8. Thanks Rhia, can you inform me where you got the compound calculator please, will have to go down that route me thinks. I will put it to Cabot, they seem to be the one's sending out statements etc. but will fall back with Barclaycard if they have a problem with it. As an aside, I went to hand in a request for an extension to the stay (had 3 previous to this) and was told that they are now charging 40 pounds a time. I asked why I hadn't been charged before and they said they hadn't been charging out of error. They have now sent out lots of letters to various businesses to inform them of this new stance!! Anyway, I didn't pay it so it is destined for a hearing now. Regards, Sherlock
  9. Don't think the charges and interest will cover 4000 so will need to obtain largest amount possible. 2 payments per month of 24 pounds each between 06/2004 and 01/2005. Was using the 'complex-credit-card-calc' but it says: The calculations do not compound the interest, i.e. interest on previous unlawfully charged interest has not been included. While we are at it, I saw a solicitor this morning (family friend, unpaid) and his best advice (he doesn't cover consumer law) after looking through my papers was to work out a reduced figure and monthly payment, and write my own Tomlin Order! Suggestions?
  10. Hi all, I am just recalculating the charges/fees on this credit card account and would like to know where / how is my interest worked out - I have 2 interest rates- merchandise interest at 1.666% and Cash interest at 1.999% monthly. Thanks, SHERLOCK
  11. Lots of information Rhia thank you, however, Morgan / Cabot haven't actually taken ANY money off the account balance, Monument/B'card did this but only to break the debt down to actual money items purchased and fees that had been added. Morgans claim is for the full amount of 3900. With any/all charges taken off the debt amount (without interest ) would be nearer 3000. Thanks again, SHERLOCK
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