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  1. Hi there I have a fine with Staffordshire county council which has escalated to £398 and now at the stage where bailiffs are due back tomorrow (with the addition of another £110). I had an agreement which I broke. I was paying weekly but fell behind. I am guilty of burying my head in the sand. I have a few mental health issues and claim ESA at the moment. I have 4 kids and am a single mum. I sometimes get anxious about opening my mail and ignore and forget things. I know it's the wrong thing to do, but sometimes I can barely leave the house or get out of bed. Just a f
  2. Thank you for the info. Yes... I know I'm already getting everything I am entitled to. I do already get some tax credits.
  3. I have just renewed my membership with Experian... ironically using the credit card I am about to default on... hard times or what!! My score was 'fair' at the moment. As i said, I have been trying desperately to pay EVERYthing that needed paying at the cost of other necessities. I am now going to spend some time going through my file, checking everything is as it should be. Is there anything I should look for in particular?
  4. I obtained a CRA file a few months ago and took some time to go through it all. I cancelled the subscription though as once I had used it for a few weeks, didn't see the point of paying monthly to view it, as I know it will just get worse and worse and more into the RED BAD CREDITOR part of the dial. Is there a need to obtain it again?
  5. Hi. Thanks for posting. Yes. .. we'll get it sorted I'm sure.. . but it is all quite scary. I sorted the first stage today and that was to send the letters out to credit card companies explaining my circumstances and asking to accept a token payment. These we're Barclaycard, Debenhams card (Santander) and Vanquis. Ironically Vanquis was a credit card I obtained to try and improve my credit score when I though I was going to have to sell my house and get another smaller mortgage. It turned out my house has no equity in it at the moment, so I am staying p
  6. I have used these forums over the years and always found CAG to be a brilliant support. Debt can really get you down.. . it can cause one to hide their head in the sand.. . it can cause families to fall apart. All of these apply to me, but I am happy to say that I always feel I can step up to the challenge when I come on here. CAG is a life saver!! I am finally dealing with my debt. I'm making the first step, which is to stop paying out money to non-priority creditors and request they accept a token payment. I've lived with debt for many years and have gone thro
  7. Hi I received the following message from the seller: "The fact remains you have entered into a legally binding contract through ebay to purchase the tickets at the agreed cost. As I stated I will be commencing full legal proceedings against you on Monday morning to recover the full amount plus court and legal costs. You have until Sunday evening to make the agreed payment by paypal or offer me a suitable and agreeable compensation figure. As a regular user of ebay; no doubt you are fully aware of your obligations to complete the transaction you have entered into." I
  8. A little update: I have contacted ebay regarding the seller not having the item to send me within the 30 days of auction end (as stated in ebay's policy) and the fact that there are no terms and conditions regarding the original ticket sale mentioned in the listing... so am waiting for them to get back to me with a bit more information regarding this. I am hoping that my 'legal obligations' will be irrelevant due to the fact that the seller has not complied with ebay selling policies when listing the item. I have also begun a case in the help/resolution cntre regarding the sel
  9. From the ebay seller: Hi Maxine Thanks for your kind comments as you have bid and won the auction I fully expect you to honour your legal obligations and purchace the tickets at the agreed price of £1,353. Im sure you are fully aware of Ebays rules and regulations including the fact you have entered into a legally binding contract. As a qualified Barrister I will certainly look to enforce collection of the payment plus legal costs if it is not paid by paypal by monday morning Thank you
  10. I looked on the ticket line website... there is no mention of the rules about selling the tickets on. Here's what they list in their T&C: Your use of and access to the Ticketline Website ("Site") and any transactions you may make are subject to the terms and conditions which are set out below. By using this Site you agree to accept these Terms. If you do not, you should exit this Site. About Ticketline and this Site This Site is intended to be a source of useful information relating to concerts, shows or other productions ("Events"). The Ticketline Network Limited ("Ticketl
  11. Thanks very much for advice. I think that once an ebay auction has ended it is not possible to change a bid by stating a genuine mistake had been made... besides that, the seller knows that the inflated price of the final value was due to me and other frustrated members rebelling against him. We have exchanged messages that speak of this... and so if the emails were used in court he could prove that I knew how much I was placing a bid for. I am just trying to prepare myself for what may happen. I hope I might be able to win any court action he throws at me. I am hoping he is all talk.
  12. just to add... details of the listing: Ended: 21 Oct, 201117:02:21 BST Winning bid: £1,353.00 [ 18 bids ] Postage: £6.00 - Standard Delivery Item location: Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom Post to: United Kingdom Delivery: Estimated within 2-3 working days Payments: | See payment information Returns: No returns accepted 2x The Stone Roses Tickets The Ultimate Reunion Heaton Park, Manchester Friday 29th June 2012 !! PRICE IS FOR A PAIR OF TICKETS !! These tickets are GENERAL ADMISSION/STANDING - Get as close to th
  13. Hi everyone. I've got myself in a bit of a mess and need some urgent advice regarding an item I bid on on ebay. I bid on and won two concert tickets (for The Stone Roses in June) on ebay which I did not wish to pay for and now the seller is taking me to court. The day the stone roses tickets went on sale, they were virtually impossible to purchase through the tickets master type sites before they were already sold out. Within minutes, tickets were listed on ebay for at least double the price.... then triple then soon after some sellers were listing tickets for ridiculously high pr
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