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  1. Hi All Update I received a letter from ZZPS of Surrey this week, dated 3rd February. Letter begins: NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT AS SPECIALIST DEBT COLLECTORS "We invite you to contact us on 01932918916 to discuss the options available for you to comply with the terms of the judgment. Please be assured that if you fail to contact us within 14 days of todays date, we shall seek our Clients instructions on how they wish to proceed to recover all sums due under the terms of the judgment without further notice to you; we look forward to hearing from you". Trying not to kick the pram wheels... Shall I contact them? Should I offer to pay a reduced settlement amount? or just sit tight? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. @FTMDave That is a very good idea indeed!!!! Like you say, it's been there for almost three years anyway. Would CEL be able to reapply for another CCJ or further chase me for the penalty once the current CCJ has expired though? I am not looking to remortgage for a few years, so I guess I could leave it sitting there despite my credit rating being shot. Thanks for the heads up. @dx100ukI dumped all the old paper work sadly... but how about what FTM Dave suggested and leaving the CCJ to expire in a further three odd years? I am not looking to remortgage just yet, so could perhaps leave it sitting there until it's automatically wiped off my credit file? Cheers
  3. @FTMDaveHi... thanks for response. I've been at the same address for 16 years. I am assuming any court paper got lost in the abyss when I was ignoring their demands after already trying to resolve it... to be honest, a lot of their threats didn't seem real, so my own fault for not being more astute about what they were sending me. @dx100uk I hadn't been on here for a long long time... and I don't know why i didn't come here first as I have always found it a top notch site, I guess I wasn't sure I was still a member. But after trying an old log in log in I found that I was... yay! CEL got me a bit panicky when I checked my credit file and saw that there was actually a real CCJ on there. I initially used some advise from someone who'd had a similar problem... my bad!... but hey ho... after sitting and thinking properly about how to tackle the problem, I knew the best place to come was here.
  4. Hi there On my most recent letter from Civil Enforcement Limited, it calls it an 'Unpaid Parking Charge Notice'... The CCJ on my credit file states that the debt type is a 'Judgement'.
  5. Date of the Incident 13/06/2017 Date CCJ received 13/04/2018 Amount £325.22 Is there any photographic evidence of the event?Unsure Have you appealed? [Y/N?] N - Have written many times Have you had a response? [Y/N?] N - Just more demands for payment Who is the parking company?Civil Enforcement Ltd Where exactly [carpark name and town]Metro Inn, Birmingham Road, Walsall, WS5 3AB Hi Everyone. I am in a pickle and seeking help and advice about how to tackle CEL. My partner used to run a weekly open Mic night at the Metro Inn Hotel ( where I incurred the PCN). I used to drop his music equipment off each week... literally drop and go. Then the hotel had a new parking system installed, which I did not realise and after dropping off the equipment one of the weeks I incurred a PCN from CEL. I took the letter to the Hotel Manager and he said he would call them up and get it cancelled, as he had received a lot of complains from people about the new parking system and people incurring unnecessary PCN and had called them a few times already to get the charges cancelled. There was only one sign that I noticed afterwards and that was an A4 piece of paper stuck to the Hotel Reception door. My PCN did not end up cancelled, it just escalated more and more. I wrote to them several times trying to explain that I was merely dropping equipment for someone who worked there. It went on... and on... eventually I began to ignore the letters as believed that the PCN could not be enforced. My partner also stopped working at the Metro Inn Hotel open Mic Night as the car park issue stopped regular attendees from coming to the weekly event, after many of them had fallen foul of the PCNs too and the Open Mic night died a death. Much later down the line and after a call to CEL I went back to the Hotel Manager to see if he could try and resolve it once more, only he had ceased working there and had been replaced my a new manager who said it was nothing to do with him and shrugged his shoulders at me. The hotel has changed management several times again since then. Now I find myself with a CCJ which I noticed when checking my Experian Credit File. I was shocked it had got to that stage without me realising. I may have had a letter, but like I say I began ignoring the demands after thinking they were just a scam company pushing their luck to get money out of me. I recently called Northampton County Court to discuss the CCJ I had been issued, where I was told that I can write to CEL once again and ask them to remove the CCJ or apply to have the judgement Set Aside. I began looking into requesting the judgment be set aside, but found that it is quite a costly route to take. I also checked a few forums where I got bits of advise as to what to say to them in my next letter. I received a 'without prejudice as to save costs' letter from CEL on 24.11.20 stating that they now intend to apply for an order for me to attend before a Court Officer for questioning about my financial status. I wrote to CEL once again, 3 plus years on asking them to remove the CCJ and stop demanding money from me. I also enclosed a letter from my partner who confirmed that he was running the open Mic and that I was dropping off equipment and had not parked as such. I included the following in my letter to them: "This ongoing issue has become distressing and your persistent demands for payment for a PCN that was never justified. On that night in question I drove into the carpark, pulled up outside the main entrance where we unloaded the car of musical equipment and I drove away. I am not liable for these demands of payment and I am disappointed and frustrated that despite my attempts over the years to resolve this issue I am still been harassed. if you check any photo or video evidence you have for that date, you will see that I did not even park in a parking spot. I have taken some legal advice and have been told that this fine is not enforceable and that this harassment is in breech of my rights under the Data Protection Act. I have been advised to write to you to request that you stop sending me these demands, cease writing to me, destroy my data and not pass it on to any third parties. I also request that you inform Northampton Country Court that this debt is settled/null and void. If you do not inform Northampton County Court that this debt is settled or void and continue to harass me by pursuing this claim, I reserve all my rights to make a claim for damages for your harassment of me pursuant to the Protection from Harassment Act and for your breaches of my data protection rights. Also, if proceedings are issued then I will apply for costs under Rule 27.14(2)(g)." No response to my letter as yet. Is there anyone out there who has any advise on how I should move forward with this? it grieves me to pay it, as they company seem as though they are purely a money making scheme, hounding innocent people and scaring them into paying. Hoping someone can help or advise, thank you. Best wishes Maxine
  6. Hi there I have a fine with Staffordshire county council which has escalated to £398 and now at the stage where bailiffs are due back tomorrow (with the addition of another £110). I had an agreement which I broke. I was paying weekly but fell behind. I am guilty of burying my head in the sand. I have a few mental health issues and claim ESA at the moment. I have 4 kids and am a single mum. I sometimes get anxious about opening my mail and ignore and forget things. I know it's the wrong thing to do, but sometimes I can barely leave the house or get out of bed. Just a few years ago I was working as a full time teacher. Everything has changed since my divorce and now my life is out of control. I have called Jacobs and the council today and nothing can be done but for me to pay the full balance or he'll be back tomorrow. I offered to pay £50 today and rest in instalments, but the bailiff said the best he can do is 50% today and the rest in 10 days. I'm sitting here feeling so anxious and worried. It's my son's 9th birthday in 2 days and christmas around the corner. What a mess!! I have no idea what to do next... I know he has no right of entry and so will ignore the door tomorrow, but then the 110 will be added and so on.... there seems no way out. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  7. Thank you for the info. Yes... I know I'm already getting everything I am entitled to. I do already get some tax credits.
  8. I have just renewed my membership with Experian... ironically using the credit card I am about to default on... hard times or what!! My score was 'fair' at the moment. As i said, I have been trying desperately to pay EVERYthing that needed paying at the cost of other necessities. I am now going to spend some time going through my file, checking everything is as it should be. Is there anything I should look for in particular?
  9. I obtained a CRA file a few months ago and took some time to go through it all. I cancelled the subscription though as once I had used it for a few weeks, didn't see the point of paying monthly to view it, as I know it will just get worse and worse and more into the RED BAD CREDITOR part of the dial. Is there a need to obtain it again?
  10. Hi. Thanks for posting. Yes. .. we'll get it sorted I'm sure.. . but it is all quite scary. I sorted the first stage today and that was to send the letters out to credit card companies explaining my circumstances and asking to accept a token payment. These we're Barclaycard, Debenhams card (Santander) and Vanquis. Ironically Vanquis was a credit card I obtained to try and improve my credit score when I though I was going to have to sell my house and get another smaller mortgage. It turned out my house has no equity in it at the moment, so I am staying put.. . which I am glad about because my credit rating is so bad I doubt I would get another mortgage. I have kept the Vanquis card up to date and all in order so do feel a bit bad about ceasing the higher payments.. . but it is something that has to be done in order to be able to eat!! I have to face the fact that my credit rating will get to an all time low once these creditors get the news I am no longer paying them in full. I have some other old debt with Restons, EOS solutions and First credit direct, where I just pay £10 per month. They were companies that bought on old debt from other creditors years ago. It's been that long that I can't even rememebr what the original debt was for, who it was with or how much I owe. I've been paying £10 per month to all of those for a very long time. I guess I should contact them too and ask them to send me a statement of what I owe.
  11. I have used these forums over the years and always found CAG to be a brilliant support. Debt can really get you down.. . it can cause one to hide their head in the sand.. . it can cause families to fall apart. All of these apply to me, but I am happy to say that I always feel I can step up to the challenge when I come on here. CAG is a life saver!! I am finally dealing with my debt. I'm making the first step, which is to stop paying out money to non-priority creditors and request they accept a token payment. I've lived with debt for many years and have gone through many stages of coping and not coping with it. In the old days I claimed my bank charges back and managed to get on top of things for a while. But alas... life is tough.. . especially right now. I work full time as a teacher and am a mother of 4. My husband was made redundant a few years ago and since then we've been slowly falling back into the debt pit. We just don't have enough income to keep ourselves going properly. I try to make all my payments on time.. . and live on what's left, but there is never enough money left for the general necessities in life. It's getting to the point where I have no fuel in my car on a Monday and I have to use the kids dinner money to get petrol, then write a cheque for the dinner money instead... then the cheques bounces... yada yadda... and lots more other stupid money juggling antics that are just getting us into a HUGE mess. My husband has not been able to get another job as yet, and although he is still looking... he has returned into education in the hope of improving his chances. So although he is trying to do something about it, i t causes more stress and worry. More travel expenses, parking expenses.. . Some days are just so depressing where we are counting 2ps to try and get enough for milk... SO BAD!! BUT.. . coming on here tonight has made me feel better. I was kick started into action after a dream I had in the early hours of Monday morning. I dreamed I was using my on-line baking, trying to make payments. .. but all the passwords were wrong and nothing would work.. . in my dream I was struggling on the lap top with a massive pile of bills to pay.. . trying over and over to pay them. There was money in the bank to pay them and the feeling of being able to pay them was great. .. but I just couldn't make anything work. .. it was all so confusing.. . then I woke up!! And thought.. . This is silly ... these debts are even eating me alive in my sleep!!! I HAVE GOT to do something.. . So I am... And this is the start of my thread. Fingers crossed I make a positive change.
  12. Hi I received the following message from the seller: "The fact remains you have entered into a legally binding contract through ebay to purchase the tickets at the agreed cost. As I stated I will be commencing full legal proceedings against you on Monday morning to recover the full amount plus court and legal costs. You have until Sunday evening to make the agreed payment by paypal or offer me a suitable and agreeable compensation figure. As a regular user of ebay; no doubt you are fully aware of your obligations to complete the transaction you have entered into." I checked out the rules for selling tickets on ebay and I replied to the seller: "Here's some information about: eBay rules - items that are restricted or prohibited Tickets are generally allowed to be sold on eBay, however you should carefully read any contracts that you have entered into that may limit your right to sell your item on eBay. Also, tickets have to be available for dispatch within 30 days from the date of purchase. Your claim would not stand up in court. You do not have the ticket to send within the 30 days which means you have breached ebay's selling policy. In addition you have not posted the terms and conditions of the ticket sale in your listing, thus making your listing and consequently the sale of the item void. Please may I have your name and address so I can begin to create my defence and also pass this information to my legal adviser who will be able to look you up on the Barristers' Register (as you stated you were a qualified barrister in a previous correspondence, which may constitute a verbal threat in written communication, if you are not actually a barrister... which again will add to my defence). I am a regular user of ebay. I have been a user since 2003 and have 100% feedback Many thanks" I haven't heard back from him yet.
  13. A little update: I have contacted ebay regarding the seller not having the item to send me within the 30 days of auction end (as stated in ebay's policy) and the fact that there are no terms and conditions regarding the original ticket sale mentioned in the listing... so am waiting for them to get back to me with a bit more information regarding this. I am hoping that my 'legal obligations' will be irrelevant due to the fact that the seller has not complied with ebay selling policies when listing the item. I have also begun a case in the help/resolution cntre regarding the sellers persistnat threats of legal action via email before the unpaid item case has ended (theoretically, all contact should be through the resolution centre). He is only pursuing me because of the inflated price of the ticket when the auction ended. Any genuine and reasonable seller would reach an agreement amicably. I admit that I was in wrong for bidding on the item, but I din't think for a minute that his listing was honest and law abiding. It would be interesting to know if any of the other ebay members that retaliated in the same way as me are experiencing a similar scenario. As I said in my first post, pages and pages of completed listings on ebay are showing to have sold tickets from thousands to millions of pounds. Aside from the possibly impending court case, there must be something stirring in the offices of ebay what with all the recent activity regarding stone roses tickets. Thanks for reading Maxine
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