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  1. Is the Baliff able to commence removal action what ever that means been getti loads texts from him saying he going to do that Can bailiffs do that or does it have to be from the council who debt with Someone said he can get a sheriffs warrant or something from courts to gain access?
  2. Spoke to both Baliff refuse point blank Council will accept any payment but says will not constitute any form of offer of payment plan They will pass any payment directly to bailiffs!
  3. No it's for the building we have now Took lease from March 1st 2014 Business not open or trading yet Been working on building and won't be ready to trade for another few months yet Wish we could do something to stop Baliff from constantly turning up and putting letters through door at all hours One last night final cut off payment had to be made by 5pm
  4. Found out the fees charge from there head office in Liverpool when I called them and jumped up and down The Baliff himself refused and just said they were within the government guidelines Charged 75 compliance fee and a huge 757 enforcement fee for basically putting one letter through my letter box He never contacted me or tried to contact me but can or he said they can charge me 757 for it
  5. Did have. Notification of liability from council for court date in October My fault ignored it as was talking with voa about re value the commercial property and thought that would have come through before then As for the Jacobs communications they sent them all to previous business address we had, that had left and never been back to for 12 months Only final notices have now been hand delivered to actual liability address which is correct one Asked for letter copies told can't have them from bailiff He said everything been sent to address given to them from council Council said t
  6. Have the whole conversation on record Didn't tell him was recording it but everyone seems to record conversations for 'training' purposes I did to!
  7. Will the bailiff carry on putting mail through my door or try to gain access until I give in to them? Is it worth me speaking to the bailiff again and say he wasting his time?
  8. Just had another letter delivered 5pm deadline or property will be removed! Removal may take place in your absence Can they do that?
  9. Hi there yep on my mobile at moment! Think it's kind of straighter now I think Council won't take the debt back I can pay what ever to the council although they won't agree that it's a re payment plan they will just pass payments on to bailiffs Council said bailiffs will eventually pass it back to council who then decide to go for communal proceedings or bankruptcy Or possibly agree to payment plan Said is a long process not one over night Bailiffs will still be in back ground whole time Been told no other way to sort this out!! Just want to make sure bailiffs can't do anyth
  10. Spoken to council Kind of helpful They won't kick bailiffs out and take debt back but said if I pay what can afford to start with to them could help my case They will look into small rate relief etc They want income expenditure from me also Head office of bailiffs just said was a matter for bailiff agent Haven't even bothered to speak to him all he says is full amount Just concerned he will keep hounding us Top floor now a one bed flat we both live in Have to go through first floor to get to top floor First floor empty as want to convert to restaurant eventually Voa spoke
  11. The business rates bill is in mine and my partners names not in a companies one The 2floors we rent we have converted the top floor into a domestic flat for ourselves hence looking via voa to have it removed from commercial listing. The first floor will be a restaurant it is in she'll form at moment with little fixtures and fittings no commercial kitchen put in yet etc The business has not started to trade yet as we are a long way for being open. We do not own a car or vehicle and our personal items have little value most furniture etc second hand! It is impossible for
  12. I think the council have a liability order from the magistrates court from back in October Don't think I've ever seen it though Not got a breakdown of the 9200+ owed or claimed I owe Jacobs won't give me any details and council say as in hands of bailiffs nothing they can do! Have never refused to discuss or given option to have a payment plan in operation Indeed we are asking for a re assessment of the rat able value as have had some work done and the top floor now no longer commercial waiting on voa over reassessment Are bailiffs allowed to act in this way seems almost immoral to
  13. It says on letter left he a enforcement officer not bailiff And also says We have not received satisfactory response to our previous con respondents As enforcement agent in charge, I am now instructed to proceed with the removal and sale of your goods. removal may take place even in your absence To stop removal action you must contact Mr bishop immediately on [edited] to arrange payment in full within24 hours The letter has not even been dated! At bottom letter states from Mr bishop certified enforcement agent Is he legal?
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