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Found 24 results

  1. I Phoned up to change the seats on the flight on Friday night, only to find out the hotel we'd booked into 16 months ago (and requested special assistance a few days later because they were not open when the holiday was booked) is not suitable for those with walking difficulties (nor is anywhere in cap salou apparently) I was open about my disability from the first call and that of my children but wasn't told about the resort or hotel (I'd asked for 14 nights all inclusive but left the resort open to Thomas Cook while explaning I have sever walkin
  2. I signed a 12 month Fixed Term tenancy in April 2015, no deposit was taken by the landlord. Since then I have had no further tenancy agreement so have been on a Periodic tenancy. The landlord has now requested a deposit but offered no new Fixed Term contract (not that I want one). Can he request a deposit during a Periodic tenancy or would it have to be as part of a new Fixed Term ?
  3. Not long started to claim IS, have been instructed to attend the job center with some information (passport 3 months banks statements etc). Don't mind doing this but I don't like the idea of disclosing what i spend my money on surely I have a right to privacy here Can i redact the personal transactions on the statement and just show the income support payment along with the balance and my details etc? What possible use would they have for my shopping habits etc.....plus what if (and I don't) do not want to disclose certain transactions such as the purchase of adult materials et
  4. letter received from good old carpquest, those selfless souls (I think an 'r' needs adding to the start of that word for them) who are toiling thanklessly away on behalf of their [heavily connected] client, Erudio [arrows], in relation to a claim for student loans. Following a number of 'you owe this amount, please contact us' style letters, this latest letter seems more decisive regarding potential court proceedings by Erudio. Which is why I need a little help: ====> NOTE: Is it possible to add the original letter text here for only admin to see? ====>
  5. What with advice changing from that given a year or so ago, I thought I would just ask a couple of questions regarding a recent private parking charge. a charge was sent to the registered keeper of a car parked on council owned land that had a private parking firm (Premier Park Ltd) enforcing access to a site by way of APNR system. The driver has to access said site to gain entry to the work place, and had been using the site for several months whilst the ANPR was active, without any charges at all. Driver was led to believe the car was registered on the system by his employ
  6. Name of the Claimant ? PRA Group (UK) Limited Date of issue – 05 Sep 2016 Date to submit defence = 07/10 (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – 1.The claimant claims the sum of 19,000 for debt and interest. 2.On 18/07/05 the defendant entered into an agreement with HSBC Bank plc for an overdraft under reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 3.On 30/6/06 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of 24,500. 4.On 25/09/07 the debt of 24,500 assigned to Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS, Oslo, Zug Branch, who itself assigned the debt to PRA Grou
  7. Hi all This one's a worrying departure from companies generally steering clear of taking people to court for old/possibly dead debts - Hoist Portfolio Limited (HPH2 Ltd) have had a CCJ issued on me for a years old debt that may be statute barred. *If* it is the debt I am thinking it is, it is from an old bank account and is an amalgamated loan, overdraft and credit card debt that I had when leaving them after I lost my job and became very ill. I had already made several years repayments on it while it was in the black, but then became unable to continue and had to default.
  8. Hi all Nearly 6 months ago my Father in Law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The Palliative Care team at his Hospital immediately requested that the council fit a level access shower in his council flat. 4 months later, his wife had heard nothing so rang the Council up. Was told that the adjudication Panel had rejected the request! The next day his daughter phoned to plead with them to reconsider. They immediately phoned back to say they had granted the application. No reason was given for the refusal or the reconsideration. She was phoned in August to say they would start
  9. Hello, I'm new here and looking for help if possible. I was claiming tax credits as part of a couple with my husband until June 2015 when he left the family home. We had decided to separate with a view to divorcing and had put the house on the market, as soon as he actually moved out I rang tax credits to inform them. I should point out here that my husband DID NOT WORK and had not been working at any point during the claim period (one of the reasons for our separation). I was the sole earner and continued to be when he left. He never paid me any maintenance
  10. I sent a subject access request form to buy as you view last year, after discovering that I had been paying for the following insurances: All sorted EPS A viewing guarantee (£136 has since been refunded because I had never purchased a TV with BAYV). I thought that I had recieved all of the information that was requested. After numerous emails to the company I have found out that they had failed to produce a telephone call log from 2012 and also a recorded telephone conversation in which it is implied that I asked specificaly asked for these insurances for the hp goods. I did no
  11. So they sent me a court form today from Northampton, I've already cca'd them and they admit they don't have it, what's my next move, the court form came after the CCA was acknowledged as not being present, it may be a cross over but I dont want to ignore it. What should I do next? Acknowledge service? Or defend.
  12. Hoping some can help.... I sent off a CCA request back in January 2011 to Santander and so far they have never sent any of the requested documents through. It's now been 2 years since I have received any letter from Santander/debt collectors but today I have received a debt collection letter from Robinson Way. Does this mean I have to start the CCA request all over again? Is there a letter I can send them? Surely they can't just ignore my request and each time send it to a new debt collectors? Any help or advice would be greatly a
  13. I submitted a MCOL to recover my deposit from a Used Car Dealer who refused to refund it, after I found out they lied to me about numerous things regarding the vehicle's condition. My particulars essentially state that when paying the deposit to the dealer prior to the car purchase, the verbal agreement was on the basis that: 1) They did not lie about the car. 2) The car would pass a vehicle inspection. I since found out that they breached (1) and hence the agreement. Before even filing the claim, the dealer actually offered to give me half of my deposit back to
  14. I phoned Barclays fraud department earlier this evening and as part of the security questions I was asked for my name & card number. Then they asked me to use my pinsentry device and give them the code... I have never been asked to do this before ( usually get asked DOB, Mothers maiden name etc) and it concerned me as with my name, card number and the pinsentry code they could have logged in to my barclays online account. Is it usual to be asked for these details or does it sound a bit dodgy? I just hung up and then phoned the number on the back of the card i
  15. c I have a long running complaint with MBNA, which is stuck in the MBNA interpretative calculations thread. I’m looking on a second opinion on these circumstances. My own complaint is not based on a miss sale but MBNA applying PPI when the original application which I have a copy of stated no to PPI. The communications log I have with MBNA starts in June 2000; PPI was applied from Jan 1999 the start point of the card. I have no recollection of discussing PPI with MBNA other than requests for it to be stopped which they refused unless I paid the card off in ful
  16. This is my first post, so please, bear with me. I've been an Orange customer since they first started and currently have 3 phones on pay-monthly contracts with them (mine, my wifes and my sons). When my sons came up for renewal it was automatically put on to EE. He has an iPhone 4s which he got over a year ago on a 24 month contract. After a couple of months we noticed he was getting billed £5.99 for a 1gig 4g bundle. We queried it and it was explained how it had been requested and applied. My son agreed that he'd done it, so we thought no more of it. These charges stopped for a
  17. I have an old lloyds overdraft debt that was in dispute due to charges etc from around 2008. Last I heard was in 2010 when I replied to a DCA stating the account was in dispute and to refer back to original creditor. In Nov 2011 I went abroad (and had heard nothing further by that point) and have been pretty much living abroad ever since apart from the odd visit back to the UK. I just went back to the UK in Feb 2014 and discovered a new DCA had taken over the account and had obtained a CCJ against me in my absence in Jan 2013. After a bit of research I have discovered that “
  18. Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place. I looked everywhere. Hoping someone can help. I received an invoice from the council in November 2010 stating I owed £146 for rechargeable repairs to a councill property I left in August 2010. I did not pay it as I was just too broke. Heard absolutely nothing for over 2years then fast forward to April 2013 I receive a demand for payment for £1503 for rechargeable repairs to the property and if I didn't pay within 7 days county court action would commence against me. I emailed the council asking 1) Why has this bill increased so dramati
  19. Hi, my nephew wanted to complain about a serious matter on the building site where he works. I told him to ring up and ask for a copy of the grievance policy (as per our Stu007!), he simply asked for a copy to be posted to him and did not discuss what it was about. We wanted to work out if a grievance was the correct way to go. Even before the document arrived in the post he was approached by several people on the site asking him what his grievance was! He's livid, as it was to do with someone using drugs on site, and he wanted this to be dealt with in confidence to start with.
  20. Gents/Ladies, Just dropping a quick post to link a thread to my own up till now an unknown default raised by Vodafone. Going back 5 years I was a customer with VF, like many once it came to renewal I opted to change provider (moved to o2) and forwarded on my notice to cancel prior to this date and followed up with a brief call to let them know. Over the following month or two I received letter stating that they were happy to confirm my renewal, all of which I queried and was told they had not received my previous letter or had any record of my call. As requested I
  21. Hi CAGsters, havent needed anyones help for a long time which is great. However now I do Please could you have a look at the attached request received from my employer. In a nutshell we are being told that we have to provide our Driver Licence, MOT & Insurance paperwork for our personal vehicle. We only use our personal vehicle to travel to work, no work is carried out in our vehicle and it is parked in a public carpark on our work premisses. We are teachers and are employed by our local council. They already have a copy of my driving licence for driving a school vehic
  22. I requested a SAR from original creditor and have received a letter from them today acknowledging my receipt of £10.00 postal order but stating that the signature I provided does not match the one on their records.I only signed my name in capital letters. I have read through other posts which suggest using my signature but putting crosses through it. Is this correct please as I'm not sure if thy will accept this. Many Thanks
  23. Hi All I went to the dentist , received treatment , I attempted to pay the fee for treatment by cash I was told the dentist only accepted payment by debit card, I didn't have my card with me. Anyway I said I would call them and make payment by phone which I duly forgot about. I received a couple of letters but thought I'll just pay them next time I go. Today I received a letter from P&J collection services saying I had an outstanding balance of £32.50 the original amount owing was £17.50 , which means they have added on a fee of about 80% . I realise its a small amount
  24. Hi all, I am trying to claim back PPI for a friend of mine which was sold in 1998 but she cannot find any agreement forms etc. I send Clydesdale Bank a cheque for the £10.00 but they have since replied with this letter, can somebody advise what I should do next! DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 - DATA SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We refer to your recent letter (attached) in relation to the above mentioned Act. We must advise that due to the passage of time since closure, we regret we are unable to supp
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