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  1. Hi, My current tenancy agreement ran out on 12th April but I hadn't been asked to sign a new one by the Letting Agent. Today I have received an email from them saying I need to renew and asking for £175 renewal fee. I am aware that in 2 weeks time Tenancy Fees will be banned, so I'm a bit reluctant to pay it. Can I hold off on responding to the email? For all they know, I could be away on holiday? Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. I received an email from KPMG advising me that Howard Smith and Ed Boyle have been appointed joint administrators of CURO Ltd (trading as Wageday Advance) and that I have an estimated redress claim in administration totalling £1619.76 and that I need to submit my claim by 25th April. Is this legit? I have googled it and it would appear that they are in fact in administration but just wanted to check before I click any links / submit any of my details. The email I received from them contained all my correct personal details so it does appear to be.
  3. How do the court know though if they just present it as a new claim rather than seeking permission to re-present the original one? In that scenario I'd still have to go through the whole defence process again right?
  4. OK thanks I thought as much, I was just wondering if there was any truth to what they said. Based on others who have had them try to claim again, I guess I'll be going through this whole procedure again sometime soon then....
  5. Hi, So TM Legal have been in contact again trying to set up a payment arrangement for this, threatening County Court Claim again. They advised that they can claim again because the case wasn't heard before a judge? Is this correct? I turned up in court in front of a judge who dismissed their claim for no evidence / them not attending. Is that not the case being heard? Are they able to do this?
  6. Update... Managed to get my WS done and submitted just in time. Attended court today and was literally in there for a couple of mins. The judge asked me to summarise which I briefly did. He then advised me that Asset hadn't attended (which I knew they weren't going to) and that they had not submitted any evidence...which I wasn't expecting considering they sent me half a ream of paper worth of documentation. Anyway, the judge then advised he was going to dismiss their claim, joked that it was a short trip for me and wished me a good day. Result ! Do I get confirmation of the decision in the post for future reference / evidence ? Just wondering as I've seen that Asset have tried taking other people to court again for the same debt...
  7. OK so what do I need to include in my witness statement? I fear I've screwed this up but have had my head up my rear past couple of months...
  8. Have I screwed up? Should I have submitted a WS? I have urgent family issues past couple of months and this was totally at the back of my mind until I received the papers from Asset / TM Legal I'll do it today? What do I need to submit in my witness statement ? Just out of interest, if I lose will I automatically get a CCJ or will I get chance to pay the amount?
  9. Hi, I'm unable to remove my details when I scan as a PDF. Any suggestions ? I filed my defence a few months ago but haven't done a WS. Date is 21st Feb.
  10. OK I've received a copy of Asset's statement and documents they've filed with the court (About 30 pages including copies of the credit agreements I asked for but never received). They've confirmed they won't be attending court which is in 2 weeks. Is there anything I need to prepare between now and then ? Thanks
  11. I've had no response to my CCA/CPR letters. Had no correspondence from Asset at all since I filed my defence.
  12. Sorry, I haven't updated as there was nothing to update you with. Yes I sent back the N180 last month and I've now had an email offering mediation. I still haven't had a response from Asset to my CCA request.
  13. I have received an email offering Mediation for 22nd August. How do I respond to this please?
  14. Submitted. Fingers crossed....no doubt I'll be back for more advice. Thank you again.
  15. Many thanks. When submitting do I include the particulars of the claim (so that my defence references the relevant paragraph's) ?
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