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  1. Ha ha, Well Spotted DX, never heard from link again hence no update on that debt. Thanks to you all for the help on that thread. But the one I am about to open a new thread on is a different debt. CCA surfaced recently.
  2. Will do shortly. I just wanted to know from OP how he got on.
  3. I know its an old tread, I wonder if OP can update what happened since? I am in the same situation. Received similar agreement from MBNA. Application form with 2 pages of original T&Cs, and further more T&cs which I assume are the current ones. Application dont have Representative signature.
  4. Thanks DX, what would be the next course of action? Any template would be helpful. Cheers.
  5. Apologies, please find attached high res. I noticed there is no signature from Amex reps on page 2. Their Letter states account has been cancelled and referred to an outside agency. Payment was previously made to NCO Europe Ltd. Amex1.pdf
  6. Hi Recently received a reply from Amex in reference to BA Amex card from 2005. Attached is what they sent. Can you please advise if this is enforceable in court of law? Thank you. Amx.pdf
  7. What was the outcome of this case? My friend is in deep trouble after £7k has been used on her credit card.
  8. Hi Slick £5800 still outstanding. Charges and PPI already claimed.. Loan was defaulted in 2002 and have been sending token payment since..
  9. Received CCA from Barclays, however it is very different to others I received from the same bank. This Loan dates back to 1999, I have already successfully claimed PPI on this. Is this agreement reconstituted? There's no personal detail on the agreement. T&Cs very short. Do they not have to provide signed agreement as per my request? Big question though, can they enforce this agreement? How should I reply? Appreciate if someone can please help me with the reply. Thank you.
  10. M&S supplied him chqbook worth £3000 and he would write a cheque to himself whenever/whatever amount. He had no bank account or credit card with M&S. Not sure if this classes as Loan.
  11. Hi Apologies if I posted this in wrong section. I sent a CCA request on behalf of my friend. This loan is in reference to M&S personal reserve account where they gave you a chequebook so you only borrowed what you actually needed. This type of loan does not have any CCA agreement. Please see attached reply from Arrow Global. What is the next course of action? Appreciate your help as usual. Thanks you.
  12. Their reply is attached on my previous post. I also received FOS Leaflet. Like I said, Can they issue a fresh DN and pursue the debt and possible record a default against CRA if I fail to pay?
  13. UPDATE: Received reply from BC Exec Officer with £100 compensation. Result...... Once again credit goes to Brig. Thank you. Now where do I stand with this debt? Can they issue fresh DN and demand full payment (£4700)? Should I negotiate F&F settlement? I do not want default showing on CRA file. Please advise.
  14. All three CRA do not have the default from today's date. All three had the the default until last week. I will keep an eye for further few months before cancelling it.
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