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  1. Thank you DX, I will follow that thread. First CCA request sent 27 August 2013, so July probably could be last payment as they stop collection once they receive CCA request. I cancelled eurodebt around sept/October time so I haven’t paid anything since I cancelled Eurodebt. By the time they sent the final response, payment must have been already cancelled. Can I play SB card? Or shall I just reply as per your advise/thread and then argue SB if they pursue with court claim?
  2. Hi Dx all the files are on my PC which I don’t have access to. See if you can access from this DropBox link. Else I will have to upload the documents tomorrow. Cap1_CCA_received_CQ.pdf
  3. Last payment (token payment) was in November 2013, defaulted in 2003.
  4. I know, but I panic When I see “Solicitor” on the letter head.
  5. Thanks DX. this debt is about to SB hence they have now woken up. Today received PAP letter from Drydens Solicitor despite me writing to them (last week) that this debt is in dispute due to not having enforceable agreement. They ignored my letter and issued the PAP. Should I fill my income and expenditure and send it or should I only tick the box “this debt in dispute section” and send it back? your help is appreciated as always. Thanks
  6. I didn’t record the call which I made as soon as I called them in panic the day of delivery however I have used online chat on numerous occasion where they confirmed “as per the note” that item was sent to wrong address. I have copy of the chat transcript. They have clearly said that claim has to be made by the seller as contract is between Yodel and Sender.
  7. It was paid on PayPal credit and I have already paid back the money.
  8. Please tell me why would Yodel deal with me? Yodel will only deal with the sender and they have clearly told me in numerous occasion that seller need to login to client portal and make a claim. Seller is simply not claiming because they know PayPal will refuse my claim and even if they make a claim, YODEL will not compensate cost of the goods as standard insurance with Yodel is around £50 also who do I take to court? Seller is based in HK, Yodel admitted mistake and willing to compensate but seller has claim it.
  9. Back in March, Yodel delivered item to completely wrong address. Item was purchased from eglobalcentraluk.com (very dodgy I know, based in Hong Kong). I was waiting at home for delivery and suddenly I had a text message saying item has been delivered even though no one rang the door bell. I quickly tracked the parcel and it showed item delivered. I quickly phoned Yodel and from their tracking they confirmed driver has gone to the wrong address. I offered to go there and pick the item if they can tell me where the driver has gone, but they will not tell me where the driver has gone but they off
  10. Ha ha, Well Spotted DX, never heard from link again hence no update on that debt. Thanks to you all for the help on that thread. But the one I am about to open a new thread on is a different debt. CCA surfaced recently.
  11. Will do shortly. I just wanted to know from OP how he got on.
  12. I know its an old tread, I wonder if OP can update what happened since? I am in the same situation. Received similar agreement from MBNA. Application form with 2 pages of original T&Cs, and further more T&cs which I assume are the current ones. Application dont have Representative signature.
  13. Thanks DX, what would be the next course of action? Any template would be helpful. Cheers.
  14. Apologies, please find attached high res. I noticed there is no signature from Amex reps on page 2. Their Letter states account has been cancelled and referred to an outside agency. Payment was previously made to NCO Europe Ltd. Amex1.pdf
  15. Hi Recently received a reply from Amex in reference to BA Amex card from 2005. Attached is what they sent. Can you please advise if this is enforceable in court of law? Thank you. Amx.pdf
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