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  1. Excess I can handle, even a bit of a premium increase. It's the loss of no claims I'm more bothered about. Would have like to have resolved it outside of insurance but there was a dispute on who was liable. As my insurance company deem me liable, I'll bear the brunt of the claim even though the value is only a few hundred pounds, if that. I don't think my passenger did look behind them, only to the side of them...an empty parking bay. If I was parked at the side of the road and they did it, then fair enough, but it's because it was in a parking bay that I didn't accept liability.
  2. Looking for a little advise. Had a minor accident after my passenger opened my car do into a passing car in a retail park car parking bay. It was the type of bay that has 2 rows of cars adjacent to each other (as in the example picture). I had reversed into my spot and there was a car parked behind me. To either side of me there were no cars and either side of the car behind there were no cars. Turned the engine off and my passenger went to get out of the car just as another car was using the bays to cut through to the exit. Obviously they drove into the side of my door. Luckily no damage to m
  3. Just to add, my latest reference was good, so my issue is that they're always going to fail me based the old reference, but that reference was supplied for the purpose of the 1st referencing.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some GDPR advice. I went through Tenant referencing 2yrs ago for a property I was moving too. I received a reference from my landlord that wasn't exactly glowing, but his comments were disputed by me. Despite this, I was accepted for the property. Now, I'm moving again and have had to use the same tenant referencing company. They have again used the old reference to make a decision, as well as the latest one. When I asked them why previous references were being used they said it was policy to include previous information. When I asked how long they
  5. Yes I moved back in May 2012, pretty sure I didn't inform the original creditor at the time.
  6. Hi, In the past couple of months I've had several phone calls from PRA Group (I've let them all go to voicemail) and also a few emails chasing a debt for Progressive Credit Limited. I believe the debt relates to an old Aqua credit card. It has definitely been over 6 years since I first defaulted it no longer shows on my credit file (it showed previously but came off around April / May this year). The last email was an offer to reduce the debt from £1200 down to £400 if I make payment within the next 2 weeks. Shall I just ignore them as the de
  7. Wondering if anyone can advise me how to resolve my issue. I owed MoneyBoat 2 x £143.53, 1 payment due end of Sept and 1 due end of Oct. I made a payment of £70 bringing my payments down to 2 x 85.15 which saves me money overall. I then a few days later rang and made another £75 payment. This time my payments only reduced from £85.15 to £59.95....so if I add it up it actually costs me more. 2 x £59.95 plus the £75 payment is £194.90 where as the 2 payments I had left only total £170.30 (2x £85.15). I spoke to MoneyBoat but they insist it's correct, but I don't see how.
  8. Yes, had a CCJ at the time and a few defaults. I haven't done an IRL claim yet but intend to. Wondering why they are registering late payments still after all this time though...no defaults.
  9. Surely it's Yodel's responsibility if they delivered to the wrong address and they have admitted as much? (P.S. I've ordered things before from EGloabalCentralUK, always been fine).
  10. Hi, I have a MyJar payday loan showing on my credit file from the start of 2014. I defaulted on this a couple of months after taking out the loan but on my credit file I only have late payments registered, no default. My question is, will this drop off my file after 6yrs as normal or can they just continue to register late payments? I haven't paid off the account, nor have I had any correspondence. I'm currently in the process of repairing my credit and my score has been gradually been going up over the past few months as various defaults / closed accounts have dro
  11. Hi, My current tenancy agreement ran out on 12th April but I hadn't been asked to sign a new one by the Letting Agent. Today I have received an email from them saying I need to renew and asking for £175 renewal fee. I am aware that in 2 weeks time Tenancy Fees will be banned, so I'm a bit reluctant to pay it. Can I hold off on responding to the email? For all they know, I could be away on holiday? Any advise would be appreciated.
  12. I received an email from KPMG advising me that Howard Smith and Ed Boyle have been appointed joint administrators of CURO Ltd (trading as Wageday Advance) and that I have an estimated redress claim in administration totalling £1619.76 and that I need to submit my claim by 25th April. Is this legit? I have googled it and it would appear that they are in fact in administration but just wanted to check before I click any links / submit any of my details. The email I received from them contained all my correct personal details so it does appear to be.
  13. How do the court know though if they just present it as a new claim rather than seeking permission to re-present the original one? In that scenario I'd still have to go through the whole defence process again right?
  14. OK thanks I thought as much, I was just wondering if there was any truth to what they said. Based on others who have had them try to claim again, I guess I'll be going through this whole procedure again sometime soon then....
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