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  1. The ombudsmen made a final decision and ruled in my favor! I provided consistent evidence that i did not ask for any of the insurances. I have had: The viewing guarantee refunded in cash The all sorted insurances refunded to my account A £150 check for compensation for poor complaint handling. There is still an ongoing unresolved matter, but that's another story. Thank you to everyone that has helped me. Result.
  2. Thanks for your reply, I have already tried the sand and garden fork method ( bent my garden fork ). I went as far as purchasing a fence post auger so I could turn all the soil, and break it up a bit. I literaly cannot get down more than a few inches. I just dont understand why next doors garden is fine but my garden always floods ( the entire estate is brand new ). There has to be a problem with the drainage somewhere. And as for who is to blame, surely it lies with the landlord or the builders. Its as if they just filled it full of rocks and coated it with a layer of clay. There are also areas were the grass refuses to grow. Some pics were taken last year, some were taken last week.
  3. And now Ive just realised that most of the photos are oriented the wrong way
  4. I am currently renting a four bedroom property from Melin homes. The property is just over three and a half years old, I have been living at the property for around two and a half years. The house was built directly in front of a rugby field, all that separates my garden from the rugby field is a fence and a huge bank full of overgrown ferns and nettles which apparently is owned by the rugby club. The back garden gets flooded frequently and despite my numerous complaints, Melin homes has done nothing to rectify the problem. Melin has told me that " we've had a word with our legal team, and its not our responsibility to maintain a water logged garden" I've attached some photos, the last photo is from next doors garden on the same day and as you can see, there is no flooding in their property despite their garden being behind the rugby clubs bank. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what my rights are regarding this situation, or am I just stuck with a swamp for a back garden? Thanks for you help.
  5. I sent a subject access request form to buy as you view last year, after discovering that I had been paying for the following insurances: All sorted EPS A viewing guarantee (£136 has since been refunded because I had never purchased a TV with BAYV). I thought that I had recieved all of the information that was requested. After numerous emails to the company I have found out that they had failed to produce a telephone call log from 2012 and also a recorded telephone conversation in which it is implied that I asked specificaly asked for these insurances for the hp goods. I did no such thing. They have since sent me the call log in which I discovered that they lied about what was said in the conversation and they even lied about the name of the person who I spoke to! They have also conveniently lost the call recordings. I was just wondering if its against the law to fail to produce information that was requested in the SAR as I believe that the reason why some of the information was missing is because it would prove that they are liars. Thanks for your help.
  6. I just wanted to give you all an overdue update about this. BAYV refunded me £147.05 because they had been charging me for something called a viewing guarantee which according to their web site: " If you have purchased your TV from us and it is within the extended warranty period, we will service it at your home or collect it for repair. Whilst we have the TV, we can provide you with a loan TV. If you have taken out our ‘Viewing Guarantee’ on your existing TV and it is one of our listed brands, we will endeavour to service your TV. In cases where we are unable to service your TV, we can loan you a TV for up to 8 weeks." The thing is, I have never had a TV with this company, and my own TV was covered by a manufacturers warranty! I am now in the process of complaining to the ombudsmen about the other insurances which they refuse to refund.. I didn't need them, I didn't want them and I sure as hell didn't ask for them.
  7. They have also given me the option to send some of the goods back, but I'm unsure if they have refinanced any of the products and so I dont know where I stand.
  8. Thank you. Can they still come to my home after I have sent them the harassment and threat of a door step visit letter?
  9. Hi, thank you for your very useful templates. In regards to the harassment and threat of a door step visit, I just received a letter from buy as you view and it states that " a creditor is in a different position to the postman or a member of public asking for directions." And that " it would be deemed reasonable to visit my property after all means to contact you by your preferred method of contact have failed." I have specifically told them that my preferred method of contact was via email, so why the heck are they trying to come to my house and why do they keep phoning me? Ive cancelled my direct debit with bay because they charged me for things that I wasn't aware of and didn't agree to. They have failed to produce certain information from my subject access request ( which I believe is against the law) and they have " lost" the recordings in which they claim that I specifically asked for these ridiculous insurances ( all sorted, EPS and viewing guarantees).
  10. Hi, I tried to send a letter to buyasyouview using the cagmail service. On the 1st attempt I paid via PayPal and my letter ended up disappearing and on the second attempt, I paid again using PayPal but I have no confirmation as to weather the letter was sent. Please can you help. I have the paypal transaction Id's for both transactions.
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