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  1. Hi, Well I have had an email from SCAN fobbing me off saying that they have requested the manufacturer to contact me as it is an issue with their product. (my contract is with Scan so liability stays with them) However, the manufacturer has contacted me and offered repair, replacement or refund. I have opted for refund and they are going to send me a prepaid RMA label today and have asked for bank details in order to send refund once they receive the returned device. This sounds good news to me, any comments? Kind Regards, SPINSTER
  2. Its been a little over 3 months since I purchased it and I have not yet been able to use it for its intended purpose due to the fault. The manufacturers support is good but it takes weeks to communicate with them. The retailer just wants to pass the buck to the manufacturer. I need a device that works and offers reliability, I am not confident in this device as the second one has had the same error, not am I confident in the future support of this device based on my current experience with both the retailer and the manufacturer. Based on this, do I have grounds to refuse both a
  3. Thank you, your advice has been very helpful to me. What is SCC? Than you once again. I will let you know how I get on. SPINSTER
  4. Thank you very much for you help
  5. Thanks for the advice, the retailer is SCAN COMPUTERS. What is a charge back? I used a debit card for payment does that matter?
  6. Hi People, I'm hoping that this is simple but always like a head start from yourselves on these things. I will keep it simple and if anyone want more specific info I can provide it. I Purchased a BRAND NEW mini data server (PC) from a retailer online. I received it unboxed it and turned it on (All seemed to be working). As this (PC) is a server you leave it on all the time. After being in for a week or two It started having hardware issues (losing connection to its storage drives, then it eventually stopped working and would not boot up). I contacted the r
  7. Hi everyone, Thank you for your advice... The Polo is a 2010 model purchased from my local VW garage, it has had a full service history with VW only. The warranty is the standard factory warranty you get when purchasing a new car. The fault was reported within this warranty period, however it also came with a used car warranty of 12 months as I was the second owner. This has also now lapsed, but we reported the fault within the warranty period. They have now affered to contribute towards the repair leaving me to pay the remaining £1,000.00 But I do not see why I should if it was reporte
  8. Hi CAGers... Please could you advise me where to take the following issue. I purchased a second hand VW Polo in Sept 2012 it came with a Warranty andin July / August 2013 we sent it in due to it loosing excessive amounts ofwater from the coolant reservoir. They couldn’t find where it was coming from, so they asked if they couldkeep the vehicle for a week to run more tests. They still couldn’t find what was wrong and returned the vehicle and askedus to run it and call them when the water drops below the minimum level, sothat they can see how fast the water is leaking. a
  9. I agree with the other posts about what your contract says, but do ask yourself this? What possition would your company be in if they had accidently over paid you 15mins overtime over 18 months? Would they expect it back, and would you happily give it back? Maybee you could speak with your employer, depending on how much it is and put together a payment plan to get it paid over 6 or 12 months.
  10. Thank you for all the posts offering help and support, i will see where it gets me and report back if needs be. If all else fails, I will follow Emmzzi's advice of having an argument and getting the bus. Obviously I will want to see the bus drivers licence, MOT and insurance documents first before bording SPINSTER
  11. Please forgive me if my post has come across this way. The last thing I want is an argument, unfortunately my employer & manager like to dictate strongly about policy. I have already politely pointed out that my vehicle is not used for business and only used for traveling into work, I was then told that it is part of their policy and must be adheared to. We are always treated like idiots who have no right to question what is asked of us. Policy this Policy that!! I dont want to come across as awkward, but what business is it of theirs and how would they use this information that they
  12. Thanks guys, at the bottom it say "it is part of ##COUNCIL NAME## contractual employment with you and is taken seriously" what are the consequences of not complying can I be disciplined? Thank you so far for your supper speedy assistance.
  13. Hi CAGsters, havent needed anyones help for a long time which is great. However now I do Please could you have a look at the attached request received from my employer. In a nutshell we are being told that we have to provide our Driver Licence, MOT & Insurance paperwork for our personal vehicle. We only use our personal vehicle to travel to work, no work is carried out in our vehicle and it is parked in a public carpark on our work premisses. We are teachers and are employed by our local council. They already have a copy of my driving licence for driving a school vehic
  14. Thanks DX I will take it down this route then. But for the record how long should a repair / replacement part be gurenteed for? SPINSTER
  15. Hello All, It has been some time since I have needed your help. I have sent my welder back to the manufacturers as it has just stoped working (actually the case gives you an electric shock!!) Comes with a 2 year warantee that unfortunately has not long expired... anyhow they have offered to repair it for me at a cost wich roughly works out half the price of a new welder... Heres my question: How long shoulf this be re-guaranteed for once the repair has been completed. I say repair, but they are actually replacing the main board with a "new" one.. So I assumed 12 months but th
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