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  1. Hi Thanks for the advice I might try just getting a statement with just credits on it. They will probablt say its not good enough but I will have at discussion if it does Cheers
  2. Not long started to claim IS, have been instructed to attend the job center with some information (passport 3 months banks statements etc). Don't mind doing this but I don't like the idea of disclosing what i spend my money on surely I have a right to privacy here Can i redact the personal transactions on the statement and just show the income support payment along with the balance and my details etc? What possible use would they have for my shopping habits etc.....plus what if (and I don't) do not want to disclose certain transactions such as the purchase of adult materials etc ) Just think its very unnecessary and surely they must have to justify why they require such information. Thanks in advance
  3. But that means that the account is on my file for 9 years even tough its never been active
  4. I had a defaulted loan with Welcome Financial Services Plc, well actually i never paid one payment. The start date was 22/03/2000, as per my credit record, yet the default date was 05/02/2003. Which date should be taken into account when calculating when i can get ot removed. I read on another post and i quote "Account information is held by the credit reference agencies for a period of six years after the account was last active. It does appear to be the case, at least at the present time, that in addition to current credit commitments the preceding six years of an individual's credit history is taken into account by credit grantors when applications for credit facilities are assessed. As a consequence this historical information would appear to be relevant to the purpose of credit referencing and by holding this information the agencies would not appear to be in breach of the fifth principle" Based on information above, i think it was a response form the Data Commisioner i could have the file removed from my record. What does everyone think? Also shouldnt the Default date start when you last missed payment. Surely not 3 years later?
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