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Found 23 results

  1. Hello all, To cut a long story short back in 2011 I entered a competition that ended up being false and a way of the organisers to take my details and hack into my account - set up loans etc in my name It has taken until last week to get anywhere and despite much stress and banging my head against a brick wall I have finally done this The bank concerned initially refused my claim that it had happened as they said that my other half had access to the online banking so could not rule out it was her. I had money leave the account from both the hackers themse
  2. I'll try to be brief and not ramble. My daughter and her family came to stay with me early last year after selling their family home and were waiting for their new family home. For one reason and another myself and my daughter's long term partner didn't get on, it ended up much to my embarrassment that he ended up staying elsewhere, his friends, his car, hotels etc. This caused issues between myself and my daughter He was sent a few items of mail from Asset Collections I called them and explained that he didn't actually live here, he had for a brief time and had moved o
  3. Hi, i'm looking for a little bit of advice. To try to sum up, I had two cars and two insurance policies. I sold one of the cars a few months back and never cancelled the insurance policy. I also had a third car which was off the road and being repaired and had no insurance. The repaired car was picked up by myself and being driven home when it was involved in a bump (My fault if I'm honest). No injuries but the police did attend and I was given a producer. I spoke to my friend who is in the police and he said simply produce the insurance docket for your car which is insured which would c
  4. Hello. I have been in an exhausting situation regarding my home which is a bedsit in a small block of council flats. It involves antisocial behaviour which led to threats being made against me by someone with a violent and abusive track record and who has been known to police since he was a teenaged boy. I've heard him scream insane threats at his girlfriend both in person and over the phone, absolutely at the top of his lungs. I even asked three women's refuge organisations for advice on this, and have logged details with the police. I have been signed sick for a long ti
  5. Hello, I'm new here and looking for help if possible. I was claiming tax credits as part of a couple with my husband until June 2015 when he left the family home. We had decided to separate with a view to divorcing and had put the house on the market, as soon as he actually moved out I rang tax credits to inform them. I should point out here that my husband DID NOT WORK and had not been working at any point during the claim period (one of the reasons for our separation). I was the sole earner and continued to be when he left. He never paid me any maintenance
  6. Hi, I have a problem which I know I am partially to blame for and not sure how to go about it. I took out a loan with Naylors Finance back in 2011ish (not exact sure on date now) it was all cleared up on time. I found Naylors through my sister who is a regular customer. Over the last 6 months or so I have been working hard to get my finances on track and build my credit record up to a better level. When I joined one of the credit companies it was showing that I had renewed this loan many times since I had finished paying for it, after speaking to my si
  7. my father has just being declared unfit to make sound judgements of his care needs and financial affairs. as his son I'm trying to sort through mountains of junk have come across a credit agreement for nearly £6000 for a bed, he still has 3 years to pay on this. I know because its still on finance i can't sell it. he has no assets and once he goes in to a care home he will have no funds to pay for it. any ideas of how to sort this out please. he currently owes about £3000 on it.
  8. Hi everyone, First of all thanks for reading and I hope someone will be able to make sense of this for me, after hours trawling the internet and existing case law I can't seem to find a similar situation! Several months ago, June of this year, I split from my wife, I used to get my wages paid into our joint account, and at the time I didn't have my own current account, for the coming payday I provided details for an ex girlfriends account I had been seeing, on the condition this was a one month only arrangement, and in under two weeks I had opened and provided
  9. I'm hoping for some advice please..... here is my scenario exactly as it is: I work as a Lunchtime supervisor, in April I received a letter saying I had been receiving too much salary for a few years and given the option to accept the new salary/hours and that no claims would be made on these overpayments... I agreed to the new terms and was told that a new contract would be drawn up for me to sign with the new hours/rates. Since then I have received nothing........ until............... Last Friday, I was told that SINCE MAY 1ST an overpayment on my salary had been made and
  10. Hi I have been receiving letters from Lowell for a debt which is in a name which isn't mine. This was the fault of the catalogue company who completely read my name incorrectly and when I asked them to change it they wouldnt. Lowell have somehow got my address and have been sending letters saying that I need to pay the debt. They have now sent a letter saying they have done a credit check and that they have found out various things including that I am working! I am a bit confused as to how they have done a credit check on a name that doesn't exist at this address a
  11. Hello all, I'm new to the forums so please bear with me. Firstly, let me request that judgemental posts and posts advising me what "a ******" I am be kept in your head. This entire problem was cause by terrible judgement on my part. Let's say, hypothetically, I obtained a £100 loan from Minicredit by giving them false employment information. Gave them a normal monthly wage, the company's full and correct contact information, and falseified NO documents and made NO effort apart from filling in a fake wage and real company contact information. I could not pay the loan on time. I
  12. Hi there, I have joined this forum to ask for any help and/or advice on re-claiming from Yes Car Credit but it is a bit of a complicated one....I think. I bought a car on finance from Yes Car Credit back in 2003. It was a joint agreement with an ex boyfriend (no longer in contact and do not wish to be at all!) The car was later stolen, burned out I think and recovered by police (so there must be something on file) I was in between addresses then and kind of left it there. A few years later-think it was 2007, I had a debt collectors letter saying they had b
  13. Ok, so I cannot get my head around what disbursements are for the purposes of vat. Could someone in the know please advice where we stand. My friend runs his own sole trader company fixing/repairing garden equiptment (Lawn mowers etc etc) He rents a commercial Unit approx 2000 sq ft. His landlord purchases Buildings insurance on the unit and charges my friend (the tenant) but also charges 20% VAT on top. Now I understand that Buildings insurance is exempt from VAT with only an IPT able to be charged. Now, the landlord pays £1011.89 for the insurance and passes thi
  14. My name is bernie, this started 6 years ago, I took out a firsti mortgage on a property I was renovating, the amount was £50,000, I received the first half, but the company refused to give the second half until I had full building regs approval, although I explained work could still be ongoing with getting building regs in to inspect as work progressed, so I was stagnated for some 9 months, unfortunatlely I then got bowel cancer, this caused huge problems, I was given a limited time to live, In fact what was told was I should get my affairs in order,
  15. Ok, this is a bit confusing but here goes. In June 2012 I ordered an electric trike, that is a normal Viking cargo trike with motor etc fitted. At the time it was made clear I had disabilities, including back trouble and more, and that the trike would be used for me to shop so it needed to be able to carry at least some cargo (hence trike not bike). It was finally delivered in October 12 but still required some actual building/putting together. I also found that certain requested modifications weren't done, namely the fitting of a pannier and installatio
  16. Thankyou for reading this, any help would be gratefully received. The basic story is, that a previous branch manager - now left YB - advised me in no uncertain terms to let my overdraft go to collections as " I would have in effect an interest free loan" and the balance would reduce quicker. The bank had recalled my overdraft because I hadn't used the account for a while. She knew why too. She had been on a long leave and her stand in had been really quite rude to me on the telephone and as a reaction I said " then ill go elsewhere" she replied " suite yourself" So
  17. I moved into a property a couple of months ago, it is a house but there is a girl renting the upstairs of the property and I am renting downstairs. I dealt with a Letting Agent and paid all the fees but the property is managed by the Landlord himself although I have noticed that when I have had an issue with the bathroom or anything else the Letting Agent has come round to fix the problem. I didn't even get an Inventory when I moved in either which I thought was odd. There is an annexe built onto the side of the property which the landlord comes and stays in usually once every 3
  18. I have seen plenty of these sorts of posts but can't seem to find the answer i need. here are the basics: -my ast started on 30 June 2011 (I paid deposit on this day and have receipt) -tenancy ended on 28th June 2013 -deposit was protected on 18th January 2012 -Letter from DPS to confirm this posted on 23rd Feb 2012 - received a couple of days later -There was no prescribed information sent by landlord, only DPS confirmation with log in details -Landlord claiming it was Human error, therefore they were ok to deposit late. -DPS letter states tenancy start date as:18th janu
  19. Hi all, I'm looking to get some guidance, I hope someone can help - I have a feeling that going to a solicitor may be the only good course of action, but even if someone can say - yes that is the best course of action, that would be helpful as quite frankly I don't know what to do at the moment. I have a friend (no really, it's not me!) who has run up ~£50,000 over about 8 credit cards and an overdraft.I mention the following not to go for the sympathy vote, he knows he should have avoided getting himself in this state (I don't know how. . .but) but I mention it nonetheless as it m
  20. Hi All I am hoping for some help with a PPI calculation please, I have looked at a lot of previous threads but none seem to cover my point. I have been told by Barclays that I have a claim from 2004-2008 (not upheld as yet, still waiting) This is my problem, the claim is on a 25k remortgage i took out with them, however i sold the house after 4 years(2008) and settled with Barclays. During the loan period I broke my leg and had a claim, they tell me this amounted to almost 4k, this seems about right. I have no details of the loan as iv'e moved house 4 times since 2008
  21. I realize this may have been covered before, but I think the scenario I have is complicated. I took the 1st loan out with PPI cover which was over 60 months period. After 36 months I took the 2nd loan out to pay 1st loan off and leave me with some cash over, this was over 60 month period and had PPI cover. After 36 months I took out a 3rd loan to pay off the 2nd loan and leave me with some extra cash, this is over 72 months and has PPI cover. I had to claim on this loans PPI cover last year. This loan is still active till 2013. I would like to know best way to tackle this.
  22. Hi. I missed a payment with my BM mortgage in Feb when I changed bank accounts. A manager phoned me and laid into me bigstyle, threatening repossesion, etc. He followed this up with a rather vile and threatening letter. I complained, and got £25 in compensation from BM. However, as they had charged me £35, I felt this was unfair and complained again. BM didn't take the next months payment. I called them and asked for a new Direct debit, in case that was the problem - another £35 on the account for it being late. No direct debit came, but a debt "counsellor" did - another £85 on the "a
  23. Hi all, if anyone can help, or point me in the right direction, I would be grateful. As of Tuesday next week I would have effectively left my job. I had been there 5 years, but in January of this year I had a bad back injury, which led to ongoing sciatica, and me being on sick leave (signed off by GP). By May my employer was putting pressure on me in various ways to either come back (which I was/ still am incapable of) or leave. I decided to resign, obviously stating in my resignation letter that the reason was my health, and that I was unable in the foreseeable future to return (both m
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