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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all, To cut a long story short back in 2011 I entered a competition that ended up being false and a way of the organisers to take my details and hack into my account - set up loans etc in my name It has taken until last week to get anywhere and despite much stress and banging my head against a brick wall I have finally done this The bank concerned initially refused my claim that it had happened as they said that my other half had access to the online banking so could not rule out it was her. I had money leave the account from both the hackers themselves and from payments for payday loans and other loans that I had not set up It has come to a head as now after reporting to Action Fraud in December they have traced it to a known fraud that they are aware of and are currently in the process of doing charter applications in relation to this. As a result of this the bank has agreed to returning the money taken from the account - about £30,000 and we are in discussions regarding compensation Now here is where the issue is, I have a number of people that I now owe money to - some because I was unable to pay them due to this happening - some additional since then ( money off people I know ) and a third which is the ones that have been set up by the people who hacked it Now this was all going fine and I have put in a request for my credit file to see if I have got anymore that I am unaware of that have come on since - I am hoping not The issue I am having is that I am not able to pay off the debts that are legitimate to me but two of the payday loan companies are currently refusing to play ball and accept I did not set it up - I have asked for it to be wiped and any payments made refunded. One of the companies has started court proceedings for which I have the 28 days to argue it. So my questions are these 1- Do I pay off the debts I have currently or do I wait until the Payday loan companies have stopped any action? I do not want to pay everyone off only to find I then get a big court award that I cannot pay 2- Am I able to rectify my credit file now and state on there that this was not through fault of myself and how do I go about doing this 3- Is there any letters I should be writing to the creditors to allow me the time to sort through everything so I can then start paying people/ compaines off 4- Am I able to claim back any charges I have had from legitimate debts that I have been unable to pay due to what happened Many thanks very much appreciated Tom
  2. I'll try to be brief and not ramble. My daughter and her family came to stay with me early last year after selling their family home and were waiting for their new family home. For one reason and another myself and my daughter's long term partner didn't get on, it ended up much to my embarrassment that he ended up staying elsewhere, his friends, his car, hotels etc. This caused issues between myself and my daughter He was sent a few items of mail from Asset Collections I called them and explained that he didn't actually live here, he had for a brief time and had moved on but I didn't have a forwarding address. They said they would amend their records. A few months later another letter was sent - I called them again, they apologised and again said they would amend their records. My daughter and her children officially left here in March and it wasn't on the best of terms. I am slowly trying to build my relationship back with her. I don't know why I have done it (probably because I am too nosey for my own good) but I opened some mail of my son in laws yesterday and it was a CCJ Claim form from the company I have previously told twice that he isn't a resident here. What can I do? I just cannot tell my daughter - she will be so mad at me. Iv done some terrible things over the last 18 months - 2 years and I don't want to lose my daughter again. He doesn't live here and I honestly don't have an address for him and the company had been told he didn't live here what should I do? I have read that the courts won't believe this?
  3. Hi, i'm looking for a little bit of advice. To try to sum up, I had two cars and two insurance policies. I sold one of the cars a few months back and never cancelled the insurance policy. I also had a third car which was off the road and being repaired and had no insurance. The repaired car was picked up by myself and being driven home when it was involved in a bump (My fault if I'm honest). No injuries but the police did attend and I was given a producer. I spoke to my friend who is in the police and he said simply produce the insurance docket for your car which is insured which would cover you to be driving third party. That's all been done and the police are fine with that and don't seem to bothered that the actual car I was in was uninsured. I then swopped the reg number on my second policy to that of the now damaged car so it is now 'insured' although it's looking pretty badly damaged at present. I'm just looking for a little advice on how to process all this. I have reported the accident to the insurance company I used and presented to the police and they said they would call me back to process the third party claim, I have given them the police reference and my friend tells me they will basically get the details from the police and the insurance companies will settle it themselves. My worry is that would they have some exclusion on me driving another car if that car doesn't have insurance and if so would they be able to find that detail out very easily? Secondly, I now want to make a claim on the fully comp part of the other policy in the hope that they will repair the damaged car. Technically it wasn't insured at the time of the accident but if my claim is for general damage am I in a sticky place if I say I've driven into a wall or something? I know what I've done is not strictly correct but to be fair I've had two policies fully paid for right through but I dont want to have either of the claims denied on technicalities. Finally, if they reject the third parties claim could I be liable for their costs? Sorry, it's a bit long winded!!
  4. Hello, I'm new here and looking for help if possible. I was claiming tax credits as part of a couple with my husband until June 2015 when he left the family home. We had decided to separate with a view to divorcing and had put the house on the market, as soon as he actually moved out I rang tax credits to inform them. I should point out here that my husband DID NOT WORK and had not been working at any point during the claim period (one of the reasons for our separation). I was the sole earner and continued to be when he left. He never paid me any maintenance as he had no income. Our previous mortgage was in joint names but I bought a new home for myself and our children in my name and my husband signed over the equity from the previous property during the sale as I had always paid the mortgage during our marriage anyway. I moved house in August 2015, all bills were in my name etc. In November 2015 I had a nervous breakdown and went on long term sick leave from work. I was struggling to cope with the children alone. My mum moved in to help me but was working full time. Eventually in January 2016 my husband came to stay for a fortnight to help and finally secured a job for himself as I needed to leave work indefinitely due to my health. I therefore agreed that he should move back in to the family home and I asked him to ring tax credits to inform them. Tax credits said we would need to end the single claim and begin a joint claim which we did (the same week he moved back in). The joint claim has been active since. I have now received a letter from concentrix stating they think another adult lives with me and I needed to send a long list of documents, which confused me. I called up to speak to someone who was disinterested, didn't even take my personal details or look at my individual case and told me that it would only concern the period of the single claim (June 2015- January 2016) so I should send documents for this period. We had sold the house when my husband left in June and I had bought a new home on my own, therefore we did not change any of the bills at that time (June-August). The mortgage was joint (and could not be changed), the electricity and gas were in his name. I did call them to ask if I could start a new account in my name and was told that I couldn't as there were big arrears on his account (which I hadn't known about). I just left it as the house move was imminent and I did not want to take on that debt as my own! I cannot provide a bill as they were in his name and he no longer has them (although he could ask for copies). The water bill was in joint names until I moved too. As soon as I moved here in August everything was in my name only but as my husband had no fixed address he had given the electricity/gas company this address to send correspondence about the money still owed. The account was no longer live, it was just arrears, but I wonder if this triggered their 'investigation.' Either that or the fact he earned some money between Feb and April this year when he hadn't been earning previously (but we were on a joint claim then anyway). I can provide bank statements (although i have no idea how these prove anything), as well as utilities bills and council tax bill from this house from August onwards etc and they should clearly be able to see that my husband did not change his bank account or driving license address or regsister on the electoral roll until he moved back in. I suppose what I'm wondering is: Do I send a covering letter explaining all of this and hope for the best? If I leave out any of the evidence but explain why, will they refuse to look at my case? If they decide that they are not happy with the evidence for any period, what happens next? Can they stop the current joint claim based on this investigation as it is a separate claim and we are in financial hardship on a low income? If they decide that in their view, the claim should still have been joint even when we lived apart because we were married and eventually reconciled, would they demand back ALL the money they paid me between june and January or would it be the difference between what they would have paid for a joint or single claim? (which would be nothing anyway!) What is frustrating is that until February 2016, my husband did not have any income so I did not financially benefit in any way from the single claim as the single persons element is the same as the couples element anyway. It would make no sense for me to have fraudulently claimed as a single person because there was no benefit to me. I've read horror stories about this company. If they tried to claim back the entire amount I was paid simply based on their own 'assumption', I wouldn't be able to backdate the joint claim so could they really insist I pay back 8 months of money that they know I would still have been entitled to either way? I am worried sick, I am still being treated for depression and anxiety and receiving counselling and I feel guilty when I've done nothing wrong, and terrified of sending them my bank statements so they can analyse everything I ever spent. Some friends have told me to refuse to send bank statements as they are personal but I'm worried that if I don't, they will punish me. There is nothing on my bank statements relating to my husband, no payments between us or anything else, but I just feel horrible about them rifling through my private financial affairs that way and worried because my mum has put money into my account for me to help me towards the bills, is she allowed to help me that way?
  5. Hi, I have a problem which I know I am partially to blame for and not sure how to go about it. I took out a loan with Naylors Finance back in 2011ish (not exact sure on date now) it was all cleared up on time. I found Naylors through my sister who is a regular customer. Over the last 6 months or so I have been working hard to get my finances on track and build my credit record up to a better level. When I joined one of the credit companies it was showing that I had renewed this loan many times since I had finished paying for it, after speaking to my sister she admitted it was her renewing it in my name as she has got herself in a bit of a mess. we talked and she said she was paying it and wouldn't take out anymore when it is cleared. After checking today the account is now in arrears as payments have not been made since christmas. So of course it is affecting me, My only option is to pay this off myself to try and save my file again. Even though I am annoyed with my sister I understand what she is going through and how desperate you can get when in financial trouble and credit is easy available. but I am angry at the fact the agent that has been allowing these loans is the same agent that did my original loan back in 2011 so she knows that the fraud was happening and allowed my signature to be forged on the documents, also the address that is been used is a previous address of mine so it looks like i'm still taking out credit in old addresses. If I ring the company up and pay this loan off then report this agent will they take this further with my sister or do I have to let the agent get away with it also. Thanks in advance
  6. my father has just being declared unfit to make sound judgements of his care needs and financial affairs. as his son I'm trying to sort through mountains of junk have come across a credit agreement for nearly £6000 for a bed, he still has 3 years to pay on this. I know because its still on finance i can't sell it. he has no assets and once he goes in to a care home he will have no funds to pay for it. any ideas of how to sort this out please. he currently owes about £3000 on it.
  7. Hi everyone, First of all thanks for reading and I hope someone will be able to make sense of this for me, after hours trawling the internet and existing case law I can't seem to find a similar situation! Several months ago, June of this year, I split from my wife, I used to get my wages paid into our joint account, and at the time I didn't have my own current account, for the coming payday I provided details for an ex girlfriends account I had been seeing, on the condition this was a one month only arrangement, and in under two weeks I had opened and provided my employer with details of my new current account , which I had been told would be sorted that day. Two weeks on from this payday comes around and my account remained empty, upon informing my employer they admitted they had made the payment to the wrong account, and immediately credited my account as it was their error. I should mention, myself and my ex girlfriend had stopped speaking and lost all contact in the time leading to this , to this day, I have no contact with her (smooth operator as always, me). Being as my employer have had no luck with finding her, they have taken to victimizing me, and requesting that I pay back the money, even though, to my knowledge I did everything in my power to give them the correct information. I drive a truck, I'm not savvy on laws or what my rights are here, all I know is I am sick of going to work to be harassed and quite frankly have been legitimately stressed and depressed at the thought. I won't spend the rest of this thread 'slagging off' my employer but the accusations are becoming unbearable! Here's hoping someone can clarify my rights here, and what, if any, responsibility lies with me Thanks in advance!!!
  8. I'm hoping for some advice please..... here is my scenario exactly as it is: I work as a Lunchtime supervisor, in April I received a letter saying I had been receiving too much salary for a few years and given the option to accept the new salary/hours and that no claims would be made on these overpayments... I agreed to the new terms and was told that a new contract would be drawn up for me to sign with the new hours/rates. Since then I have received nothing........ until............... Last Friday, I was told that SINCE MAY 1ST an overpayment on my salary had been made and they were deducting the full amount from this months wages! Now I know they are not going to reclaim ages before the letter I received BUT............ I have still not received my new contract with adjustments so am still on the old contract on the higher wage. How do I stand legally about this...? Do I have to repay this amount as I'd verbally agreed to the change? Or do they need to have informed me in writing and provided me with the new contract BEFORE they made the adjustment to my wage? I would appreciate any help asap as I have been called into a meeting with the "business manager" on Monday to discuss the matter - and I don't want to be bamboozled by them Thank you so much.
  9. Hi I have been receiving letters from Lowell for a debt which is in a name which isn't mine. This was the fault of the catalogue company who completely read my name incorrectly and when I asked them to change it they wouldnt. Lowell have somehow got my address and have been sending letters saying that I need to pay the debt. They have now sent a letter saying they have done a credit check and that they have found out various things including that I am working! I am a bit confused as to how they have done a credit check on a name that doesn't exist at this address and found out anything - is it possible they have just done a search on the address? They are now threatening court action and I am not sure what to do - would the court be able to enforce anything against me if the name they have is incorrect? Any advice would be greatly received!! Thanks
  10. Hello all, I'm new to the forums so please bear with me. Firstly, let me request that judgemental posts and posts advising me what "a ******" I am be kept in your head. This entire problem was cause by terrible judgement on my part. Let's say, hypothetically, I obtained a £100 loan from Minicredit by giving them false employment information. Gave them a normal monthly wage, the company's full and correct contact information, and falseified NO documents and made NO effort apart from filling in a fake wage and real company contact information. I could not pay the loan on time. I actually applied half out of curiousity, and half out of sheer desperation of not being able to eat and heat, having exhausted my assistance from the social fund. When the money was awarded to me, I spent it believing that I would pay it back when my next benefit payment went in. I was then sanctioned (the reason I dispute, but this is irrelevant) and could not pay. Anyway, to cut a long story shorter, my loan was due on October 15th 2012. I could not pay. I noticed the balance slowly (at first) increasing, so emailed Minicredit to ask they froze the interest (like Wonga did in the past, which I obtained lawfully, by the way), otherwise the part-payments I made would not actually lower the balance of my loan, not even a little bit, due to exponentially increasing interest. And charges, but I'll get to that. They of course refused. Minicredit eventually blocked my account, but continued sending me emails. You can't send a question to minicredit about a general enquiry without choosing from a drop-down list of questions. All of which end up in a (pathetic) automated reply email. If you log in (which, of course, I couldn't) you could send a custom question. I am skint (hence the reason for the stupid decision in the first place) and do not have a landline and hardly EVER top my mobile up. So I couldn't call the number on their site. This left me out of contact with them. Now, this is where I'd like to re-iterate: I know what I did was bloody stupid. But having said that, I still think the following is disgusting, as it would be the same for someone who wasn't dishonest. Initial loan: £100. They deducted a fee for "fast transfer" even though fast transfer is free, and I didn't see an option for any other kind of transfer, I definitely didn't select it manually. So I ended up with £85. Long story short by roughly Jan/Feb this year the balance had reached £1066. I cannot believe it. My irresponsible decision has left me with a debt I have absolutely no chance whatsoever of paying in a reasonable time-frame. It has been passed to Opos limited, who to be fair have a decent website and seem relatively professional. But I have some issues with them: 1. In about 3 weeks of constant emailing to general@oposlimited.com and a "Vicky Johnston", I have had about 2 maybe 3 replies. They do appear to be ignoring me. I also filed a dispute over the amount via their website's dispute form, as £1066 is surely unlawful, if not it's still quite immoral (I know, hypocritical of me, I agree). They've now sent me the "Intended action" email, threatening "Debt Recovery Service". 2. The reply I did have once from them asked me for income/expenditure. If I'm honest here, and tell them I am in receipt of only £55 local housing allowance and £71 Employment and support allowance, will they shop me for fraud? Will they report back to, or check with, Minicredit? Because Minicredit will tell them they thought I was working. I could do without being jailed for fraud. Again, I know I probably deserve it, but please believe me when I say the intention to pay was originally there. So in short: Do I give Opos the truth or will that be making a rod for my own back? I apologise for the length of this email, I am now very concerned that my stupid stupid idea has lead to me apparently facing very little option but to pay £1066 or end up in court for fraud. Please could somebody advise me on any ideas to perhaps get the amount down? Get a small repayment plan agreed? I have other debts but this is the largest and most worrying. Thanks VERY much to anyone who reads and considers replying.
  11. Hi there, I have joined this forum to ask for any help and/or advice on re-claiming from Yes Car Credit but it is a bit of a complicated one....I think. I bought a car on finance from Yes Car Credit back in 2003. It was a joint agreement with an ex boyfriend (no longer in contact and do not wish to be at all!) The car was later stolen, burned out I think and recovered by police (so there must be something on file) I was in between addresses then and kind of left it there. A few years later-think it was 2007, I had a debt collectors letter saying they had been trying to find me and now that they had I owed them money for the car. I rang, panicked asking what I should do. They said they would write off so much of the debt (don't know why) and that I owed them £3,000 which I paid (Well, my grandma paid for me as I didn't have any money to do so myself) then when all the PPI scandal came about I wondered if I had anything to claim back from YCC I followed some instructions from a forum similar to this and sent off for the paperwork. Sure enough I received a CD with the original credit agreement on there. It shows (in section 3.0 - Additional Optional Non Cancellable Insurances) 10.£ Payment Protection Insurance Cash Premium 11.£ 550.00 Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Cash Premium 12.£ 350.00 GAP Insurance Cash Premium 13.£ 900.00 = Total Insurance Premium Cash Price (10+11+12) 14.£ 300.00 Less: Down Payment provided by Customer 15.£ 600.00 Shortfall Required by way of Credit 16.£ 251.04 Add: Interest 17.£ 851.04 Balance Payable (15+16) 18.£ 1151.04 Total Amount Payable (14+17): 19. 20.0 % APR 20. 48 Number of monthly Insurance Instalments 21.£ 17.73 Amount of each Insurance Instalment (17+20): the first payable one month after the date of this agreement. Apparently I should not have paid anything to the debt collectors as I had GAP Insurance which would have covered the car value when it was stolen? Also as there is a space next to PPI I'm not sure if I had PPI or not, Is Mechanical breakdown insurance re-claimable? I just don't know what to do next in order to find out if I am owed anything at all? If anyone can advise me I would really appreciate it. I am on the verge of calling a PPI claims company but I've seen the rates are 25% plus VAT! Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me. Kind regards, MsQ xx
  12. Ok, so I cannot get my head around what disbursements are for the purposes of vat. Could someone in the know please advice where we stand. My friend runs his own sole trader company fixing/repairing garden equiptment (Lawn mowers etc etc) He rents a commercial Unit approx 2000 sq ft. His landlord purchases Buildings insurance on the unit and charges my friend (the tenant) but also charges 20% VAT on top. Now I understand that Buildings insurance is exempt from VAT with only an IPT able to be charged. Now, the landlord pays £1011.89 for the insurance and passes this exact amount on to the tenant with vat added on top so a total of £1011.89 + VAT at £202.38 TOTAL £1214.27. Is the landlord right to add vat or wrong? I don't know if it acts as a disbursement or not, and if a disbursement is vatable or not. Could someone please clear this up as the hmrc website (700) at section 25 is baffling me. thanks in advance thepalace1
  13. My name is bernie, this started 6 years ago, I took out a firsti mortgage on a property I was renovating, the amount was £50,000, I received the first half, but the company refused to give the second half until I had full building regs approval, although I explained work could still be ongoing with getting building regs in to inspect as work progressed, so I was stagnated for some 9 months, unfortunatlely I then got bowel cancer, this caused huge problems, I was given a limited time to live, In fact what was told was I should get my affairs in order, I told the bank who funded the money about my cancer , and they said it is fine , they will extend the length of the loan, after my first surgery and some 90 sessions of chemo and radio theraphy, over the following 36 weeks, I felt I was able to return to work, Unfortunatly the treatment had taken a terrible tole on me , I was in constant pain , never away from the toilet, but worse I was so slow and always tired, I continued to do work as best I could , but the bank were not happy with the progress and constantly threatend me with repossesion, They then said if they were to allow me to continue they would appoint builders , if i did not agree they would make me bankrupt, so i agreed, the builders were on site 1 week, the word tex would be an insult to cowboys . In 35 years in the building trade I have never seen such bad work, in the end I said they had to go , I ended up undoing all the work they had done and redoing it all again at addition cost and time, the bank insisted I get other builders in to do the work , but i I had to go for further surgery, so on my return, I employed 2 builders to help do the work, well in reality they did almost all the work, Often when I was bent double in pain they would say you are stupid you should be at home, but I had every thing I had in this property , so I needed to get it finished, The bank said they would only release payments at £5000 , this proved really difficult, this amount of money does not buy much especially when you are paying two full time builders as well, Often the builders would go doing other work because they had not been paid, this and the fact we were ordering materials in small quanties also contributed to delays, I do of course realise my illness was the reason for a huge part of the delays, After a while the builders said they could not work like this so left altogether, I then started to do the works alone, I lived on site in a box, to go home would mean I had accidents in the toilet department, no bowel control what soever, Sorry to be so graphic, at another site meeting , when work was progressing well but we were on year 3, and I had already by this time had 5 surgical procedures, 1 was through lifting heavy items after my previous surgery, any way they again sent a letter saying they will reposess and make me bankrupt, as I was saying at the site meeting they were impressed with the progress , I said to them at that time , you are not going to wait until I finish and then reposess are you, patrick ruan said very clearly we would never do that bernie, all we want is for you to get the flats finished and get them sold, They seemed to genuinely care, after the top flat was finished they insisted it went on the market with an estate agent, I have always said I am better qualifide to sell because I built them, but they said it had to be an estate agent , they said get 3 valuations, I arranged for these but the first one valued the top flat at £100,000, this was way above my valuation of £85,000, and I said this to patrick , but he said go with them , I explaind often estate agents will over value a property to get your business , then a few months later ask you to drop the price , but he was insistant, any way after a few weeks we had a viewing , Which was the only viewing I did, and it received a cash offer of £82,500, which I thought was great, but graham harvey the other partner in the bank, said I could not even consider an offer so low, so I told the estate agent what he had said, After that we got no more viewings, I completed the bottom flat except for some snagging jobs, and left my worker to complete these while I went to stay with my sick aunt, and then went to china to have traditional chinese medicine, I have been taking traditional medicine now for several years, there are large amounts of extra cost caused by delays with getting payments, but finally it was almost finished, Graham when he came on the first site visit told me you will still do well out of this when it is finished, I said at that time , I will not make any thing, and it is doubtful if I will even recover any of the original building cost, I had no idea how much was oweing by then, I had never received any statements , the iterest was as they put it rolled over, when I got back from china after my treatment, I came home to a repossesion letter, I phoned them up . and Patrick said their was nothing he could do it was being repossesed, if i did not agree they would reposess any way and make me bankrupt, I said no, I need to get advice, he then said if I signed it over willingly they would not pursue me for any shortfall if there was any, , so reluctantly I signed the properties over, during the time they were on the market they asked would I go back and do some jobs on the property for them, as a new building inspector had said some things needed to be done differently, I did this work for them , they even thanked me for helping them , I was told that the properties were now on the market for £60,000, so I contacted them again and again and said if you let me sell them for you I will get you a far better price, I know it sounds insane but I believed at that time they were genuine decent people, that had eventually allowed me to finish the job I had started, this was very important to me , when fighting cancer you need a goal , and this was my goal, but they repeatedly refused my request to help them sell their properties,, saying it would be a conflict of interest, I said how can it be a conflict of interest the properties are yours, I will not even want any thing for selling them for you, but the refused again and again, a while later Graham asked me to go to the site to meet with the building inspector so I went while I was there I noticed that graham had a copy of my home deeds in the site file , I said why have you got that, he said they got this at the beginning of the mortgage , I did not bbelieve him so on the folling monday I called him and asked him again, I even asked him if he intended forcing me to sell my house , he said there would be no point, so I said so I have nothing to worry about then, he said you have nothing to worry about, Am I stupid or what, ( CLEARLY I AM , ) After the second property was sold they sent me a bill for a short fall including interest £1200 A month and adminstration fees £1600 month and site visit fees £385 each week, no wonder they said they will come on a weekly basis the total was over £100,000 , I phoned up and said what is this, you said if there was a short fall you would not pursue me for it , Patrick said at that time we expected to get £95,000 for each property but as we did not we now want full payment , It is clear now that they had no intention of honouring the agreement they had about the shortfall, this was obviously why they got copies of my home deeds before repossessing, during the 2.5 years it took them to sell the properties they phoned some times to see how the renovation work was going on my house, I soon realised that they had no intention of honouring the agreement they had with me, so I did in fact stop working on my home as you can see I was proved correct, Patrick said if I agree to a voluntary charging order being put on my house , they would never pursue to enforce it and wait until the house was sold before they got payment , they sent me these forms , but after reading them, I realised they had no intention or honouring this agreement either, it was in fact a second mortgage , not a voluntary chargeing order with a clause never to enforce, But it had a huge list of things I could not do in my own house which cancelled out this clause , Effectivly if I knocked a nail in the wall I would be in default and they could immediatly enforce the sale, And just in case that did not work, turn over the page and it said they may at any time appoint a liquidator to make me bankrupt and force the sale of my house, so it was clear if they were really not going to force the sale, they would have no reason to put in these clauses, So I said I will need to see a solicitor, this morning I received a statutory demand under section 268 (1) (a) of the insolvency act , Open to any help or advice It is hard enough just trying to stay alive, with out this added pressure, again in my life, sorry my letter was so long , I have missed lots out, all my life I have done business on my word, and so many times I have lost so much because I would never go back on my word, some times I just despair so much of how so many people are Thank you for reading this ,
  14. Ok, this is a bit confusing but here goes. In June 2012 I ordered an electric trike, that is a normal Viking cargo trike with motor etc fitted. At the time it was made clear I had disabilities, including back trouble and more, and that the trike would be used for me to shop so it needed to be able to carry at least some cargo (hence trike not bike). It was finally delivered in October 12 but still required some actual building/putting together. I also found that certain requested modifications weren't done, namely the fitting of a pannier and installation of the electrics into it so they could be locked away. I contacted the retailer over this but then became too I'll to deal with much for a long while. Note that I also have social anxiety so I don't have people I can get to help with this kind of thing, I don't have friends/family who could help. Just before Christmas 13 I was finally able to get the trike put together and took it out. That's when I discovered the following... The basket falls apart at the slightest knock One of the two provided batteries has a different connector I can't walk after riding due to my back being severely jarred as there is no form of suspension. Yes, I realise its been over a year but I couldn't act until I became aware of the problems. The company concerned have offered to fit a suspension post, but want to charge me £125 to send the bike back to them to do so, they also offer to fit it free but it will cost £180 for the post from them. The link they sent of the particular post was to Amazon, the post costs between £110 and £160 depending on the size. No mention by them of the work they didn't do, apologies for it or offers to move that. Where do I go from here?
  15. Thankyou for reading this, any help would be gratefully received. The basic story is, that a previous branch manager - now left YB - advised me in no uncertain terms to let my overdraft go to collections as " I would have in effect an interest free loan" and the balance would reduce quicker. The bank had recalled my overdraft because I hadn't used the account for a while. She knew why too. She had been on a long leave and her stand in had been really quite rude to me on the telephone and as a reaction I said " then ill go elsewhere" she replied " suite yourself" So I did! The regular manager returned after some months and telephoned me. " why aren't you using your account anymore?" - after nearly 20 yrs at the bank- She obviously realised something was wrong. I told her the story and she suggested she gave me some time to return to the bank and spoke with her superiors and got the demand for immediate repayment of the overdraft removed. Some months later she contacted me again to arrange a payment plan to "reduce" the overdraft. not in its entirety just reduce. I didn't take this arrangement too seriously in terms of it being carved in stone as we had a friendly and un professional conversation, in other words like friends if you like. Unfortunately within a couple of weeks I lost a part of my income and telephoned her straight away with the bad news. I said I of course could pay something off regularly but not the amount we had discussed for now anyway. - I was trying to keep it a sustainable regular amount - rather than failing on a larger amount, besides it was still at that point a regular current account with overdraft. At this point she said she would contact whoever and get back to me, she advised it might be a good idea to let it go to collections with the account because it would be interest free. yes I would loose the bank account but no matter. no it wouldn't incur any charges and no I wouldn't have a bad credit file. I also advised her I was leaving for some overseas work to last 2 months and if she wanted to discuss it further she would need to email me. She agreed and wished me well. After several weeks I had heard nothing and so contacted YB head office by way of email obtained from their main web page. This email - although I learned later is on my file - was not responded to. I returned from away and received a regular call from a 0141 number. this had gone unanswered by me a few times over a week because I get 10 or so calls a week congratulating me on my latest accident or the fact I HAVE pots of cash in unclaimed PPI waiting for me. I took the call. It was a lady from YB collections. I greeted the call with "wow at last you decide to contact me" Agreement made. Job done I thought, no problem. september 2012 December 2012. Late payment markers and default notice on my credit file. BOOM. I contacted the branch straight away. Manager very pleased to hear from me with reassurances of no,no,no its not right i'll get that removed. Gave me £50 for some charges I received while working away because she said ,yes sorry, I should have called. "oh by the way, its my last day today. XXXX is my replacement." I wished her well and assumed credit file will be in order soon enough. NOPE In January I took it up with YB collections and they helped me lots, passed it to the new branch manager and between them, late payment markers and default removed.. job done..... Default reappears. but I'm still paying. Ah its computers automating the application of the default because there is still a balance outstanding at collections. Branch manager suggests a new account and a small overdraft, paying off collections and thus reinstating me as a customer. good solution all round. Until credit sanctions get involved. rejected based on the fact I took my salary elsewhere in the beginning of all this. Result the data guy now explicitly refuses to remove the default any further in the future, despite them dong it for 4 months and I have an email saying they have a journal to remove each month. The branch manger is gutted, she has worked so so hard for me and we have worked together on this for months and now this. I put in a complaint with their people on her advice but wondered what you people thought on here. Maybe some pointers I can raise to help my case.
  16. I moved into a property a couple of months ago, it is a house but there is a girl renting the upstairs of the property and I am renting downstairs. I dealt with a Letting Agent and paid all the fees but the property is managed by the Landlord himself although I have noticed that when I have had an issue with the bathroom or anything else the Letting Agent has come round to fix the problem. I didn't even get an Inventory when I moved in either which I thought was odd. There is an annexe built onto the side of the property which the landlord comes and stays in usually once every 3-4 weeks as he lives a few hours away so he stays the odd night in the annexe. When i viewed the property I was told by the Letting Agent that the back garden is mine only and cannot be accessed by anyone else, the girl upstairs cannot access it anyway as she isnt able to get round the back because of the annexe. However, today we noticed someone was being shown the annexe so I presume that it is now being rented out. Now:- 1.I haven't been told about this by the Landlord that it is being rented out or that he had any intention of doing so. 2.I was told that the Garden is mine, I have dogs and have patio doors opening into the Garden, if someone was to move into the Annexe then potentially they could have access to the Garden. Where do i stand on this and is there any breaches? although it must be noted I cannot see anything in the Tenancy about the Garden but there is nothing mentioned about the Annexe in the Tenancy either. Thank you.
  17. I have seen plenty of these sorts of posts but can't seem to find the answer i need. here are the basics: -my ast started on 30 June 2011 (I paid deposit on this day and have receipt) -tenancy ended on 28th June 2013 -deposit was protected on 18th January 2012 -Letter from DPS to confirm this posted on 23rd Feb 2012 - received a couple of days later -There was no prescribed information sent by landlord, only DPS confirmation with log in details -Landlord claiming it was Human error, therefore they were ok to deposit late. -DPS letter states tenancy start date as:18th january 2012 - not 30 June 2011 I am sending a letter before action to the Landlord, but want to be sure that if I have to submit a claim to county court that I am using correct legislation: -should i use section 213(5) housing act due to failure to protect in required time and also failure to submit prescribed information? -is section 214 futile as tenancy has ended, or is it relevant due to failure to send prescribed information? -The landlord claims "human error" - i know they are landlords of 4 properties, surely they should know better? -they lied on protecting deposit - saying tenancy started n 18th January, is there any weight behind this as an argument against them? -our original ast was 12 months, we signed an extension on 29th June 2012 - should the deposit have been protected again (dps letter states tenancy for 6 months I(ending 18 june 2012) If all of these are grounds for a claim - which is the route to go down. Also, as tenancy has ended, is claiming for the 3x fine going to succeed or not? thanks in advance
  18. Hi all, I'm looking to get some guidance, I hope someone can help - I have a feeling that going to a solicitor may be the only good course of action, but even if someone can say - yes that is the best course of action, that would be helpful as quite frankly I don't know what to do at the moment. I have a friend (no really, it's not me!) who has run up ~£50,000 over about 8 credit cards and an overdraft.I mention the following not to go for the sympathy vote, he knows he should have avoided getting himself in this state (I don't know how. . .but) but I mention it nonetheless as it may have some bearing on what is possible in regards to managing/negotiating the credit crisis he finds himself in. He has *not* got into this state out of spending wildly, but had to pay for an operation privately which the NHS couldn't do even though he was in complete physical agony for years. The rest of the money has gone on rehabilitation care and home help workers who come in and do things like the washing and changing of bed clothes etc because he is physically unable. (the statements will reflect that he has only spent on medical related matters and nothing else) He has no job and therefore no income aside from minimal benefits which are also spent on the care he requires. He has not been in receipt of any disability benefits - only incapacity and housing benefit, as he has simply been too unwell and physically incapable off filling out the book that is required for DLA. Of course, if DLA was in place years ago they wouldn't have got into this mess with their finances. To get access to the kind of money required for his care needs, he has taken out credit cards and then shuffled them around with balance transfer deals. It has now come to the point where there is no more credit left and he cannot make the minimum payments to any of them (he had been making the minimum payments every month on all of them up until this week). Obviously he is in a bit of a state about it and I have said I will try to help him out, due to his disability he cannot sit/stand for very long without being in incredible pain and so researching this kind of thing on the internet is simply impossible for him. Also, because of the extreme anxiety he feels, I think it would be better if I handled it as much as possible on his behalf. We went to see a free debt advice service the other week, but to be honest they weren't much help at all - they told us all the options, such as sending letters to ask for payment breaks, write debt of, IVA, bankruptcy etc - but they had no idea which would be the best option out of them given the circumstances - so it was a bit pointless. So. . .I guess I'm asking for your advice, given the circumstances, which would be the best option. I will make a quick list of the key points which may have some bearing on things. Debt: ~£50000 across ~8 credit cards and a bank overdraft Minimum payments met until this week when they cancelled their direct debits Likelihood of ever being able to repay the debt - realistically none. It is unlikely they will be able to retun to work, certianly for the foreseable future. Likelihood of being able to give token payments - not likely, after their medical treatments, rent etc are paid for they have pretty much nothing left. Likelihood of being able to offer a lump sum - possible - he is currently waiting for a decision on backdating his DLA claim, which could be ~ £20000 (it's a very complicated case) but this is by no means definite even though he has sent them a box file of supporting evidence from doctors - even if it is given, this may not be paid for a few months, by this time he is worried the bailiffs maybe knocking at his door. He rents a flat privately He has no car or other notable assets Just want to get this sorted as soon as possible for him as he has enough to deal with, without the stress of bailiffs turning up/constantly ringing him when he is so ill. If it is possible to get things moving on my own I will, or if necessary goto a solicitor, but I don't really have the money to pay for one and he certainly doesn't. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
  19. Hi All I am hoping for some help with a PPI calculation please, I have looked at a lot of previous threads but none seem to cover my point. I have been told by Barclays that I have a claim from 2004-2008 (not upheld as yet, still waiting) This is my problem, the claim is on a 25k remortgage i took out with them, however i sold the house after 4 years(2008) and settled with Barclays. During the loan period I broke my leg and had a claim, they tell me this amounted to almost 4k, this seems about right. I have no details of the loan as iv'e moved house 4 times since 2008, and no idea of how much PPI i paid to them. Is there a way to work it out roughly? the remortgage was over 15 years and i recall paying circa £260 a month. I know i wont be able to get any exact figures on this, but iv'e tried google for an average PPI amount on the above figures and came up dry. Also on completion of the loan (when the sale went through) would i have paid Barclays the PPI for the full original term? or would they automatically adjust it on the sale date? Apologies for the vague post, any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks Murph
  20. I realize this may have been covered before, but I think the scenario I have is complicated. I took the 1st loan out with PPI cover which was over 60 months period. After 36 months I took the 2nd loan out to pay 1st loan off and leave me with some cash over, this was over 60 month period and had PPI cover. After 36 months I took out a 3rd loan to pay off the 2nd loan and leave me with some extra cash, this is over 72 months and has PPI cover. I had to claim on this loans PPI cover last year. This loan is still active till 2013. I would like to know best way to tackle this. The loan company is TESCO and all had Single Premium PPI. Thanks for any help..
  21. Hi. I missed a payment with my BM mortgage in Feb when I changed bank accounts. A manager phoned me and laid into me bigstyle, threatening repossesion, etc. He followed this up with a rather vile and threatening letter. I complained, and got £25 in compensation from BM. However, as they had charged me £35, I felt this was unfair and complained again. BM didn't take the next months payment. I called them and asked for a new Direct debit, in case that was the problem - another £35 on the account for it being late. No direct debit came, but a debt "counsellor" did - another £85 on the "arrears" I told him politely, that if BM got their finger out, and got the DD set up, I'd pay the whole thing off then and there. This was April by now, and I was technically three months behind, although the money was in the bank. Nothing more, despite me calling them - they said they'd sort it out once the DD was set up. In June, a mandate form arrived at last. Along with a "Repossession Proceedings Issued." letter. I called them, and made an offer to pay, if they removed the fees we were disputing. This is where they seemd to lose the plot. Over the last month or so, I've had every story told by them, contradicting stuff, demands for court action, etc., etc. They would take the money, they wouldn't take the money, etc. They've "lost" the request for a DPA disclosure not once, not twice, but three times. They've lost the request for transcripts of all the calls the same number of times. They've said they will accept payment, but they are still taking me to court. They call me out of the blue, just to tell me they're not prepared to discuss the matter with me. (Strangest thing I've ever heard of.) They then claim they have no plans to take me to court, but then their lawyers called me with a date of 3rd August. I've neither the time nor the tolerance for such idiots. I've written to the FSA, making a formal complaint (Because BM have said they've closed the complaint, but won't write me a final letter confirming that.) but I'm obviously concerned about the situation. What's my position / alternatives? I'm prepared to pay the "arrears" minus the "fees" if they stop court action, and they have categorically refused.
  22. Hi all, if anyone can help, or point me in the right direction, I would be grateful. As of Tuesday next week I would have effectively left my job. I had been there 5 years, but in January of this year I had a bad back injury, which led to ongoing sciatica, and me being on sick leave (signed off by GP). By May my employer was putting pressure on me in various ways to either come back (which I was/ still am incapable of) or leave. I decided to resign, obviously stating in my resignation letter that the reason was my health, and that I was unable in the foreseeable future to return (both my GP and physio had recommended against returning, due to the nature of the job and the daily 4 hr commute) So my first question is, what benefits can I claim? I am still not capable of working, and when I am the types of jobs will be limited. To add to the complication, my wife works full time and we have 2 young children (2 and 1). As I no longer earn a salary, we have taken them out of nursery to save the money and I will have to look after them 24/7. So, for health reasons and childcare reasons, I am effectively unable to work. Am I entitled to income support? and finally (I promised it was complicated), my mother in law, who is widowed, has just been diagnosed with a terminal cancer of the brain. This has led to my wife having to spend some days/ nights with her (she has lost a lot of mobilityetc), meaning even more so I am the childrens carer. I have no idea what to try and claim for, so was hoping I could get some general guidance, or more specific help if possible. Thanks for reading!
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