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Found 9 results

  1. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/technology/roaming-charges-in-europe-officially-scrapped-from-today-%E2%80%93-all-you-need-to-know-about-using-your-phone-overseas/ar-BBCH3sE?li=AA9SkIr&ocid=ientp However, all is not as it seems... Do read the article linked above because there are still places that you will be charged and quite heavily for staying in contact whilst you are abroad.
  2. Hi all This one's a worrying departure from companies generally steering clear of taking people to court for old/possibly dead debts - Hoist Portfolio Limited (HPH2 Ltd) have had a CCJ issued on me for a years old debt that may be statute barred. *If* it is the debt I am thinking it is, it is from an old bank account and is an amalgamated loan, overdraft and credit card debt that I had when leaving them after I lost my job and became very ill. I had already made several years repayments on it while it was in the black, but then became unable to continue and had to default. I sought advice from CCCS and established I could not afford to pay them any more than a token £1 a month payment. Some time later, my father came into some money and kindly offered to settle it for me. I also had another debt so he divided the money up in a percentage between the two as advised by CCCS. The other company happily took the offer, this bank declined. He made them a second offer. They declined. We explained I was in ill health and would never be able to pay it back in full so they really should accept the offer as it was all they were likely to get and the offer would not be on the table forever etc. They declined. I am afraid I do not know the dates of any of this, only that it is several years ago now. I wrote to them asking them to correspond with my father not me as I was in poor health and could not reply in a timely manner. Several other companies bought the debt, my father made the first two or three the same offer, they all declined, we did not hear anything for about two years. Enter Hoist. They have decided 1) not to contact my father but myself and consequently I do not have most of their letters as 2) they also have the wrong address on their letters, the address of the 'main' building I live in, not the actual address so I have not been getting them. The first letter I did get was one from the court telling me they had issued a CCJ against me! immediately confirmed it was real and contacted CCCS (now Stepchange) who advised me to write to the court asking for motion to put aside, which I did and also sent a CCA request to them, which they returned with the postal order and no documents. still do not have the documents (August). the hearing to set aside is on Thursday, which I just found out, since they are STILL sending the letters - including the court - to the wrong address! made it quite clear in my reply they needed to address the letters properly for them to get to me. was not aware that there would be a hearing to decide if we were to have a hearing. presumed the judge would look through the letter I sent and decide. After digging through the junk mail, found a letter from Hoist, who said they will not 'challenge' this hearing to set aside, which is very nice of them, as long as I started making payments. They still did not enclose the documents I requested. the hearing is on Thursday am I was wondering if there was anything I should know/bear in mind from other people who have done this. My defence is 1) sent to the wrong address 2) asked to correspond with my father due to my ill health and have ignored request 3) they have added interest to the debt when I was told 'once it is amalgamated interest and fees can no longer be applied, so that's one good thing about this'. 4) the debt may be statute barred 5) I have asked to see original docs and they have ignored request 6) if this is the debt I think it is - my Dad made several offers which they declined, and he explained that they could either take it or nothing, and they declined. So...well... 7) it may not even be a real debt or mine - I need to see the docs, which they have not sent. My name is actually very common, it is not completely impossible. I guess I go there on Thursday in my best suit and go through those things? It is really having a terrible effect on my already terrible health and I am so fed up with the whole thing. I believe we have tried our best to come up with a solution and it is not my fault that I became ill and unable to pay. Our offer was fair and certainly, for a debt co who probably bought it for 15 per cent or whatever, I do not understand why they have chosen this route rather than the money. Thank you all in advance for your help. These forums are literally life-saving. xxx
  3. hi To cut a very long story short An estate management company [removed] through JB Leitch are taking my 70 year old parents to court Thursday over withheld service charges and an external gas boiler pipe that they didn't install that is apparently "maiming the building" The pipe was installed 3 years prior to them moving into the flats by the previous owners. My parents have proof of this and put this in the defence. Leitch then wanted to change their claim to include the fact that it was installed by my parents and / or the previous owners. Not that it makes any difference in my eyes as they didn't do it, the previous owners weren't taken to court over the issue and nowhere in the lease does it say they inherited the problem. my parents are quite happy to go to court as they feel they have a very good case and they feel wronged. The stress this has caused them is great. Whilst waiting for the hearing Leitch haven't left them alone continually sending them continually what I consider to be scare letters aimed at getting them to back down rather than see it out at the hearing. The latest sent 6 days before the hearing claiming their "fees" are now at just over £5000. My parents have ignored all their letters because as I say they dont mind defending and that's what they are going to do. My question is do JB Leitch often even not turn up ? My impression reading about Leitch are that they are a glorified debt collection solicitor aimed at scaring the unknowing into paying ridiculous fees. Do they have much history of going through with it to small claims hearing stage ? If they were that confident of winning surely they would just come to court rather than send threatogram letters all the way up to the week of the hearing ? Any advice welcome Apologies this is probably posted in the wrong place ...
  4. After many cancellations and a strongly worded letter from my GP and support worker instead of putting me in a group I've got a home visit on thursday and my anxiety and anger is flowing like mad! I don't know how to deal with this interigation in my own home. I have a feeling I'll be that scared of them I will rage as soon as I open the door to them I really don't know how to cope with this on thursday. I've read so many horror stories all over the Internet and I'm frightened that I will be the next person to write the next horror story! I'm just so terrified. I can't face the interigation! What happens if they hit my last nerve and I snap? I can't cope with all this! Please help me, give me advice. I'm generally so scared and so angry about all this! I just wish I didn't have to deal with this crap. I've already got other worries on top of this rubbish PS I have BPD, depression anxiety and other things to be diagnosed by psych
  5. Hi All, In late November last year, I was stopped at London Waterloo, having walked through open turnstyles without a ticket. On 5th January this year I received a letter from SWT Prosecutions Department asking me to submit any mitigating factors to them within 14 days, which I did. Then a couple of weeks ago, a summons arrived, with 2 charges: 1) Did travel, or attempt to travel, upon a railway without having previously paid the fare and with the intention to avoid payment thereof, 2) Did contravene Byelaw No.9(2), in that you did without permission from an authorised person, enter or leave railway premises without passing through the manned or automatic barrier, in the correct manner. Background. In August 2014 my family moved to Farnham, Surrey, having lived in London for 15 years. From then on I began commuting into London Waterloo from Farnham, buying a weekly season ticket each week. On the day in question, I'd got on the train before realising mine had expired. Usually a ticket inspector checks everyone's tickets and offers new ones to people wanting to purchase one. The train was unusually busy, and I did not see him before arriving at London Waterloo. On approaching the ticket barriers, one was open, so I stroud through. At that point I was detained by a very hostile ticket inspector, who alledged I'd barged through behind a fee paying passenger, and the rest is history. My gut feeling for a defence here, is that the title of the first charge, simply isn't true. I never had the 'the intention to avoid payment thereof', and renewed my season ticket later that day in order to commence the return leg of my journey. I spoke to the Prosecutions department recently, who said settling out of court was unfeasible. They also said that they'd looked into whether I was a season ticket holder, but nothing turned up - as I only buy weekly tickets, as can't afford the lengthier ones - and coupled with the fact that I had barged behind a passenger, a prosecution was appropriate. The honest fact of the matter is that the gate was open, and I barged behind no-one. I simply - and niaively - said to myself, I'll renew my ticket later, which I did. I can deal with the Byelaw infringement, but have relatives in Australia and the US, and am likely in the future to need CRB checks, so am keen to avoid a conviction. I've left this rather late, as have to be in Court at 10am on thursday, so am desparate for any advice anyone can offer. Jamie
  6. Hi I filled an appeal after an unjust decision. I wrote to my employer listing 56 points of bullying breaches of employment law etc. My appeal is Thursday but they won't hear new evidence. I'm only going as it's part of the process. they'll not overturn which is good for me as it's tribunal all the way. I just want to know, do I tell them I will take them to court, do I show my hand etc etc I'm going on my own, they don't scare me anymore Got a new job and loving it, if they overrule I'll resign anyway. Shall I tell them that. These are a council, been very naughty Thanks
  7. Hi, Just looking for some advice / reassurance. On March 16th, there was an incident where I am being accused of travelling without a ticket with the intent of not paying. This is the Revenue Protection Officer's word against mine - - and lets just say he wasn't the most friendly RPO in the world. The case is to be heard in court this Thursday. I am also being prosecuted for what SWT think was abuse to a member of staff. I can clearly say that their version of the word "abuse" is different to what you and me think it means. I was prosecuted for bye-law 18(1) in February 2011 where I had to pay a total of £208.70 in costs, this is a second offence. Please don't judge me. Both times I have intended on buying a ticket from the guard. Having spoken to two solicitors, they have assured me and are pretty certain that this will not be a prison sentence, even though this is a second offence. They just said my wallet will be a little lighter than it has been. To save me from explaining it again, this is the letter I wrote when I received a letter from South West Trains saying they were "considering" prosecution. Any advice / thoughts would be appreciated. ... and please don't give me the "you avoided payment, you deserve what you get" as I have seen a lot of that on the forum! LETTER TO SWT: I am responding to your letter regarding the incident on 16th March. I arrived at London Road (Guildford) train station just as the train was pulling into the platform. Instead of going from London Road to London Waterloo, I went from London Road to Guildford and then up to London Waterloo. Having done this once in the past, I learnt that it is a much quicker route rather than going via Clandon / Effingham Junction. I was unable to find a guard on the train from London Road to Guildford to buy a ticket, searched for the guard on the train from Guildford to London Waterloo. The guard on the train from Guildford to London Waterloo said he didn't have a ticket machine on him he was therefore unable to serve me a ticket. He was very polite and told me that if I explain the situation when I get to London to the staff at the barriers, they would let me buy a ticket. On my arrival at Waterloo, I went straight to a member of staff on the platform – who turned out to be a Revenue Protection Officer. From what I remember, I think his name was XXX? He was stood next to the train already serving a customer when we pulled into the platform. When he finished serving the customer, I explained the situation to him and told him why I was unable to buy a ticket and what the guard told me on the train from Guildford. I said I would understand if I was given a penalty fine as I boarded the train with no ticket, BUT I did search for the guard. When I said this, he was very rude to me saying it's not up to me whether I am fined it's up to him. I then said to him that I would like to be served by another member of stall less rude than him, and he told me to go and find someone. He then said "Go on then. Find someone else, but you won't find anyone". I understand that your officers need to be stern, but surely this is completely over the top? I then called over two Police Community Support Officers who were standing by the barriers on the platform as I believe the way the Revenue Protection Officer was speaking to me was unacceptable. They told me not to worry and that they could see I was being treated unfairly by the member of staff. I said to the Revenue Protection Officer that I was willing to buy a ticket for my journey, but he wouldn’t let me say anything and kept interrupting me insisting I was being rude to him and breaking Byelaws. Not knowing what a Byelaw was, I asked him and he refused to give me information or details as to what it meant. Following this, I said to him that I work for XXX and that I had recently heard from a number of staff and journalists from work (and other companies) that the manner of staff at South West Trains was unacceptable and more and more people were raising complaints. Your Revenue Protection Officer then told me I was using my job as a threat to South West Trains. This was not the case at all. I value my job too much to use it as a threat. I then demanded for the Revenue Protection Officer to call for the station manager. The manager came down (after a long 15 minute wait) and at the start he was really polite and understanding of my situation. he then then went over and spoke to the Revenue Protection Officer. The manager returned to me, also telling me I have broken two Byelaws. J ust like the Revenue Protection Officer, he refused to tell me what this meant either. I was then told by the manager to leave the train station otherwise the situation would be taken further. I asked yet again if I could buy a ticket and he said no, just leave the station. May I ask why: a) if I was a fare dodger, would I have tried to find the guard or a member of staff at Waterloo b) had I been intent on defrauding South West Trains, would I give my real name and address I made an effort to pay my train fare, but was met with rudeness. I have been a regular with South West Trains for over 5 years – using your service at least 5 days a week – spending nearly £20 each day. Never before have I been faced with these issues. I am still more than happy to pay for the journey from London Road (Guildford) to London Waterloo, just like I have been from the moment I got on the train to find the guard. I would be grateful if you could give this letter your consideration as it is the truth. I repeat - I was the one who approached both the guard on the train and ticket inspector at London Waterloo. By trying to do the right thing I appear to have left myself open to accusations.
  8. hi there peeps, been a long time since i have posted on CAG!! well to put a long story short, ive been on esa for a year now due to depression and i am awaiting my tribunal for a rejected ATOS interview..... a lot has gone on over the years and its why im in the state im in now! Over the past year, and shortly before I got signed off with depression I started to gamble online, at first it wasnt much and i made back so at least i broke even..... but it got worse, the amounts stayed the same, the frequency however got more and more and to cover my losses and make sure i didnt fall behind with rent etc. etc. i started to sell off my DJ and Studio equipment, a lot of high valued items, the money i had been putting back into my bank which to top up my account to where it was before and so i could cover my bills/rent etc.. etc... basically someone has phoned the dwp saying i have a source of income and ive been called in for a compliance interview and asked for my bank statements, they have not said how many to take. thing is i have sold to acquantances ive met in the circle of music i have been a part of and been given cash, i also save up my rent cheques until the last week of the month to make sure i dont gamble them away (i am recieving help for the gambling now) and i am finding it hard to differentiate what i have sold with my rent cheques....... also back in april 2012 i won back some ppi insurance from my bank, i was working at the time and took out 2k and gave it to a relative to put safely aside and towards a rather big holiday for my son (who has been through hell and essentially lost contact with his mother - hes only7) to try and make good of his childhood after all the grief he has been through. To make sure i did not take this money and gamble it down the tubes i decided to make the holiday this year, i paid half and my dad has paid half, this went into my bank ac and straight out again... can i get in trouble for not saying i had this money set aside for this holiday. im at my wits end, im even thinking of coming off esa and back onto jobseekers as im doing myself no good just vegetating during the school hours and once lil man is in bed and hence the gambling came in...... any help would be appreciated
  9. Join our fight back against legal loan sharks: Rally with Ed Miliband and Tom Watson Thursday 26 July 2012 11am Walthamstow Hello! I'm writing to invite you to join us this coming Thursday 26 July at 11am in Walthamstow to show how whilst this Government may refuse to act, together we can protect British consumers from legal loan sharks. I'm delighted to announce the Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband and Tom Watson, Deputy Chair of the Labour Party, will be joining us as part of their Real Change to Win tour to see how Labour activists and the Movement for Change are working with local communities to tackle problems like this and support our work on this issue. We will also be revealing our summer campaign pack and the tools we have developed to support action on the problems the high cost credit industry is causing for our country. With mortgageicon companies stating they won't lend to consumers who have used payday loansicon because of concerns they lead to unmanageable debt, companies directly targeting payday loans at people on benefits or their continued domination on our high streets, its time that we stood up to Britain's legal loan sharks. Places are limited but if you would like to join us at this very special event please email [email protected] amstow.org.uk to sign up to participate. Together we can fight back! Stella Creasy Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow p.s. Please also share this email with your family and friends and invite them to join us too! http://www.workingforwalthamstow.org.uk Stella Creasy: Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow
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