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Found 23 results

  1. I Phoned up to change the seats on the flight on Friday night, only to find out the hotel we'd booked into 16 months ago (and requested special assistance a few days later because they were not open when the holiday was booked) is not suitable for those with walking difficulties (nor is anywhere in cap salou apparently) I was open about my disability from the first call and that of my children but wasn't told about the resort or hotel (I'd asked for 14 nights all inclusive but left the resort open to Thomas Cook while explaning I have sever walkin
  2. My wife and a friend went to Corfu for a week long soul festival (music not heart and soul). The flights and transfers only were booked through Thomas Cook Airlines, the return flight was at 19.00 with the transfer collection time at 15.45. So they got the transfer to the airport at 15.45 as arranged but when they got to the airport the flight time had been changed to 15.15 so they missed their flight. They spoke to the TC rep who said it was their fault for not checking flight times and they had been sent an Email in Dec 2006 changing the flight times, On returning home
  3. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/urgent-appeal-for-family-of-carlisle-resident-corporal-thomas-edgar
  4. Hello i wonder if you can help me pls have received a pay within 7 day letter from Thomas Higgins partnership solicitors however i am of the understanding i don't owe them the debt they say i do its from a local firm of plumbers for the sum of 81.53+ vat total = 97.84. In Dec 2015 i moved house and decided to get Monthly Boiler cover from Npower they said i needed my boiler to be serviced in order for them to cover me the Local Firm was then employed By NPower and they came in to service the Boiler in Jan - this was done with an all
  5. Hi All I have gone through the usual of wrting to Thomas Cook and being denied. Have just sent the LBA off and have started work on the court bundle. Can anyone help me with the particulars of claim or does anyone have one they have used? It was a package holiday and everything was wrong. No Assistance on flights, Inbound transfers driven by madmen, Dirty rooms, faulty showers, no air con, high pressure sales, dirty pools, stinking restaurant the list goes on and on and on. also the money used to pay for the holiday was from a recently deceased family member.
  6. I have a holiday booked for later this year to Turkey through Thomas Cook and they have just informed me that the star rating for my hotel has dropped from 4 to 3 stars. Now obviously with all thats going on in the world today I am of course rethinking my trip as I'm not completely sure that I want to go anymore (the rights and wrongs of this being what terrorists want is a conversation for another day). Now in the T&Cs it states that if a significant change is made to the holiday then I can choose a different holiday or a refund, therefore my question is - Does a drop in star ra
  7. Hello and good evening. We booked a family holiday to Fuerteventura, back in 2010, details as follows:- Outbound LGW - Fuertenventura TC Flight No. TCX225K on 12th June 2010 Inbound - Fue - LGW TC Flight No. TCX037L on 23rd June 2010. We were traveling as 3 adults and 1 infant in the booking. Over and above the basic holiday price we also opted for in flight meals (3 x £10 each) and the option to pre-book your seats on both flights (3 x £14 each). Outbound flight and holiday went fine, the return journey however was stressful, chaotic and dis-organised, resulting in an
  8. Hello. We booked a holiday at the start of last november for this year, we have had news that my wife has to have a major operation this year which due to the nature of the recovery is being planed for the school holiday period. I had already payed £250 low deposit and the remainder of the deposit (£550) was due last week, i have phoned them today to tell them we cannot make the holiday and they still want the £550 to cancel it or they are passing it on to a debt collector to regain it. I'm self employed and work has been slack since christmas and we cannot afford to pay the remainder.
  9. I received a letter advising I owe an outstanding debt on my gym membership of £19.50 which I cancelled around 14 months ago. Is it likely they will issue proceedings or should I dispute based on the sum... Thanks, Rick
  10. Hi, I have just googled TTHP and come across this site, so I hope someone can give me some advice. This morning I received a letter from THP regarding my late mothers nursing home fees. They say I have to pay £303.25 or proceedings will commence for the principle sum and court costs without further notice to me. I did get an invoice from the nursing home a couple weeks ago, which I did ignore because my mother died almost 14 months ago. Am I responsible for my late mothers dept.? My mother did not even have enough money in her pension account to cover the cost of her funeral. I have not
  11. Ultimately it was a chain of failures by Thomas Cook that lead to us making the complaint. Without going into too much detail - I raised a complaint with Thomas Cook about circumstances on the flight that exacerbated my partner's (insured) medical condition that is still affecting him. This was alongside being given very incorrect information by a TC rep that was supposed to help our situation but quite obviously didn't. We were then let down at the airport by the complete lack of rep to support us. I had offered to provide insurance documents and doctor's information to Thomas Cook but they n
  12. Hi Caggers Could you assist me with a problem. Yesterday I received a letter from the above company demanding I pay in full £164.00 within 7 days other wise I will commence legal proceedings for the principal sum,, and court costs. Will they take me small claims court i.e I have to physically attend? I have approached the company I owe to pay via instalments but they have refused. I am unable to walk at present due to compressed nerve in lower back so attending court would be out of the question. Any help appreciated. Thank you. I can't post the li
  13. Hello not really too sure where to post this one. I run a business (retail) and I recently opened a new shop, I am still classed as sole trader (thinking I need to go LTD soon though?). My shop was a big move and there is a lot of financial pressure on me right now and a lot of people wanting money from me. Suppliers and trade merchants. One of the trade merchants who put the shop sign up have sent a £145 balance onto Thomas Higgs Partnershop and the usual 7 day B.S that they give with it. Is this anything to be worried about? I have had letters like this before
  14. Hi all Booked a Holiday with the travel house for a holiday to Cyprus a package holiday with Thomas cook. Upon arrival at airport there were no transfers booked for us we were eventually put in a taxi, upon arriving at hotel at 4am there was no reservation although we were given a room that was stinking was full of damp and blood stains on the sheets see the photos attached. Due to this i phoned Thomas cook duty line to register a complaint to be "told dont like it fly home do you know what time it is im sleeping" The next morning the Thomas cook rep came to site after hote
  15. Hello all, wondered if I might get some advice on this situation. I was on holiday in the US last week and made use of a Thomas Cash Passport pre-paid USD card. When I reloaded it with a small amount (£75 for $110) to see me to the end of the holiday I was somewhat surprised to see they had actually reloaded the card with $1100. I have a receipt showing they "sold" me $1107 for £74. Thinking this too good to be true I headed to the ATM and there was no mistake, it let me draw out $700 . Shortly after the card was "suspended" and I was no longer able to use it. On returning to
  16. Hi all I am looking for some advice about the below case please. Thanks. Holiday details: 5 of us (4 adults and 1 child of 11 yrs) booked and paid for an all inclusive holiday with Thomas Cook Holidays online. I was refused to get on the Thomas Cook Airline flight in August 2012 due to issues with their contract check-in personnel. I had disagreed with their extortionate excess weight charge of £14 per kg insisting first to speak to the check-in personnel's manager(s) and later to the Stansted Airport Thomas Cook (TC) representative. They were refusing the latter reque
  17. Bit of background - we are having a bit of a dispute with the cleaning company who used to do a weekly clean at our house. We decided to let the company go, due to various issues, not least of which was the fact that, for the third time in the 3 or so years in which they've been cleaning for us, our macerator unti toilet became blocked with what turned out to be some kind of wet wipe/cleaning wipe. On the two previous occasions that this happened, we shelled out for a plumber to unblock the unit (the first time) and then replace the unit (the second time, the blockage caus
  18. Hi All, Just looking for a bit of advice after a bit of a run in with Thomas Cook. I am a single mum with 5 children eldest of whom has Autism, so we received a charitable donation towards a holiday and proceeded to book with Thomas Cook. They offered us the low deposit and remainder to be paid within 8 weeks, 8 weeks came and an unexpected bill came out of my account, taking money from the holiday balance, so I called and explained, they extended for another 13 days. The time came to pay and i called with my card and it was declined, we tried again for a lower amount, de
  19. Hi guys, We booked a holiday with Thomas Cook in february 2013 to go on end of may 2013 for 3 Adults and 4 kids to All-Inclusive hotel, Marmaris in Turkey. Our youngest has a heart condition and this is the first time she will be travelling. We have just today received an email from Thomas cook, saying that next door to our hotel, a new hotel was being built, but there is a delay in construction, so therefore we may have to put up with loads of noise and disruption - the letter states that they can't give us any further information. They wrote that we can change the hotel and a
  20. Hi, I received an unfair parking fine from Care Parking at Cheshire Oaks in June for parking in a "staff bay" and appealed as there was no signage and there were 12 cars which received tickets. My appeal was denied and i was ordered to pay £140. I have since ignored the last letter they sent me and have just received a letter from "Thomas Higgins Partnership" headed "solicitors". The letter is very vague and just orders me to pay the £140 fine. Is this a serious threat and will they take legal action or can i just ignore? thanks!
  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2200617/Thomas-Cook-buy-thousands-seats-easyJet.html
  22. Myself my partner and my 2 children aged 5 and 2 went on holiday to Turkey with Thomas Cook arriving on Mon 28/05/12 (early hours). On the Monday my daughter developed a rash and small raised bumps on her back. I thought it was a reaction to the sun or suncream. Changed the suncream and applied more often. Tuesday rash also to back Wednesday/Thursday some spots on torso (we thought she had been bitten). Friday covered in spots head-to-toe. We hadn't even considered chicken pox as our son had had it twice and she had never caught it so thought she was immune.
  23. Thomas The Tank Engine A mother was working in the kitchen, listening to her five-year-old son playing with his new electric train set in the living room. She heard the train stop and her son saying, 'All of You B*****ds who want off, get off now, 'cos we're in a hurry! And all of you B*****ds who are getting on, get on now, 'cos we're going down the tracks'. The horrified mother went in and told her son, 'We don't use that kind of language in this house. Now I want you to go to your room and stay there for TWO HOURS. When you come out, you may play with your t
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