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Found 11 results

  1. My uncle asked me to write something in favour of Thomas Cook because they went beyond what was legally required from them. My auntie (his wife) died suddenly a few days before going on holiday. After contacting Thomas Cook CEO my uncle received a full refund for the holiday he had booked and a letter of condolences. Well done Thomas Cook! I wish we could write such comments more often for other companies.
  2. In Sept 2014 I booked a Thomson (TUI) holiday in Turkey for July 2015 through Directline Holidays (Broadway Travels) for 10 people including 2 children under 6. In Autumn Statement 2014, the Government announced that from 1 May 2015, APD would be scrapped for children under 12 for both new and existing economy-class bookings. In January 2015 Directline informed me that Thomson had changed the airline from ONUR Airways to Thomas Cook. When the full and final payment was due in April 2015 I questioned Directline about refund of APD and was told that Thomson had many advance bookings to review, and that refund would be forth coming at a later date. After returning from the holiday and waiting for so long I emailed Directline to claim a refund and got the following reply: Thank you for your email, we have reviewed your booking, however, no refunds have been applied. The airlines were doing these refunds automatically and we would therefore assume that no refunds are due on this occasion. Please be assured should we receive any refund from the airline in respect of your booking we will contact you. Yours sincerely on behalf of the Broadway Travel Group Ltd Libby Clarke Customer Relations Department Tel : 0871 716 1004(option 1 & 6)
  3. On the 24th June 2015, I was part of a group of 17 family members that went on holiday through Thomas Cook to Tunisia Unfortunately, during our time in Tunisia the ISIS terrorist attack took place, which meant our holiday was cut short and we had to return home early. We had only enjoyed 2 days in Tunisia; and we returned home on the third day (28th June). On the morning of the 28th of June we were informed that due to the terror attack taking place, Thomas Cook would be sending out 10 rescue flights for UK tourists to return home. As we feared for our safety, and felt our lives were at risk; we decided the best thing to do would be to catch one of the rescue flights home. As mentioned earlier, we were a group of 17 people, however it must be noted that 10 of the group were in fact children that we had a responsibility for. Therefore, as well as keeping ourselves safe, we felt that it was imperative that we put the safety of our children first and return home at the earliest opportunity. Our holiday had been ruined; but we were confident that Thomas Cook would look after us, and compensate us for the experience we suffered. However, much to our disappointment, Thomas Cook contacted me on the 17th July 2015 and informed me that they would not be paying any compensation; but instead, were offering a ‘good will gesture’ which meant we would only be getting money back for the days we did not spend in our accommodation. My original holiday booking for 2 adults, and 3 children totalled £1527.96p. Yet Thomas Cook have offered me £436.56 back, (wait for it…) ‘in travel vouchers’, (and the best yet…) that need to be used by July 2016! Thomas Cook customer relations have told me that there is nothing I can do to appeal against this decision, and under no circumstances would they be offering the insult of £436.56 back in cash either. The most the lady could advise was for me to contact ABTA (which I have and have had no joy). I kindly told the lady from customer relations that I would not be accepting there so called ‘good will gesture’ of holiday vouchers, and simply told her that I would take this matter as far as possible until Thomas Cook offer me a full refund in cash; or at least in holiday vouchers so I can book another holiday for my family! The worst thing is that following the terror attack at the museum in Tunis in March, we as a family decided we no longer wanted to fly to Tunisia as we felt that our safety was under major threat. After researching the Government web site, it advised that if we were concerned about threats of terrorism in a country we would be visiting, we should seek advice from our Travel Operator, which we did. We expressed our concerns to Thomas Cook who did not show any concern or thought for our safety. We were told that the Foreign Travel Office had not advised against travel to Tunisia, and any amendments to holiday bookings done free of charge would be at the Tour Operators discretion. Although this was the case, our travel agents contacted Thomas Cook’s Head Office who clearly stated that we could not change our holiday free of charge. We were strongly advised that if we wanted to make amendments to our travel arrangements, we would have to pay a minimum of £150 per head, and we were told that this cost could total up to £500 per person depending on what changes needed to be made. For this reason, we felt as though we were being forced to go to a country wrapped up in terrorism as we simply couldn’t afford to pay amendment charges for 17 people. This was still the case after strongly emphasising our views and concerns as to why we did not want to travel to Tunisia.For this reason we feel that Thomas Cook did not act responsibly and that our health and safety was disregarded. Thomas Cook and the Foreign Office were aware of the high risk of terrorist attacks within Tunisia and still chose to send British tourists over there, resulting in 30 British Citizens losing their lives. Those same people that lost their lives may well have been in my same position, but like us were forced into a holiday they no longer wanted to partake in! I feel nothing but let down by Thomas Cook. They have in no way done us any justice as customers and in fact have robbed me of over £1000 pounds for a 2 day holiday to Tunisia that was cut short due to circumstances out of my control. Had Thomas Cook considered our fears in the first place, we wouldn’t be in the situation that we are in now. Furthermore, Thomas Cook could have given some consideration to the matter and at least offered another holiday for the same price we paid, if they do not want to give us a cash refund. How can they justify not compensating us, yet those people that were not in Tunisia at the time, but had a holiday booked to go there, have been offered a full refund, or a chance to amend their holidays free of charge, due to the Foreign Travel Office advising against travel two weeks after our holiday. Surely if the Foreign Travel Office have deemed Tunisia as too dangerous to visit following the events, then that must justify our decision to return home from our holiday early through fear of our safety!! What I am trying to do, is attract as many people as possible that are currently in the same situation as me. On the day we returned home, there were hundreds of people at the airport that were also returning home early due to fear for their safety. It would be useful if I could round up these people by bringing this issue to media attention, and maybe… just maybe… Thomas COOK (Potentially Defamatory remark edited - SS) will pull their fingers out and refund us our money that they have TAKEN I’m sure Thomas Cook profit by millions each year, so why not offer us compensation when they can clearly afford to do so. If anyone has any advice, or can signpost me to someone or somewhere that can help, please please do so. I refuse to accept this lying down!
  4. Hello and good evening. We booked a family holiday to Fuerteventura, back in 2010, details as follows:- Outbound LGW - Fuertenventura TC Flight No. TCX225K on 12th June 2010 Inbound - Fue - LGW TC Flight No. TCX037L on 23rd June 2010. We were traveling as 3 adults and 1 infant in the booking. Over and above the basic holiday price we also opted for in flight meals (3 x £10 each) and the option to pre-book your seats on both flights (3 x £14 each). Outbound flight and holiday went fine, the return journey however was stressful, chaotic and dis-organised, resulting in an over-all flight delay of just about 8 hours, finally arriving at LGW at 1.15am on 24th, not 5.35pm on the 23 as expected. We were informed whilst at check in that the incoming flight was delayed, but were not given any further information, instead we were herded by the TC reps through check-in and into departures. It turns that mid flight, the aircraft had a fire in one of the food re-gen ovens, which necessitated the plane turning around and landing at LGW for repair. When the air craft finally landed at FUE, the oven had not been repaired so no food was available and we had also been allocated random seats, not the pre-booked seats we had paid for. During the course of the delay, we were issued with vouchers for refreshment, however these barely covered the cost of a cup of coffee / bottle of water, let alone any form of food. Upon return to the UK, we lodged a complaint with TC, initially just for a refund on the food and seat upgrade, but were given the run-around by TC (one up to you TC), so we eventually gave up. So, the question is, should (can)we resurrect the claim and can we claim any other compensation for the delay? Is there a template letter available that we could use in the first exchange? Thanks for reading.
  5. My then fiancée and I booked our Honeymoon through Thomas Cook at Merry Hill, and had problems with our booking from the start. Ignoring the countless minor issues, the main problems were: 1) We specifically asked for a hotel fairly close (i.e. within 15mins) of Cancun or Playa del Carmen. The instore rep showed us a hotel (Grand Bahia Principe) and told us it was 20 minutes from Playa. We thought this was ok, so carried on with the booking. When we arrived in Mexico, we discovered the hotel was over an hour away from Playa del Carmen. 2) We were sold the hotel on the basis that we would get an upgrade to a higher-quality room included in the cost. It was later discovered (after booking), that this offer was not in the current brochure and the rep had sold us the holiday from an out-of-date brochure. In the one thing Thomas Cook did right, he managed to get the room upgrade included in the price. 3) Thomas Cook failed to pass on the fact it was our Honeymoon to the in-resort rep, so absolutely nothing was done to recognise that it was our Honeymoon. 4) Thomas Cook advertise 'Honeymoon Extras', when in fact these are present in every room anyway. 5) Thomas Cook advertise the hotel as having 9 a la carte restaurants. This is a lie. Only 4 are a la carte. The other 5 are self-service for starters and dessert (and the same selection in every restaurant). 6) We booked inbound premium seats sitting together (at a cost of £50pp). These were confirmed at the time of booking, again 2 weeks before travel, and again in the resort. On arrival at Cancun airport, we discovered we didn't have seats together and, as my wife is a nervous flyer, were forced to downgrade to standard class in order to sit together. We complained to Thomas Cook on return about these issues, and basically they've told us to get stuffed. But they hope we'll book with them again in the future. This was supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime, but the constant worry about what Thomas Cook would screw up next kind of spoiled it for us. At the very least, I believe they should be refunding us for the premium seats, but they don't seem to want to know.
  6. we booked a package holiday for my husband an me for orlando in may, my disabled sons respite unit is unable to accomodate him for the full length of the holiday my daughter was meant to look after him the 2nd week but is now having to work i asked TC if we could transfer deposit 0f £500 to a week in new york flights and hotels they refused as one is a chrtered flight and one a scheduled flight i then asked if we could book a week for my daughter and her friend in europe pay the difference then do a name change but again was refused im so upset at losing this amount of money is there anything i can do thanks x
  7. can anyone please advice us of our next steps regarding holiday to egypt in january, we have been to and fro ing with thomas cooke since we got back and dont feel the offer of compensation is enough, it has been looked at again and they say its adequate, a group of us went to egypt on 6th january, the brochure mentions kids club, caters for all nationalitys and pool side bars, we booked all inclusive and when arriving we found the hotel looked lovely, however the 2 familys from are group were kept awake by scratching noises through the night and after getting it checked out we learnt there was rats present, the rep moved 2 lots and didnt av anywhere to move the rest of the group too till the following week, following that we also heard the scratching and told the rep, the rep said we could downgrade next week to opposite side or he could switch to another room on the other row to which the rest of r group had also heard the scratching so we didnt see the point in moving and put up with it, we took photos of rat traps in theceilings and i found rat droppings under my bed, the rep moved another english couple into one of the rooms our group had been moved out of and when we spoke to them and told them they asked the rep who told them, they were just listening to rumours, obviuosly a rep that didnt believe us inspite of rats being caught, a list of problems were noted.. ie, no english kids club, they didnt cater for english the food was same night after night in different restauarants and we were treat disgusting, ice cream was only available at a smoking bar, so kids had to go to smking bar for ice cream, there was no ice cream available at pool side bars, in fact we were made to feel stupid and sent on wild goose chases if we asked for ice cream most of the time, it was a group with kids and teenagers and we were shouted at for noise, shouted at for kids spalshing with water guns and told this was a chill pool, we had kids and teenagers and never shouldve been put at a chill pool, the towel man was saving towels for germans and even put towels from the rooms on four beds because he didnt arrive on a morning intime for him to save the beds for the group of germans he was friends with, i told the rep who once again didnt believe it and when i showed him the towel man said he was saving them for next morning the rep had to believe it however we were given warnings for the slightest of things yet they treat us like dogs, there was 13 in the group and within 6 days of return we had recieved 800 in vouchers towards another holiday, we then took it further as this was a dream holiday and was ruined by the rats the way we was treat and 800 is less than 60 each which is by no means anywhere near compensating us for 2 weeks of hell.
  8. Myself my partner and my 2 children aged 5 and 2 went on holiday to Turkey with Thomas Cook arriving on Mon 28/05/12 (early hours). On the Monday my daughter developed a rash and small raised bumps on her back. I thought it was a reaction to the sun or suncream. Changed the suncream and applied more often. Tuesday rash also to back Wednesday/Thursday some spots on torso (we thought she had been bitten). Friday covered in spots head-to-toe. We hadn't even considered chicken pox as our son had had it twice and she had never caught it so thought she was immune. We told the rep on the friday afternoon and he advised we had done the right thing and she would need to see a doctor to determine if she could fly. The doctor came out and examined her (ears, nose, throat) examined the spots and determined they were scabbing and she would not be contagious for the flight during the early hours of Monday morning. In fact he said he would be happy enough even if she was flying the next day. He said he would complete a fit to fly certificate and drop it off on the Sunday. We discussed with the rep who was relieved for us and advised we may be asked to see another doctor at the airport but it would just be proceedure. He said he would be at the hotel on Sunday should we have any problem getting the certificate. By 5pm on Sunday the fit to fly had still not arrived. The original rep was not there buy the rep manager was. My parner spoke to her and she was quite rude and seemed put out. He then spoke to the reception staff who advised they would try to contact the doctor. no help from Thomas Cook and thanks to the hotel staff we got the certificate. The manager said that would be enough to get us on the plane. Thinking all now ok we were picked up and arrived at the airport approximately 1.15am. At check-in I volunteered the certificate to staff expecting we would need to see the doctor as advised by Thomas Cook. After much discussion with her manager etc we were told she needed to copy it but we were checked in bags taken etc. Through passport control fine. To departure gate. To door of the aircraft where the groundstaff were waiting with cabin crew and asked us to step aside. At this point my partner is carrying my sleeping 2 year old and I have my daughter and all the hand luggage. We were then lead back past queue of passengers to a small landing where people continued to file past. We were then informed by a very rude condescending man (possibly co-pilot or chief cabin crew) that we wouldn't be permitted to board the plane. My 5 year old started crying. He then pointed at her and said 'she can't travel with an infectious disease'. At this point my daughter was devastated crying 'Im sorry Im sorry its all my fault.' It was extremely distressing. He was very put out when we asked why as we had the certificate and he said she had only had it 3 days. I pointed out that the certificate stated it had started more than 3 days before we saw the doctor i.e. we saw him on 01/06 but it had started 28-29/05. He said it didn't matter as we were denied boarding. He then said he would discuss with the pilot but during this time our baggage was removed from the plane and groundstaff started discussing who would take us back out making it clear that the decision wouldn;t be changed. He came back and said as per medical advise from the UK she couldn't fly and that was that. He then said 'there's a plane full of people can you imagine the claim for compensation'. He then said we wouldn'y be able to go home for at least 5 days. My daughter was at this point hysterical - she had been up for 20 hours and was already sensitive as had alot of nasty comments on holiday about the spots. Added to this all of the passengers were filing past pointing and staring at us. It looked like we had tried to smuggle her on with the spots when we had done absolutely everything as advised by Thomas Cook. I said to my partner 'oh my god work is going to sack me' - the guy then said 'now you're just being silly I'm sure they won't under the citcumstances'. As if he had any knowledge of me or my job. I then said can one of us fly with the baby which really put him out. He replied 'if you must'. I asked if we could have time to sort hrough the bags quickly as otherwise my partner would either have to have no bags or all of them (Dalaman airport strictest in the world £14 per extra kg of luggage would have meant a charge of £420 if I'd left him the bags). I was told 'now you're just being silly again'. My daughter was then screaming 'mummy don't leave me' and he said ' right Thomas Cook won;t leave you stranded and I'll leave you with the groundstaff' and off he went. Plane left about 5 miniutes later. We were then left to take our children, hand luggage and hold luggge (luckily on a trolley) back through the airport. The staff spoke little English and we were led to the airport exit doors. We waited just inside them but there was nowhere to sit so we had to sit on the floor with my still sobbing 5 year old for 2 hours. The groundstaff spoke to a Thomas Cook rep who at no point asked to speak to us to give us any reassurance etc. Eventually the woman put him on to me but only because she couldn;t understand him. He advised he could put us in a hotel in Fethiye but it was 90 mins away so we would need to get a taxi. We told him we had no money. He then said he would call back. He did but continued to talk to the staff again. Eventually she put him on to me again and he said he had us a place in Icemeler but again we would need our own transport. I reiterated we had no money. He then suggested we get someone to transfer us some! Or alternatively try to get a lift with another tour operator!!. He then called back to the groundstaff by which point my partner became very upset, me and my daughter were crying and sitting on the floor of a deserted airport at 5am whilst he carried our son. He stated he would just take the money out and deal with the consequnces later. The rep gave the hotel name to the groundstaff who found us a taxi. We got in and only at this point did we find out we were going to neither of the resorts mentioned and were in fact going back to Marmaris! It took us 90 minutes and cost £65 and when we got there the taxi driver asked where the hotel was. We explained we had no idea and didn;t even have the name. He asked another taxi firm and they had no idea either. We had no contact details from Thomas Cook to call for help so felt utterly abandoned and lost. We were about to getout and lay the children on the beach when the taxi driver found the hotel by chance. The place was grim. We went to the room (it was by now after 6am) and it was horrendously hot. I opened the patioo doors which led to a balcony which was over the street and was easily scaleable by my 2 year old (which is why I asked for a ground floor at our original hotel). We asked about aircon. The guy said 'you must pay more and left'. In order for the children to sleep I hadf to open the doors but then couldn;t sleep myself for fear of the baby waking and going out there. My daughter was then sick from the heat, distress and lack of sleep. Next day my partner went to sort aircon and get water and bumped into the Thomas Cook rep - who had no idea who we were or why we were there or what had happened. she was very nice and really lovely but had to leave at 12 but advised someone from Thomas Cook would call with info on flights and when we could go home etc. No calls for hours. We then proceed to exchange calls with Thomas Cook (having to keep walking across the street to call them). We were given the 0844 customer relations number to call which didn't work. Their answer was 'oh yeah its closed til wednesday'. We called them 5 times and on 3 occasions I was asked 'so what's the problem again'. Ecventually I was called at the hotel by Thomas Cook who simply said it;s nothing to do with us now you need to speak to your insurance'. I explained (again) that we couldn;t get flights because we didn;t know when we would be allowed to fly i.e. if a fit to fly cert wasn;t enough what did we need to do. Also explained my insurance compnay were still waiting for a report from them re why we were denied boarding. She put me on hold to speak to her manager then said she would call me back in a few minutes. An hour and a half later no call. I traipsed to call box again. Asked why she hadn;t called me back and was told she was 'still waiting for information'. I advised its common courtesy to call someone back when you say you were going to and she huffed down the phone at me! I then went to town on her. Within half an hour the manager turned up at the hotel. She re-iterated again that it was down to our insurance company. At this point we had just received the report from Thomas Cook re why we weren;t allowed to board - it had taken them over 8 hours to produce it. I explained we couldn't book tickets if we didn;t know if we could get on a plane!! She then advised we would need ANOTHER fit to fly cert within 24 hours of the flight. We had to go to the hospital and see another doctor (in fact we asked to see 2 so they could agree) and they were stunned that we hadn;t been allowed on the plane. Our insurance were great and got us flights for that night but Thomas Cook were not willing to provide any help with transfers to the airport. We then had to get another taxi to the airport at a £65 cost. My daughter became very upset as we went into the airport asking if everyone would look at her again and starting to cry. We were then told at check in that again we wouldn;t be able to fly!! After some discussion and speaking to the manager they advised would speak to the cabin crew (we were flying home with Monarch). We were asllowed to go to departure lounge but bags kept to one side. My daughter was crying asking if 'the man would shout at her again'. It was avery stressful 2 hours where we only found out 5 minutes before boarding that we would be allowed to board. It was a horrific experience and we were stranded and left to rot by Thomas Cook. Apologies for the huge post but wanted to explain all in detail. Do we have any legal standpoint here as our holiday was ruined (our first as a family) and my daughter advised she doesn;t want to go on a plane again. I want to claim for the distress, humiliation and stress to all of us but particularly to my daughter. Any advice????
  10. Hiya, I am really new to this site, I joined around 2 hours ago and I am struggling to know where to begin I am looking for some help regarding a holiday I have recently booked with Thomas Cook, I will give a description of what happened below, I am grateful for any help or advice that anyone may have or any similuar situations people may have been in. At 9am Saturday 24th March 2012, I booked a holiday for 2 people to Cancun, Mexico, for the 2nd June 2012, I then continued through to the payment and confirmation stage, all of which I had no problem with, I completed the transaction and received booking confirmation, flight details, reference number and the other necessary documentations. Later on that same day, I then received a courtesy call from my local Thomas Cook asking if I needed any help, I told them I had booked online and I was happy with my holiday and thanked them for their call. On Monday the 27th of March at 9.15am I recieved an email of an invoice with my holiday details on, all in order, then around 2pm another lady rang my house, I was not in so a family member took the call and it was regarding travel insurance and currency. Everything was fine up until 4pm on Monday 27th March I had no reason to believe that there was any problem with my holiday. Why would I? I then recieved a phone call at around 4.30pm to be told that the holiday was priced wrong and infact it should be a larger amount, I was very bluntly given the option of paying the difference or cancelling for a refund. I see neither as a suitable nor acceptable option. I asked to be called back in half an hour as I was not home, I waited an hour before calling them myself, I spent 10 minutes on hold only to be told there where no senior staff available and someone would call back. I then spoke to a lady called Sarah, after a 20 minute phone call, she told me she was not authorised to forsee the outcome in the situation. I then asked for a manager to call me in the morning as it was near 9pm now and I had spent what seemed like forever going round trying to justify something that was quite clearly not my error. I then received a phone call this morning where I felt I was talked down too, I felt I was being brushed off with pre - prepared answers. I was quite rudely told that holidays to Mexico just dont exist at these prices, well I begged to differ as it quite clearly did exist or I would not be having that conversation. I said to the lady on the last phone call that I am not prepared to let the holiday be cancelled, I asked for the 21 days you offer to come to an agreement, in which time I will seek help of yourself and any other parties that I see fit. I am a young girl and I work hard for my money to be able to afford luxuries such as holidays. For three days I was allowed to believe that I had a holiday to look forward too, a holiday that was infact a 21st birthday present only to find it was all a large error. I felt as if I was being forced to accept a refund, something that I am not prepared to do. Myself and my partner have both now taken this time off work, something in which is not easy in his line of work as there is of course policies to follow. I myself work one to one with an austisitc girl whom in which I have explained to that I will be taking this time off to herself and her mother. I am really quite stuck on where to go from here I have around 2 and a half weeks before they cancel my holiday, they have offered me £318 compensation, saying its the maxium they can offer. I paid £375 pound each for the holiday & they want an extra £1700 each ! Out of no where. I didnt know if it was a late deal, last available seats, a cancellation or a reason that I couldnt see. Yet I am the only one seeming to loose out! I have written to the chief executive 3 days ago but yet to have a reply:-x . Can anyone help me? Thanks Rachael xx
  11. I found a holiday advertised on line with Thomas Cook on 23th Dec 2011 and thought that seems a good deal and booked for a weeks holiday on July 10th as only date given on advert. The total price quoted online was £938 less online discount of £578 left a payment due of ££360. plus £30 for choose your seats = £390.00. I paid the £200 deposit required leaving balance of £190.00. I do realise this was a comlete seemingly bargain deal but thought this may be due to Thomas Cook Financial Problems plus getting bums on seats so to speak plus it was during the Olympics period and may have been hard getting bookings at that time. On the 31st December 11 we recieved a letter dated 29th Dec 11 stating that an obvious mistake had been made and the listing price was wrong and that the true price was £938.00 with a discount of £238.00 = £700.00 plus choose a seat £30 = £730.00 balance outstanding. They gave me 21 days to accept or my deposit would be refunded and holiday cancelled. Which is what happened as during this time inc closures for the new year period I was trying to get advise which was mostly unavailable apart from they should have given me 30 days to reply. Correspondence was sent to them via emails and phone calls but they now deny receiving any contact from me. I am continueing this on not only principal but also on the fact that this holiday was also advertised in all of the Thomas Cook shops for £192 each which although £12 more than on line assumed that was the shops profit. Surely this is bad practice and against consumer rights , and my printed invoice stated this is confrmation of your booking, Congratulations , Only 199 Sleeps Till you Go Away, Final Price £390.00 includes ALL COSTS DISCOUNTS AND SURCHARGES . I have all printed docs etc from the online booking to prove this . I need advise please please please as my wife is not going to let this rest until I have done my best !
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