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  1. Hi All, Just looking for a bit of advice after a bit of a run in with Thomas Cook. I am a single mum with 5 children eldest of whom has Autism, so we received a charitable donation towards a holiday and proceeded to book with Thomas Cook. They offered us the low deposit and remainder to be paid within 8 weeks, 8 weeks came and an unexpected bill came out of my account, taking money from the holiday balance, so I called and explained, they extended for another 13 days. The time came to pay and i called with my card and it was declined, we tried again for a lower amount, declined again. I was advised that if the holiday was not paid by close of business that day that it would be cancelled, at which point i asked if they could just extend for 24-48 hours and we could sort this situation out, the answer was no, the branch were not prepared to take us on 'trust' as they have done this in the past and been let down (so they can be flexible, they just don't trust us??) the remainder of the balance would then become the brances debt and if we didn't pay then they would have to. At around 4.30pm I found out that the bank had carried out a routine fraud check on my card. by which time the holiday had been cancelled, as we felt backed into a corner with the advisor saying, you'll have to find some other way to pay (and we didn't have any other way) We were gutted, I haven't even broken the news to my autistic son yet, don't know how to. We decided to make a complaint a while later, as we felt that we had been treat in an unforgiving way and when holidays are booked in this way, it's not black and white as far as im concerned. We emailed our complaint to TC and received a call from the branch manager, basically trying to argue the point with me, my response to her was that i knew this would be their attitude and this is the reason they were cc'd into the email that was directly sent to TC complaints dept. She continued to labour the point about dates and extensions, my point was that i did call to pay, but because the bank carried out their fraud check, we are now £550 down and without a holiday, not only that we are not able to apply for family fund holiday for a further two years! So part of the conversation she mentioned again the taking customers on trust (and to me this just feels like why for others and not for us?) also that there is a chance we could reinstate the holiday. I asked her to do whatever she could and come back to me with some sort of resolve for the situation. At around 5pm (6-7 hours later) I am advised that she has been trying to get hold of 'them' for 3 1/2 hours but she can't and that she feels that they will say no because reinstatements must be booked within 2 weeks (why weren't we told this when we were asking for a 24-48 hour extension and our holiday was cancelled). Also that if I am going to pursue with their customer relations dept. that i should do so as they may be able to override the branches decision. I just feel wholly dissatisfied at the actions of the branch, their withholding information that would've resolved this issue, when we were trying the pay the deposit and their obvious flexibilities, when they feel like it. I run my own business and appreciate risks involved but, we had a holiday costing around £5k booked with an additional family joining us at around £2k (carers and support). Can any let me know if they think i can any case for appealing this matter. Regards
  2. Thanks, will do! I have worked in this industry in the past and if a tenant was allowed to apply where there was a bit of a grey area, we would clear it up before taking any money and if the Landlord back heeled them afterwards because of this issue, they would've got their money back. I just don't understand the logic (well I do, it's about money) but I don't understand why they'd set tenants up to fail. Another reason for my concern is that they have another person viewing this property and if they just take my money then promote the landlord taking the other person that's over £400 they've made on application fees. Just want to protect myself as I really want the property, given that it's garden face mine, so no removal fees and there's room for me to griow my business at home, but I cannot afford to throw £220 away, feel in a catch 22 where I could lose both ways! PS i'm a single mum with 5 kids and money isn't a commodity I enjoy much of! Thanks
  3. Can a letting agent take an application fee and fail me when I have been upfront about potential issue with poor credit? Well..... I know they can, but is it lawful? Just about to make a deposit and been up front about poor credit but everything else is in order i.e good references etc, just concerned that they're going to take my money and run. I've asked if they could contact the landlord regarding this and ensure i'm not wasting my time and money, they just said I would have to go through the application process. Help!!! thanks
  4. Hi, Just looked at my credit file and i have 5 deafults all not received over the last 4-5 years. How fo i go about having them removed? ps 2 of them are mobile phone defaults, i gather these are different? Thanks Missal
  5. I'm not sure that's possible, but if it is great! Their stand at the moment is pay us and we'll provide a letter stating that i've paid and that it was registered in error due to me not living at the property, but i think i would just end up with a satisfied ccj and a judge thinking what the heck is she here for if it's paid!!??! Is there another route for having ccj's removed after payment in full? or is there another court procedure that would be more appropriate? Thanks Missal
  6. Is it worth a try do you think, i've had conflicting advice tbh. both from forums and courts, I would be saying that i was not offered the opportunity to pay in thirty days and have removed. Thanks Missal
  7. Have had a CCj on my file for a while which i pay towards but have recently found out that if i did not receieve the docs initially then i could have grounds to have it set aside. This is the case. I have been in touch with the person who i owe the debt to and advised them that if it was set aside then i would pay the amount in the 30 days so that the ccj is removed. They seemed quite interested and went away saying we'll see if we can sort something out rather than having to go to court. Also advised them that the court said if they provide a letter admitting to their error then it could be done as a 'paper work exercise' therefore only charge me £40 instead of £75, no one would have to attend court, just an easier was of executing the whole thing. Called them today and they said if i pay the amount owing in my next months direct debit they will remove court costs of £190 and just charge what remaining £390 approx then the would send me the letter i need (and only then in no uncertain terms!). This would culminate in a satisfied CCJ as far as i'mconcerned and that's not what i want. I explained this also. How can i make them understand that the result at the end will be the same regadless of whether they write me a letter (no hassle route they will not have to attend court etc) or don't write me the letter and i have to file the n244 and we all have to go to court (hassle extra money etc) End result judgement set aside and i pay the money in 30 days have ccj removed (fingers crossed!!) Missal
  8. Hi I am just starting the process of sending cca letters and wondered if there's anywhere on here that details the process on here? I'm sorry if there is but i don't seem to be able to find it. I.e i'll send the letters then what happens if they don't reply etc. I want to do this properly and defo don't want them to think i'm just chancing it. I also have 2 CCJ's which i am hoping to have set aside so a link on wher to find the info on that process would be fabulous. Thanks Missal
  9. Just bumping this up again as would really like some advice. wen i call the council they talk like what they say is gospel, but i don't know whethr or not what they are saying to me is right. I don't know whether this is an issue either: They divulged information to someone that they shouldn't and when i complained they knocked some money off the account. Thanks Missal
  10. Yes I have made payments but purely because i thought if i dont pay a ccj then i'd be digging a hole for myself, i'm just about to put it into a Dmp aswell. So your advice would be to ask for the terms of enrollment using SAR is there anything else i should do? I am going to try and ave the ccj set aside in the mean time aswell. Thanks Amanda
  11. Signed! A ridiculous amount of time to judge on your ability to deal with credit, I have had four children in 6 year hows that for, how different your life can be in 6 years!!
  12. They charges me for the college course as i did not finish the year, but the reason i want to dispute it is that i had to show proof on benefits before being allowed on the course,so wheres the sense in sending me a bill. also not receiving the documents, is it really as simple as showing that you lived elsewhere at the time of the ccj? I realise that there will be some hard work involved once i get them to set aside the ccj,but am not sure exactly what i'll have to do. If they set it aside,but then decide after my evidence (or whatever i have to do) that he ccj will remain on m file will i get the 30 days again to pay and have removed? thanks Amanda
  13. Hi, the debt was intially from middlesbrough college, who passed it onto a company who's name escapes me at the moment i disputed it with them, but as the ccj arrived on my credit file i thought best to pay, not knowing any better you see, until i saw these threads on here. I was notliving at the address at the time as i rented the property out Thanks Amanda
  14. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could offer me some advice? I obtained a debt from the local borough councils nursery back in 2007, i though i received a ccj, but when i paid the amount requested and asked for proof to have it satisfied they advised me that they had only issued a part warrant? My intial letter requested £350 immediately to put the account into the clear, i paid this and asked for prrof so i could satisfy the ccj on my credit file, they said the amount in full would have to be paid for them to issue me with such a letter. When filing for the ccj they filed for the whole amount but only demanded the amount in arrears to be paid immendiately. I am totally confused, my credit file says i owe £1200 but the balance is actually something like £800 due to the amounts in part being paid previously (when they demanded) How is a part warrant enforced and can they ask for the whole ammount as ccj when all they wanted from me was the amount in default? I'm sorry if this is confusing it is very much confusing to me also The other thing was that inever received the ccj papers from them. Thanks if you got this far! Missal
  15. Hi, I hope i am writing in the correct place, if not then many apologies. In 2006 I started a college course and was (and still am) on benefits,prior to commencing the course they asked to see proof of my benefots to enrol me as a free student. They got their proof and i was enrolled. I didn't complete the course and later recieved a bill for £250 (which i could not afford to pay, I was being chsed by a debt collection agency who i advised of this. They said the would look into it, the naive me believed them. To cut a long story short they have regesitered a ccj against me and i was wondering if there's anything i can do. Since the ccj was registered i hae just though well there's nothing i can do now so have given in tryng to fight it, if i can remember correctly the account was in dispute when the ccj was registered (it allseemed to happen really quickly, also i do not remember getting a copy of the documents re the ccj. Any help greatly appreciated Missal
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