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  1. Yesterday I couldn't pay using my phone, cards, online banking and telephone banking disabled. Phoned the bank and they are shutting my account down without reason. Never been overdrawn, had bounced dd's or been in the red. I have to travel half and hour to nearest branch to withdraw cash. In the interim whilst I change everything over they have left me in a deep pile of brown stuff. I have a busted achillees, disabled kids and am on crutches. I feel like I have been treated like a criminal. They won't even tell me why!!! Help!!!
  2. I dont really just wanted to make a move in things. There is some data that I dont have. Is it best to wait?
  3. If I ask for disclosure before allocation. Am I liable for costs before it is allocated to track?
  4. TC have filed a defence. Is there any way that I can request documents from them. I believe it is called discovery. This alone should prove my case.
  5. So TC have achnowleded service. I was expecting them to wrote or phone. They have until 5th april. What happens now?
  6. scratch that I have found a template that helped out a lot with the last bit.
  7. OK all done. I think the last bit is the bit i am struggling with. do i need to expand on the following.
  8. thomas cook had no rep service in sharm el sheikh. they contracted out the rep service. Our rep ahmed was at best a high pressure excursion salesman. When we did speak to him regarding the ititial issues with the taxi driver we got fobbed off. The rest of the week we couldnt reach him despite having egyptian sims in our phones. what line do you think i should put in my particulars?
  9. OK so I think I have got this. We paid for flight accomodation and transfers. Of this the hotel transfers and hotel were totally rubbish. So in order to quantify this surely the hotel and transfers make up a substantial amount of the holiday. . The average price per person for the hotel a week later was 365.73 totalling 1462.92 for 4 of us. Most of the hotel was rubbish so I think 75% back on the hotel cost should be appropriate. totalling £1097.19 This should cover quantifyable losses such as travel to other rsorts and use of other pools. eating out etc. For loss of enjoyment, I thing £250 per person should be applicable. This totally awful holiday caused no end of stress and anxiety and actually caused rows between the members of the party. I take it I add costs of postage and bringing costs of claim later on? Can I add on damage to gear due to flooding?
  10. Can you explain? Is that explaining why we think we are owed that amount?
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