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  1. Hello, Thanks for reading. I am a 61 year old male and have been in this country for 55 years. My parents bought me to the UK, I kept my Australian passport as it was easier to visit Australia with my Family and the kids can get dual nationality if wanted. I spent 9 years in the British army and have always lived in the UK and always worked and paid Tax and ni. I have been on DLA for the last 5 years and am receiving my army pension since I turned 60 from the DWP (same people that do DLA and PIP) I have been applying for PIP and they want paperwork on my rights to stay in the UK. I was only 6 when arrived in the country and both parents died 10 years ago. the only proof I have is a stamp in a 40 year old passport that gives me the right to remain in the uk indefinitely. I have used this passport every time I have been abroad (100 times) and not had any problems. Does anyone have an idea how to get round this. Tony
  2. Why not let them fit a std exhaust. would be a lot less hassle.
  3. Ah, you spotted the deliberate mistake, was 2016. will look at ABTA site, thanks for info.
  4. My wife and a friend went to Corfu for a week long soul festival (music not heart and soul). The flights and transfers only were booked through Thomas Cook Airlines, the return flight was at 19.00 with the transfer collection time at 15.45. So they got the transfer to the airport at 15.45 as arranged but when they got to the airport the flight time had been changed to 15.15 so they missed their flight. They spoke to the TC rep who said it was their fault for not checking flight times and they had been sent an Email in Dec 2006 changing the flight times, On returning home she checked her emails and had not had one changing times and also the transfer to the airport had not been notified either. We know of at least 2 other groups with the same problems. They had to pay again for flights at 03.00 and for meals and train tickets back in uk ,also had to miss a days work due to being up all night. Thomas Cook airlines are denying all responsibility and saying it was our job to check they are doing there job as promised by them. What should be my next steps and do they have a leg to stand on?? Tony
  5. He is the expert on used cars, not you. will not stand a chance in court. ignore him
  6. The £12,860 includes the Deposit of £1000 already paid.
  7. It doesn't matter if its a PCP,HP or cash the Manufacturers warranty is the same, in actual fact with PCP or HP you have an extra level of comfort in that its the finance company that own the car and they will be on your side to get the car fixed (providing its a Manufacturer fault and not a customer fault) There may be dozens of faults on forums but that will be a very small percentage of cars sold. forums are good and bad. !!!
  8. The invoice history is the property of the person that paid the invoices. The service book is part of the car and if they did there own servicing they may not have a stamped service book.
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?441663-Will-Private-Parking-Companies-start-closing-down-in-order-to-frustrate-refund-claims-(1-Viewing)-nbsp
  10. The 14 days is only for the fnance agreement, you still have to pay for the car.
  11. Its not a further 8K, it is already included in the total amount payable.
  12. No,the final payment of £7865 is included in the £15810.60 total amount payable
  13. You calculation is correct,but the car is only worth £8000 after 2 years and you will have paid £15810 for the car. The 4.2% is the interest charge for borrowing the money and is applied to the £10615
  14. The Mot number would be so they can check the validity of the MOT and if there are any advisories as strangely enough some people lie about things
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