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  1. All are with ombudsman, complaints logged with all. One successful with 247 moneybox One being thoroughly investigated after I escalated to ombudsman and this is safety net credit. 2 not upheld as amounts were small, only had two loans at most with the companies. I find it takes an awful long time to go from adjuicator to ombudsman all complaints were filed August last year. Subme trading as in sync credit commenced court action but dropped the claim when I defended
  2. They refused to pay it until I agreed their proposal, upon reflection put me under pressure. Other debts are Water Gas Council tax Payday loans Credit cards And bank overdrafts
  3. I appreciate this however I've got other things in background. I am unemployed now due to capability issues ( employment tribunal in process) My income is £74 per a week. Yes I've agreed to pay £96 per a month but this is on an income of £296. This leaves me £200 For food water gas and electric I am looking for alternative work and seeking support regarding pip due to being finished on capability grounds. I was foolish to agree the £96 per month but felt pressured as they wouldn't pay compensation unless I agreed. I have made a token payment of £5. Plus
  4. I have spoken to stepchange who have advised to consider a debt relief order. I have advised 1plus1 loans of this to be told We now have no alternative but to pursue your guarantor for payment of the re-worked loan. Sincerely, The ombudsman judgement clearly says Discuss a new payment plan with Mr h rather than pursuing the guarentor. Don't get me wrong I have agreed to a revised schedule of just under £100 a month, however alongside my other financial commitments it's still a crippler.
  5. They should have asked for the bank statements before lending. If kindly tell them that also I've just had the ombudsman uphold my irresponsible lending on a guarentor loan because bank statements were not checked after credit file was alarming
  6. Feelings It's a weight lifted and my family relations won't become damaged as I genuinely could not afford the repayments the loan crippled me £236 a month 25% of my wages. It was obtained to pay a court claim it was taken to pay other debts Thank you much appreciated Thank you much appreciated They refer to my behaviour I am not irrational however I do suffer with bipolar and can get frustrated quickly especially if an injustice is being committed, reference is made in the decision to my manner
  7. I'll upload it as a pdf tomorrow when I get on laptop. Check admin emails. Of course you can share it as I said previously this is a breakthrough decision and common sense has previalied. If this outcome encourages one other to escalate matters then that's me happy. When I initially called them and advised of financial difficulty they accused me of obtaining the loan by fraud false pretences
  8. It's not published on there yet, latest on website is February. It's important to note this was a battle, adjuicator agreed with business. A provisional decision was done and now a final, the ombudsman took 18 months of bank statements. I have not heard from 1 plus 1 since this decison, they defaulted the loan formally 3 days before it was issued
  9. Maybe the guarentor needs to raise their own complaint Just a suggestion.
  10. Best advice ever, long process had to appeal but a final decision has today been delivered.
  11. I'm awaiting the ombudsman decision on this matter a provisional decision, the adjudicator backed them up. They have ruined me
  12. CEO is rude and arrogant Fos adjudicator agreed with the business Escalation to the ombudsman has resulted in a 3 month delay and still await the decision. I have posted under another account due to email and password issues
  13. I have emailed the FOS unsure if they will get involved as have not had a final response from the creditor they advise 8 weeks. I have simply encoutered a large vet bill surely these companies have to be prepared for unexpected expense. All the business will say is "it's a guarentor loan you cant pay they pay" The guatentor had also withdrawn their CPA and requested formal communication is forthcoming should the loan fall behind again
  14. Payment was taken off the guarantor on Sep 1st despite me paying £160 of the required £236. I had requested the shortfall was added to the next payment. The business have failed to act sensitively when suffering payment difficulties what and who can I escalate this to? This is unreal it's not like no payment at all was not made. I am livid
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