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  1. Hi All I went to the dentist , received treatment , I attempted to pay the fee for treatment by cash I was told the dentist only accepted payment by debit card, I didn't have my card with me. Anyway I said I would call them and make payment by phone which I duly forgot about. I received a couple of letters but thought I'll just pay them next time I go. Today I received a letter from P&J collection services saying I had an outstanding balance of £32.50 the original amount owing was £17.50 , which means they have added on a fee of about 80% . I realise its a small amount
  2. After banging my head on a wall a bit I sent the following email to [email protected] You are now in breach of the terms and conditions of the loan agreement which states 5. The credit agreement and broker agreement and all other communications between the parties are to be provided by way of electronic means (except where provided otherwise by any statutory provision). By signing the credit agreement and the broker agreement you agree to a. receive all communications from the creditor and broker and to send all communications to them by electronic mail
  3. I am actually pleasantly surprised after a week of emailing saying I wanted all communication in writing as I had recently been discharged from hospital and getting that silly reply Dear Thank you for your e-mail. Kindly note that queries would be forwarded to Payment services and they can only be contacted via phone. Please contact our Payment Services Department on 08000 32 76 53 at your earliest convenience to arrange payment. Their hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm. Kindly note that Payment Services are only available via phone and would
  4. I cancelled my direct debit as I am going on a debt management program PTP have been informed of this and will have received offers and all the usual communication. I phoned the bank a few days after cancelling the dd only to find PTP had set up another direct debit without my authorisation, what should I do regarding this ?
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