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Found 9 results

  1. I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a t mobile current balance showing on my credit file from 1999. The amount is for £155 It is not showing as a default, only as a current balance. How can I get this removed as experian said that T Mobile must do it? Any advise would be greatly appreciated as this is giving me a poor credit score. I have not been in contact with them since 1999 and have made no payments at all.
  2. Hi all, I’m really hoping that one of you may be able to help me? I’m going to try and cut a very long story short so here we go with the salient points. Back in 2001 (yes, 2001!) my father who was over 60 applied for a TXU StayWarm account which I believe was government backed and enabled users electricity and gas for a flat fee of £53.20 per month. At this time he had an NPower (or their alias back then) account and notified them he would now be moving onto StayWarm and leaving NPower – I have a signed contract between him and StayWarm dated 2001. NPower, despite being told he was switching providers never released his account to StayWarm. The first he knew about a problem was correspondence that he wasn’t paying his gas bill and a demand for a sum of approximately £5,000*18months later. This is when their endless and relentless pursuit of him began for this ‘debt’. It appears that they failed to cancel his account and were misguidedly billing him for energy use. He has never received the money back that he was paying during this time to StayWarm and now, despite paying his monthly payments (StayWarm was stopped shortly after these problems began – hence back to NPower) there is a ‘debt’ hanging over him. *Since then there have been over 55 separate demands for a sum of money between about £5,000 and £8,000 although the number is never the same (ie Jan ’09 £8,182.63 and March ’10 £5,899.95) Numerous letters from the bailiff threatening a warrant to enter his home and he should attend the magistrates court on a certain date. I attended during this summer and it was made clear that these should never have been issued because it was a ‘dispute’ over a sum of money and there was no question that he wasn’t paying his bills. Recent claims that there were two gas metres in the house; I have checked and there is only one. Customer services are useless and at times aggressive He pursued the case with a solicitor in about 2011 but once the solicitor bill got to just over £1,000 couldn’t afford any more money to pay them. Despite the fact he pays monthly over the post office counter (with receipts to prove) they claim in correspondence that he isn’t paying his current bills, and then when challenged are forced to admit that infact he is... Unfortunately this is really affecting him and his levels of stress; and the whole family. How it has been going on for so long I just don’t know, but I am now having to deal with it because I am genuinely worried it will affect his health (as you can imagine he is of a certain age). He applied for an SAR during the Summer but the NPower records only go back to 2008 so they have no proof or evidence where or what this bill is for. In among the huge file of paperwork is however multiple references to *Please do not inform the customer of any potential writeoff* He has been to the ombudsman and despite the lack of evidence from NPower (no records before ’08) have sided with them and summarized that they should write him a letter of apology and give him £150! What do I do? How can I get them off our backs? Many thanks in advance. John.
  3. Yes. I know that a date of "offence" and date of notice appear on the charging notice but I'm pretty sure that I received it well after the notice date. It should of course been served within 30 days but I'm sure it was well after that time. Any ideas?
  4. Hi All, I am new to this forum, and I am currently going through the tribunal process with DWP and claiming of back dated SDP. I know it is a long shot but my son moved out jan 2013, and I genuinely never knew there was a SDP!! seems you need to be in the know to be able to get this premium. I made the Housing Benefit aware of the above changes, and thought no more of it, until a friend of my father's asked me if I thought his award for benefit was correct, they had overlooked his SDP when he was awarded PIP standard rate care, and they had revised his weekly esa to include the extra 61.00, he was given a back dated payment, DWP told him it was a oversight DWP should automatically award this premium to anyone on Qualifying rates of DLA/PIP which I am finding out more and more just does not happen. .. anyway my question is, at this stage in my tribunal it is still evidence collecting and DWP responding to what I submit, they use all the rules and regulations which I am lost with, I have been trying to find thru gov.uk website these files but I can not seem to find what I need, I have had someone quote me reg 6 (2) (e) which apparently I should include this as a response, also the fact that the rules and regs they are quoting only pertain to Benefit not a premium which sdp is.. ..if anyone can help me find the reg above or explain if it is still current, I would be most grateful, the 2nd part of this is I completed A questionnaire which I was asked to submit before jan 8th 2014, this form obviously gave my circumstances as at that point a year after son left home, and I ask for a explaination why the ESA was not back dated to when I applied, as with most benefits this is what happens, their response was well in a nutshell I was on a migration from one benefit to another and this is not treated the same? and spewed a lot of regulations in the response. I feel they have roll out certain regulations to suit them and I am always at a dis-advantage as I do not know the rules no one does apart from them, wondering if me even fighting them is worth it as it is causing me a great deal of strain, but its the principle of how certain people are treated in the benefits system, I am mentally ill sometimes I feel I am being discriminated against, like I should just accept what I am told and that's the end of it. sorry for the ramlings but I find it so hard to put into words, also my tribunal is being heard by letter as I am not able to attend hearing .
  5. We just recieved a letter from HMRC advising us that we owe £218 in tax credits from the year ending 2006/7. Looking for advice on what I should do next. To give you some background, we claimed tax credits when our son was born in 2006, and thanks to an error when we updated our details, we were overpaid around £1,000. The error I believe was their fault, as we rang up to change our details and the operative appears to have changed it to a solo claim, thereby disregarding my income (which was from a full time job). I have never challenged this overpayment, and given the changing of rules, and time limits on disputes, it almost seems impossible to do this anyway. Several hundred pounds was reclaimed via a reduction in our claim, and I later (around 2009) agreed to a repayment of £60 month. We had by this time given up on tax credits, and a little later we would be other threshold anyway. I maintained the repayment schedule for around 6 months, until a temporary pay cut forced me to cancel the DD. Fast forwards to 4 years later, and here I have a letter advising me I have fallen behind with my repayments! Now I appreciate I may have to pay this amount ultimately, but what are my options.? I see no way of being able to dispute this now, given the rules changes. I also believe that collection via the courts is probably now statute barred I would be happy to arrange a repayment of say £20 per month with them, but ideally I don't want to pay it, given the time elapsed and te general feckelessness of the system when I was actaully claiming. Advice please
  6. My Single parent daughter (now with 2 boys) was made redundant a couple of weeks after she returned from maternity ( another thread on here:evil:). Since then she has been chasing all the gov /council departments for here benefits/credits etc , there has been a ridiculous amount of delays/backlogs in getting this resolved and its still on going. So My question is : .. during this time she has spent her meager redundancy pay and some family borrowing just keeping the council house and associated payments going, Should she not have her benefits backdated to the time of her original claims,( which is the 4th Feb this year), to get all or some of this money back ? . take care all .. Chris.
  7. Around 4-5 months ago,my youngest brother started losing his mobility, and more recently, he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.Believe it or not, but the Department for Work and Pensions have deemed him fit for work even though his fingers are bent, he can't stand up and walk without falling down, he has to use a rollator for balance and the ability to walk, his speech is slurred, he can't even do a shirt button up or pull a pair of socks on.He is in constant need of help and gets 2 carers go in the morning to get him washed and dressed, and 2 at night to get him ready for bed.He had someone from DSS visit him yesterday and he was told that he will be getting disability living allowance, and carers allowance.However,he was told that it will not be back dated as this is a new claim.I think that is all wrong.He should be getting it back dated to when he was diagnosed with MND, at least, if not to when he first went for tests.........Can anyone enlighten me as to wether or not it should be back dated, and any links/laws governing this?.Many thanks for any help in advance.
  8. In a moment of madness I paid a three month subscription to an online dating site. Initially I was a free member but then I had an email from them saying that two people had private messaged me. When I went to view the messages, it said that I had to pay a subcription to view the messages. Because I thought that the people must have viewed my profile and be genuinely interested, I went ahead and chose the cheapest option which was for three months. However, once I viewed the messages it was immediately apparent that they were just a mail shot of general 'ice breakers' sent to everyone and weren't private at all and the people who sent them hadn't even viewed my profile. I immediately messaged the support department and asked for a refund but the office is currently closed and I notice in the small print that they say that you can't cancel within 7 days 'if you use the services at all'. Would my viewing the messages be construed as using the site? Even though I was misled? I would also like to know what I need to do to make sure that that they can't take any money out of my account in the future as they have my debit card details. Thanks for any advice.
  9. at the end of 80s beginning on 90's we got ourself into financial difficulties, mainy due to the recession at the time (mortgage interests rates 15% etc) and my husband ran a small building company, just started a family etc. In September 1991, the Bank we had our current account, business account and mortgage with decided to pull the plug on us and requested immediate repayment of overdrafts and a small loan we had taken out. At that time the total debt was £9000, albeit mostly made up of bank charges, I still have some of the old bank statements. They tried to repossess our house (we had a mortgage with them too), but in Oct 1992 the bank decided to stop repossession proceedings and pursue the monetary debt via a CCJ. The CCJ happened in Jan 1993 and the debt had spiralled from £9000 to £15,000 (which was a further £6000 in charges in a year), the accounts were closed back in Sept 1991, so we were unable to use them. A figure of £40 a month was agreed to be paid to clear debt and it was agreed that interest would be stopped. Whilst all this was happening the small business ceased and my husband was unable to find alternative work for a long while so we lived on benefits for 3/4 years. We have more or less religiously paid this £40 payment for the past 19 years and have therefore paid off over £9000, in our estimations. The Bank still send us budget plans to complete every year, but we have refused to complete them for a while now. Our children have grown up and I am now able to work too, so household income has increased. The Bank cannot let us know exactly how much is outstanding, they have threatened in the past to reinstate interest charges and take us back to Court as they want us to increase our monthly repayment figure. With the bank charge fiasco over past year or so, are we able to claim back these bank charges through the Courts? Also as we have paid the original debt off shouldn't the bank write off the amount left. Any advice would be welcolmed, as we feel bullied by this Bank, we have a property with some equity in it, not sure a Judge would justify a second charge on the house for this remaining debt 20 years on. We have never had even so much as an overdraft since then and have an excellent credit rating.
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