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Found 9 results

  1. I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a t mobile current balance showing on my credit file from 1999. The amount is for £155 It is not showing as a default, only as a current balance. How can I get this removed as experian said that T Mobile must do it? Any advise would be greatly appreciated as this is giving me a poor credit score. I have not been in contact with them since 1999 and have made no payments at all.
  2. Hi all, I’m really hoping that one of you may be able to help me? I’m going to try and cut a very long story short so here we go with the salient points. Back in 2001 (yes, 2001!) my father who was over 60 applied for a TXU StayWarm account which I believe was government backed and enabled users electricity and gas for a flat fee of £53.20 per month. At this time he had an NPower (or their alias back then) account and notified them he would now be moving onto StayWarm and leaving NPower – I have a signed contract between him and StayWarm dated 2001. NPow
  3. Yes. I know that a date of "offence" and date of notice appear on the charging notice but I'm pretty sure that I received it well after the notice date. It should of course been served within 30 days but I'm sure it was well after that time. Any ideas?
  4. Hi All, I am new to this forum, and I am currently going through the tribunal process with DWP and claiming of back dated SDP. I know it is a long shot but my son moved out jan 2013, and I genuinely never knew there was a SDP!! seems you need to be in the know to be able to get this premium. I made the Housing Benefit aware of the above changes, and thought no more of it, until a friend of my father's asked me if I thought his award for benefit was correct, they had overlooked his SDP when he was awarded PIP standard rate care, and they had revis
  5. We just recieved a letter from HMRC advising us that we owe £218 in tax credits from the year ending 2006/7. Looking for advice on what I should do next. To give you some background, we claimed tax credits when our son was born in 2006, and thanks to an error when we updated our details, we were overpaid around £1,000. The error I believe was their fault, as we rang up to change our details and the operative appears to have changed it to a solo claim, thereby disregarding my income (which was from a full time job). I have never challenged this overpayment, and given the changing of r
  6. My Single parent daughter (now with 2 boys) was made redundant a couple of weeks after she returned from maternity ( another thread on here:evil:). Since then she has been chasing all the gov /council departments for here benefits/credits etc , there has been a ridiculous amount of delays/backlogs in getting this resolved and its still on going. So My question is : .. during this time she has spent her meager redundancy pay and some family borrowing just keeping the council house and associated payments going, Should she not have her benefits backdated to the time of her orig
  7. Around 4-5 months ago,my youngest brother started losing his mobility, and more recently, he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.Believe it or not, but the Department for Work and Pensions have deemed him fit for work even though his fingers are bent, he can't stand up and walk without falling down, he has to use a rollator for balance and the ability to walk, his speech is slurred, he can't even do a shirt button up or pull a pair of socks on.He is in constant need of help and gets 2 carers go in the morning to get him washed and dressed, and 2 at night to get him ready for bed.He had so
  8. In a moment of madness I paid a three month subscription to an online dating site. Initially I was a free member but then I had an email from them saying that two people had private messaged me. When I went to view the messages, it said that I had to pay a subcription to view the messages. Because I thought that the people must have viewed my profile and be genuinely interested, I went ahead and chose the cheapest option which was for three months. However, once I viewed the messages it was immediately apparent that they were just a mail shot of general 'ice breakers' sent to everyone
  9. at the end of 80s beginning on 90's we got ourself into financial difficulties, mainy due to the recession at the time (mortgage interests rates 15% etc) and my husband ran a small building company, just started a family etc. In September 1991, the Bank we had our current account, business account and mortgage with decided to pull the plug on us and requested immediate repayment of overdrafts and a small loan we had taken out. At that time the total debt was £9000, albeit mostly made up of bank charges, I still have some of the old bank statements. They tried to reposses
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