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Found 6 results

  1. Mrs Echodale is being harranged by Cabot over HSBC credit card debt . HSBC agreed that if she made sixty payments of £xx then she could save £1800 and would not need to make any more payments after July 2018. She has honoured the agreement and made last payment as agreed. Cabot apparently bought the debt a few years ago and are chasing the £1800, they say they have contacted HSBC and have been advised that no such arrangement exists. We have the original Metropolitan/HSBC letter from 2013 and even though the onus is upon Cabot to 'prove it' we have sent them a copy. I think next step is to send a formal complaint to both organisations. Any advice welcome.
  2. Hi all I hope that somebody an assist with a money claim online against FedEx. It concerns a package that was mailed by my wife and I from the UK to India. It contained life saving medicine for our cat. Unfortunately it was delayed –FedEx admits liability for the delay – and it meant that the medicine was no longer viable. It was specially packaged in insulated wool with ice packs which kept it temperature controlled for 72 hours. FedEx have refunded the £177 that we paid them for carriage but we have had to pay another £207 for the medicine (its original cost) plus another £50 or so for the packaging for the medicine. We submitted the claim and FedEx asked for extended time. We then received a letter from a paralegal from TNT stating that their conditions of carriage meant they were not liable. I’ve attached the letter here. When I sent the claim, FedEx had not at that point refunded all of the original order but they have now. The letter is attached. Fedex had to reply by 29th May. What I’m puzzled about is that this letter is not recorded on my money claim online dashboard but seems to be trying to warn me off continuing with the claim. I have a couple of questions: 1.) Can I ignore this letter and just see whether FedEx will actually dispute the claim and go to court to contest or just pay up? 2.) If it goes to court, does anybody agree that the conditions of carriage are unreasonable exclusion clauses and that just because they said they are not liable does not mean that the court will agree. I stated that the cat medicine was £207 in the original FedEx order. I just want to be put back to my original position. I have letters from the vet saying that the medicine is no longer viable plus a letter from the drug company stating what would happen to the medicine if it ceased to be temperature controlled 3.) Do I need to provide a power of attorney for my wife? Thanks in advance for any advice – basically – should I continue the claim or is it unlikely to succeed? NB: Some interesting caselaw here: https://openjurist.org/917/f2d/1119/hampton-hampton-v-federal-express-corporation
  3. Hi Hoping for some help regarding this matter. My wife had a Tesco Mobile contract, it was £10 per month. The contract started on the 23rd August 2011, the contract was for 24 months and ended towards the end of August 2013, she called Tesco at the end of September to cancel her plan as she wasn't happy with it, she was told she needed to make a further 2 payments towards the account, she stopped using the sim, waited for 2 more payments to come out of her account and then cancelled the direct debit. We moved house and so she hadn't received any letters from Tesco regarding this, she assumed this matter was resolved. Fast forward to the 21st of November 2015 and she did a credit search as we had been turned down for a mortgage application, she found a default on her credit report for £20 owed to Tesco mobile. She has contacted customer services by phone and many times by email, they keep stating they have no record of her cancelling the account and that the account has been passed to a Debt Collection Agency, they say she needs to settle the account with them and they wont be able to take any action on the account. This is the last email she received from them, they keep saying the same thing over and over. She followed up with the following but I cant see it getting anywhere, what should I do now? I can't think of any way to prove that we cancelled the account, she stopped using the phone 2-3 months before the direct debit was cancelled, this has ruined her credit score for £20.
  4. Hey this is my first thread but i've been following closely in the background for a long while. I'm not sure if this should go here or the scottish debt forum :/ Hbos have a default registered on my current account dating back to an alleged debt that was last acknowledged in October of 2009 by way of a transaction by myself. I had forgot all about this until recently when I checked my credit report on Noddle so in response knowing the age of the account I fired off the template provided on here for debts affected by scottish law. In response I received this back: I therefore raised a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman outlining the same complaint and informing them of the response and failure to comply with the relevant legislation/financial guidance. This was the response from the ombudsman: So rather than appealing via the ombudsman, following their failure to make a decision based on the actual complaint of hbos pursuing a statute barred debt I emailed a complaint to Antonio Horta-Osorio(CEO). To which I received the following reply: So I'm kinda lost and not sure where I go from here... any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi All, Really miffed at the moment. I had an accident on a local country lane where a car coming the other way hit my car. I saw the other party coming and stopped. However the other driver had the sun in their eyes (I could see them fiddling with the passenger side sun-visor for their child as they approached). As I`d stopped and could see they hadn`t noticed me I braced myself for impact. They saw me at the last moment and although they tried to stop and go onto the verge to avoid me, didn`t succeed. Both cars had bumper and bonnet damage requiring repairs but fortunately no-one was hurt. The other drive got out and apologised and later that day their husband phoned my husband, offering to pay for the damage/repairs through one of their garages, saying that if we went through the insurance route the insurers would probably claim for 50/50 fault . We wouldn`t have been happy to do the repairs though their choice but, either way, the car is leased so we needed to go through the proper approved repair process. Further down the line we had a call from our insures saying that the other party has denied fault, blaming us, and that the insurers were going to settle 50/50. We now have a cheque from our insurers to cash, for half the excess we had to fork out at the time of repair, along with a more expensive quote for insurance on our other car. I`m loathed to cash the cheque as this will be in final settlement. Our insurers keep telling us that they`ll not pursue the case as there no independent witnesses. Unfortunately, the only "evidence" we have is a copy of the business card from the repair place the other party wanted to use, along with circumstantial evidence that the time of morning and sun position that day backs up our version of events. The other party is a rural neighbour-ish so we know them to nod to. I`m tempted to ask them to explain why their insurers are claiming the accident is our fault (as they may just be going along with what their insurers are saying) just in case it an "insurance cutting legal costs" thing. I don`t fancy it becoming confrontational though. Could it class as harassment if I approach them, no matter how peaceful? Could anyone please offer advice to whether this worth pursuing (perhaps through small claims if not though the insurance) or should I just bite my lip and write if of as one of life`s Ah-bugger-moments? Thanks P4L
  6. Hi, I've been browsing the internet for a while to see if anyone has had a similar problem but haven't come across it. So I shall start at the beginning: After some initial inquiries at my local Orange store in July about cancelling my rolling contract (my 24 month contract expired earlier this year) I called 150 on August 29th to cancel my phone as I was moving abroad for the year, where I am currently. I was advised that there would be a 30-day cancellation period and that my contract would terminate on 28th September. It seemed a remarkably short and simple conversation but as I was leaving the country, crossed it off my list and moved on. What I did realise though was that I hadn't arranged for a forwarding UK address, so I called again a few days later, explained the situation and informed the member of staff of my forwarding address. I left the UK during the first week of September and for a couple of weeks used my Orange phone to send texts back home. In October I received emails from my forwarding UK address telling me that Orange bills and advertising were being received via my old address and that the new tenant in my old house was forwarding them on. So I used the chat feature on the Orange website to correct the change of address and received a confirmation text on my still active phone that this had been done. However on inquiring when I should expect to receive the final bill I was told that there was no notification on my account that I wished to cancel my contract. I was advised to call the 150 number again, which I did, but apparently my account was still being used so I left my foreign mobile number so that I could be contacted. Naturally, I have not received a phone call. I called 150 again on 10th October and after explaining my case to three people ie that I had already had my 30 days and therefore I should not need to pay Orange any more money, I was then told there is no record of me calling 150 since July, despite the three calls I mention here, and apparently any calls are "automatically logged on the system". Consequently I was advised that my phone contract termination date would be in November. I told the member of staff that I would not pay after 28th September and I will be cancelling my direct debit. I was then informed that I can expect to receive letters regarding debt collection from an agency that Orange use. I said I wanted to complain, suggesting email to ensure I log everything in writing, but was informed that complaints could not be dealt with as their email is currently being upgraded and I could not be given a date as to when this process would be completed. For the record, I emailed them anyway including images from my Call History to prove I called 150 when I said I did, and it has been over 3 weeks and I am still receiving automated email messages saying Orange's email service is being upgraded. I contacted the executive office but they sent me a template "you have not been through the proper channels" email. They suggested I send an email to @everythingeverywhere.com, which I did but no reply. I have checked my recent bill online (turns out my account is still active even though I received texts telling me it wasn't because I wasn't using it enough) and it proves that after 28th September my phone was inactive apart from my calling 150 a few times, but I have incurred a £10+ roaming fee on the dates when I switched my phone on to call them again, which I do not understand and am frankly not prepared to pay. We are not talking massive amounts of money here but I am having trouble getting my side of the story across and the last thing I want is for my UK forwarding address to receive threatening letters from a debt collection agency, which could effect mine and their credit rating (so I've heard). Although I have now received a letter confirming that I am leaving Orange, in a minor rage of principles I cancelled the direct debit after they had collected the October payment (inclusive of 28th September by a week or so) which means they cannot get the November (final) one. I'm not sure whether to regret doing that or not. My next step is to send a letter, which I can do through the UK, and after then I will have to wait til 8 weeks are up from the 10th October (which I'm counting as when I began complaint proceedings) to contact CISAS, but with potentially no formal response from Orange at all, and what could effectively be considered my word against theirs. So I guess my question is whether I should pursue it because I'm so annoyed that they used this tactic to swindle me out of more money (they still didn't manage to change the address btw!!), or just pay up and move on. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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