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  1. Thanks for your response, my concern with having any contact with TM is that by doing so they may say I am acknowledging the debt, being that it is SB. Is this a possibility. The reason in the first place for me not paying them was that I was originally furious that they had changed the terms and conditions of my phones insurance policy. Having paid the insurance for a year they were stating that if I were to claim they would send me a 2nd hand phone. Something that was not a part of the original agreement with them when I bought the phone and stated the contract. So I do not trust the
  2. Thanks ericsbrother, so do I send the SAR and complaint letter to TM or Experian?
  3. Thanks for your reply, I was reading some similar stories and did see something about data protection. Is there a template I can use or are there any key things I should add when writing to experian. I notice this is also recorded on equifax and other credit reference agencies. Do I need to write to them all?
  4. I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a t mobile current balance showing on my credit file from 1999. The amount is for £155 It is not showing as a default, only as a current balance. How can I get this removed as experian said that T Mobile must do it? Any advise would be greatly appreciated as this is giving me a poor credit score. I have not been in contact with them since 1999 and have made no payments at all.
  5. It just says my name in capitals it's not a signature as such just in the signature box
  6. All that says in the bottom corner is , please turn over and the pages are double sided numbered 1,2 and 3 definitely no version or # number I've have looked over thoroughly .
  7. This is all they sent the first page is the statement then the following pages which are numbered as page 1 and 2 I can't see any # or version number ?? There is nothing missing from the uploaded scan the entire pages are there I can see no version number or #
  8. The first page is the letter they sent with it . And the following pages are the credit agreement . They are numbered as page numbers . I cannot see any # only a number next to the capital one logo. I have scanned the pages completely there is nothing missing The only date is next to the signatures which are typed , they are 4/2/2010
  9. I received this letter today and a copy of the credit agreement
  10. Ok thanksAndy I will get everything ready and post on here , if you can check it for me I really appreciate it . Then I will post last minute , I think the deadline is 2 weeks before the 28 the of August
  11. Is this ok ? I have my paper work in order and numbered just need to list them for the disclosure
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