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  1. Should I send the mortgage company a SAR? When I asked them for a statement they said they had no details of my mortgage?
  2. Good Morning Caggers I have been contacted by Mortgage.Claims for them to review my mortgage and see if I have any claims on my mortgage. They have contacted the lender and it appears they have no history of my mortgage. I am simply paying them but they have no history of my mortgage or anything. 2 things; is there anything I need to be aware of with the above company? Do I need to be aware against claiming against a bank that has no history of my mortgage? Many thanks as always
  3. Many Thanks for your response. I will sort out a good Gas Registered engineer and get them to do it. The Guy on Sunday said it would take 2 days to sort out. If it can be done in 1 day then the cost reduces dramatically. Do you think that the 30Kw Boiler for the house was too big and can does the return temp need to be reduced? It is a 4 Bed Detached with 12 Rooms in total, and 13 Rads. 185m2 (2100ft2) Many Thanks for your help.
  4. Good afternoon SGTBush Any chance you can come and sort it our for me? All understood. Do you think a good plumber could do the work for me instead of paying £300 per day for 2 days + all the parts and balancing the system? The Corgi gas engineer told me all of the above issues. The 3 way valve is in the airing cupboard next to the Hot water Cylinder. It is used for splitting the flow between hot water to the tank and the Central heating system. Regarding the temperatures flow of the output/input 76 Deg - 70 Deg, is this as it should be? Many Thanks for your very detailed explanation. I am fed up with having no hot water and looking at another hefty bill.
  5. Good Morning I paid £2400 to fit a Standard Intergas OV30 System Boiler, fit 4 x Thermostatic Radiator Valves, Magnaclean filter, New 1600x600 Radiator and Balance the system. The agreement was with STL Heating in Liverpool, the finance with Hitachi attached to STL Heating. The issues are; 1/ Insecure Flue. It needs to be screwed not a push Fit. 2/ Not enough TRV's added. 3 more need adding and 1 removed from the Hallway where the Thermostat is. 3/ Outflow temp is 76 deg, Inflow Temp is 70 Deg. This was signed off by the STL Heating Engineer. Return feed needs to be sub 55 Deg so the Condensing Boiler can actually condense. 4/ Addition of final TRV's will allow the system to balance. Balancing of the system was never done and could not be without the additional TRV's being added. 5/ 3 way valve Broken. (Not picked up on the installation). Replace valve and controller 6/ Re-add Central heating inhibitor.
  6. Good Morning Caggers I got STL Heating to install a New Intergas Boiler for me. The initial Installation was fraught with issues, but they corrected the mistakes I pointed out to them. However, the system has not worked properly for the 2 months since installation. After no HOT Water again, I had to pay £145 for a gas engineer to come out to tell me that their installation was incorrect with several issues. I got this on a finance package with them through HITACHI, however, STL aren't taking my calls. What level of recourse do I have as the local Gas Engineer says the boiler works, but by STL Heatings own admission on the sign off paper, it highlights an installation. The cost to fix is circa £1000. Many Thanks
  7. I changed banks from Barclays due to the grief they caused me over the years and now they haven't got my old bank statements.......
  8. Good afternoon Caggers I purchased a 2nd property by re-mortgaging my current home. The Spanish property market collapsed and my house was not built. I am claiming my deposit back, however my current mortgage company does not have any history of my borrowing extra funds during 2006, nor do they have any history of the mortgage. Where do I stand on this? They have openly admitted they have no paperwork. maybe I can hold them to account for that and say that I paid it off???? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  9. 1. Letter of formal complaint to PRAC 2. Next a letter to the Ombudsman 3. SAR to PAYDAY UK and THE MONEY SHOP. This is my list of actions. Many Thanks for your help. I will get on it.
  10. I'm struggling to add my letters. I have tried to capture them as snapshots as well but to no avail
  11. Morning all It is worth stating that I was working with BW Legal (DCA) all of last year and now they have moved this on to PRAT. It has gone from one to the other.....typically. So an SAR to PRAT for both is required I assume? Cheers
  12. Good Morning Caggers So then, all was done bar the SAR to PAYDAYUK AND THE MONEY SHOP. A few letters had gone back and forth and forms stating that this was fraud and I filled them all in. Nothing on my credit report.....then I got 2 letters on Friday stating that they had sold this debt onto PRAT financial. They have clearly washed their hands off these 2 loans. Still nothing on my Credit report either, but they are accusing me of owing them monies. So then what to do next? Since March there has been quite a bit of written dialogue, albeit without the SAR. Just FYI, early last year I got a letter from each saying that I owed both monies....a pseudonym under the same name had taken these loans out.....and they immediately tacked this sh1t on to me......even though it wasn't me. Your help as always would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Ammunition is great. I will draft said letter with accusations and post using recorded delivery with an amount of affirmation and glee. Thanks everyone!
  14. Hi Uncle Bulgaria I am happy to send the SAR to the Loanee's to ensure I get the correct information on DOB. I will also send a letter with a copy of my passport page to BW Legal, proving that I am not the owner of those loans as you state above. I am happy to insist on compensation to go with it as well!! Thanks again as always
  15. Morning Uncle Bulgaria My credit record is clear of any misdemeanours no both Creditfile and Noddle. My score is high and that is good! Should I send a copy of my Passport to BW Legal then? Right now, they say I fail the security check so can't access their information. I too feel like some jobsworth has just found someone with the same name and attached it to me and my address. Many Thanks for your continued support !
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