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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I had an account with Natwest, which was shut down about 6 years ago. At the time, I had my Overdraft of £1800 (all owed), a loan for £1000 (£897 remaining), and one for £5000 (£3976 remaining). Due to my financial issues due to illness, I'd had to live off what little credit I had, and after a few months of being unable to keep above the maximum 1800 Overdraft (frequently going to £2000 when bills hit) my account was closed Following this, I was taken to court and something (I forget the technical term now, sorry) was put on my house so that when sold, my ou
  2. Hi Has anyone known of HCEO's or Debt Collection Agencies using DHL or other Couriers to confirm address? (if you sign for it they know you are there). I have a had a card through the door, I am not expecting anything and I have been incredibly careful about not giving out my address or using credit ref agencies. I was homeless for a long time and only recently housed due to damage in RTA, I have mental health issues. I lost everything I had when I became homeless except a 20 year old car worth £500 if I am lucky. My home has items from freecycle and a computer lent by
  3. :-xHi Can you help? I have recieved a statement from Lowells, stating I owe money due to an old Natwest Account. This has arrived shortly after a letter arrived from NAtwest and a letter stating they sold my debt to Lowells on 30/12/2010. I got the letter 20/10/11. Silly me called Lowells stating I know nothing about this . They told me the account was opened in October 2002, and defaulted in dec 2005. I never got any letter from Natwest chasing me and I think this has been sparked cos I opened a joint account with the recently. However I di
  4. Hi all, I have received a letter today from the company above and note with interest the thread posted in December last year by Jsmyth1975. My credit history is clear (I checked it only last month ) and although I've had CCJs in the past (1999), these are satisfied. In recent years I've had a few debt collection companies trying to get me to pay up for debts in the early 90's (lots of phone calls and letters etc). Obviously, I told them to take a running jump and sent letters referring to the Statute of Limitations, eventually they get round to replying that they're not going to do a
  5. I have received 2 letters from Robinson Way asking me to confirm that I used to live at an old address, I left this address around 15 years ago. I did not reply to either of these letters and (maybe foolishly) destroyed them. I had previously had letters from MacKenzie Hall and eventually sent them a statute barred letter as the debt they were referring to was not only one that I didn't recognise, but was over 6 years old. Today I have had a phone call from Robinson Way which has made me feel quite scared. I refused to go through their data protection as I recogni
  6. I have an old debt (approx 6yrs) which was passed from 1st Direct to Met Collections. I've been paying a small sum for many years, every 3-6 months they write and request I call to arrange higher payments. Last time I spoke to them the call centre operator began demanding income/exp breakdown, and I asked for her to send me the original contract. That didn't happen, but they left the current direct debit instated. I'm preparing to tackle this one way or another now - the outstanding is roughly 7k, I paid a chunk off the original debt to first direct but they r
  7. Hello, after a bit of help & advice please. I've had a series of letters from Anglian Water relating to a property I moved out of 5 years ago. The amount is £190 (plus a £40 admin fee!). It looks to have been passed on to their DCA's, but I've been speaking to AW directly to try and get the details. I rang them at the beginning of August, and they agreed to send me a copy of the bill in question, and a record of payments made on the account, so I could then reconcile the sales to my bank records. They also confirmed they had the right forwarding address at the ti
  8. Hi Everyone, Based on the advice given by this forum I was able to wipe out 80k of credit card debt across 4 credit cards! So when I heard of my Sister's problem, (who is very frail) I stepped in to say I could manage it for her, and wondered if I could get just a little more help for her situation. I'll call her Freda. Freda was married to Bill but divorced many years ago. About ten years ago they took out a loan for about 5k. There is about 1k remaining, Bill has NEVER paid anything towards repayments. Freda has kept up payments as best she can. She works and has late
  9. It has been a long time since I've posted on this forum and to be honest I thought it had served its purpose well and that I had no further use of the advice from others. Indeed my most recent post albeit a while back have been in response to others rather than to seek assistance. I'm writing today to compare notes. You see I've not been troubled by debt collectors in a while but recently activity has recommenced and when I think back it is clear that they come in waves. I wonder if others are seeing similar patterns. Following advice elsewhere in this forum I stopped
  10. This is a bit complicated but I will try and keep it simple. For a period of time my parents were getting housing benefit, the application was done by & in dads name. Some time after they stopped getting the HB due to mum taking up F/T job, my dad became increasingly unwell and mum took over doing the financial side of the household. She started going through old paperworks and discovered that there was a potential problem on the housing benefit due to dad not declaring some income from mums p/t job at that time. This was an oversight not a deliberate thing, I believe down to his
  11. Hello, I am new here, and this is the second time that I am writing this...because yes I did accidentally delete all my writing when trying to copy it . So, here is my story. - The Past - I took out an unsecured loan for £2000 with Welcome Finance in April 2008, with PPI. Worst mistake of my life. The contract said that I owed £3640 with payments of £164 per month for 37 months. In October 2008, I went to Welcome Finances office and asked to have the PPI cancelled. They gave me a new credit agreement contract to sign, I signed it. I now realise that the new contract stat
  12. Hi, I have a friend (yes that old chestnut) who for various reasons fell into debt causing him to fall behind with his mortgage payments. He discussed a plan with the debt collection agency and started to make payments in-line with the agreements but do to poor employment prospects (he was self-employed in the building industry), was forced to move out and hand-back the keys. He know is almost homeless living in a caravan with few assets to his name. A debt agency has now traced his sister and sent her a letter to pass onto him that says he owes them money for solicitors fees, unp
  13. Hi I dont know if anyone can help but I dont know were to start on here. My daughter was able to attend private school as her grandparents paid most the fees after a month of being at the school I realised she wasnt happy and was being bullied by the other kids. I made the school aware that I was not happy and felf they did not put adequate measures in place to protect her ie none of the parents whose kids were involved were informed. She started the school in the september and I informed them she would be leaving at the end of the term December and not returning. The school through a debt co
  14. Hi folks. I hope someone can offer some useful advice about a creditor that's chasing me. From 2003 to 2006 I ran my own business offering web design services. For some clients I provided web hosting for which I used a server from 1&1 Internet. In 2006 I went bust, but I was a sole trader and didn't declare myself bankrupt. To avoid letting hosting clients down, I continued to run the server to give clients time to move elsewhere. Some time in 2008, someone hacked into the server and used a large amount of bandwidth. This bandwidth would have cost perhaps £100 from a ADSL pr
  15. hello all, This is a copy of a previous posting; I had posted it under another Buchanan Clark + Wells thread and was advised to start a new thread.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well I see BCW is a popular topic in these forums. So, I'll add my own little story to the mix and see what everyone can come up with. I've been contacted by them, have received two letters thus far - 1. Formal Demand 2. Final Notice. Also, of course, about 15 phone calls which I have duly ignored on the advice of numerous p
  16. After being away from my flat for a few weeks (got very ill and had to be looked after by family - I live by myself and am disabled), I came back to a final demand from "Utility Debt Collectors Ltd." for what was originally a £14 gas bill (Utility Warehouse). Now it is apparently £44.17 and they are writing to inform me they have applied for a court warrant. The letter is dated 23 December. It all seems mightily ridiculous, over a bill I could have paid easily if they had telephoned and spoke to me. But they didn't. Now they are apparently "obliged" to inspect my premises before "the cour
  17. In 1994, three days before I went into Frenchay Hospital for neurosurgery, bailiffs acting on behalf of the Bradford & Bingley ( Leamington Spa Building Society), reposessed my home and evicted myself, wife and three young children. Our house was boarded up and the locks changed. It went for auction and was sold for just £105,000. A 4-bedroom farmhouse in half an acre, it was in good repair but had been left to deteriorate, by the B&B, for almost 2 years. The last valuation we had on the property was £320,000, and that was three months before we were reposessed. The demands for repayme
  18. Hello everyone I could really do with some help/advice on this issue In September 2009 I went into a local jag communications store to take out a mobile phone contract with orange. I was given the phone (no paperwork was ever exchanged or a contract signed) I found that the sim card was faulty and tried to take the phone back(within an hour of leaving the store) they refused....I then found out that I had been put on a business contract (which I am not entitled to). I phoned orange and explained I was not a business customer, they told me it was JAGs job to cancel contracts. I w
  19. Hi there, I hope you can help; CCJ has been in place since 1997 and has been paid all the while. Original Claim form has Mr & Mrs names on as debt is joint All of a sudden, NatWest have passed Mr to Regal Collections (As I "am a homeowner" - haven't been for 12 years!) and Mrs to CapQuest. I'm concerned that if a CCJ is being paid monthly effectively in two 'installments' that everyone is going to get totally confused. Both collection companies are asking for the full amount (£19k) so how does that work?! Any help or advice massively appreciated. Cheers
  20. Well, there's an interesting one, and when I say interesting... Water supplied by Thames Water, whose aggressive tactics I have commented on before (sending a "final warning" letter after paying late on ONE instalment for the 1st time in donkeys' years) Hands up, I messed up. I forgot to reinstate my standing order for the new billing year, then it went out of my head and of course by them I was playing catch-up. Fair enough. Anyway, I lost my "right" to pay by instalments and they wanted the whole balance. Yeah, cos if I can't pay by instalments, I'll be able to pay it all
  21. Hi there, This is my first post on here so please bear with me if it's in the wrong section! When I hit 18 I thought it would be a great idea to get a credit card for little emergencies. Of course at 18 it's never little emergencies, more like "oh that dress looked nice, yeah why not". I got a creditcard with Vanquis bank and after reaching the credit limit I realised I could no longer afford to pay it off... so I stopped. After 6 months or so the debt was passed to C.A.R.S, who I agreed to pay off £50 a month with. I did this for a while then could no longer afford this as I g
  22. Hi All, I am in need of some help ASAP, basically I had a phone contract with o2 2 years ago which I terminated early and was charged for. I refused to pay based on the fact that the reason it was cancelled was due to the fact that they changed my tariff and would not change it back to the original one that I signed up for... anyways 2 years later I began to get letter after letter from the "lovely" people at lowell financial, this was also topped off with many calls to the point where I started to make payments even though told them that I did not have enough money coming in to make the
  23. Hello all first post here but in a real pickle. On the 14th of June I received a Default notice for £49.07 from Argos Cards. On the 22nd of June I paid the default sums in full (£49.07) and was told no further action was required. After months of battling with the administrators of the company I used to work for they managed to get the money owed to me (roughly £4k) so on the 28th June again I called argos up and advised when I get the payment within the first 2 weeks of August I will pay the full balance, the advisor took an additional £5.99 payment from me and said that no pay
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