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  1. ......or is this type of agreement totally different because it's a catalogue? But if that was the case, why do these here T's and C's say "Important - Read this carefully to find out about your rights. The Consumer Credit Act 1974 lays down certain requirements for your protection which should have been complied with when this agreement was made. If they were not, we cannot enforce this agreement without getting a court order.....etc etc"..................?
  2. Dear all, Having just read through the post entitled 'Challenging Reconstituted Agreements', this might be a relevant example. Received a letter from Shop Direct in response to CCA, their covering letter clearly states 'Thanks for you letter, please find enclosed the credit agreement as requested blah blah blah'. The 'Credit Agreement' is just two sheets of terms. There are two areas that should have name and address details in, but both are blank - they haven't even hand written anything on. So, as I stated in my previous posts, whilst I agree that we shouldn't have a situ
  3. I'm reliatively new to actually reading OFT guidance, but from just reading various posts going back years on CAG, old media articles, Money Saving Expert forums etc etc, I'm actually left quite disappointed by the OFT. I can't help feel that the recession of 2008 and subsequent bank bailouts has seriously affected the decision making of the OFT. The initial responses on the ipost are all 'yeah, about time' etc but what does this new guidance actually say? To my eyes (and again, I stress I am not a lawyer and these things are quite complicated to follow), this latest guidance is all well and g
  4. Oh right - I'm a bit confused....and I've just posted a copy to both Lowell and Ikano! I thought BB meant 'do not include the bit about them facing further action in court', so I took that last paragraph out! Hmm.... Thanks for the replies anyway guys - will be interesting to see what happens! I was half tempted to say - "the account balance is approx £140 - I'll pay you, say, £10.00 as a settlement right now if you close the account" - but I'm that annoyed, I'm hoping they'll just bu**er off!!!
  5. ...any feedback on my letter? I want to catch the post tonight if I can! Cheers
  6. Ok - I've drafted the below letter. Will this get laughed at, or is it worth a shot? I don't actually want to end up in court... " Lowell Financial Ltd PO Box 172 Leeds LS11 9WS CC: Ikano Financial Services Your ref: ########## Dear Sir or Madam, I have recently received letters sent by both Ikano and Lowell Portfolio 1, sent to my employers address (photocopies enclosed). This has caused me a great deal of embarrassment and distress. It is not uncommon for my employer to receive work-related mail addressed to me and as such, you letters have been opened
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply, Thats the kind of thing I was thinking. The problem is, if Ikano don't own the debt any more, will kicking off the Lowell make any difference? I'm assuming it's Ikano that have screwed up, so to be fair, is it Lowells fault? Can anyone suggest any letters etc I can send to Ikano to ask them exactly HOW and WHERE they dreamt up that address from and *bit cheeky this* - tell them to p*ss off and close the account if they can't deal with it in a proper manner?!?!!?!?!?
  8. Hi all, We've been trying to deal with our debts with help from people on here for a few years and something happened yesterday which I'd appreciate some comments on; One of my OH's smaller creditors, a New Look store card (Ikano) has written to us to tell us that on 30th August, the account was sold to Lowell Financial and that our reduced repayment can just continue as normal, but to them instead. We've had these sort of letters before, so no problems there. HOWEVER; The letter was sent to my OH's EMPLOYER (to be precise, she left less than a month ago). Bearing in m
  9. Thanks for the reply Elsa, asking for a CCA is what my plan has been, but then I keep reading very contradictory posts and articles about how effective that is at this point in time (from what I understand, requesting a CCA a few years back may have even led to the debt being written off if the creditor could not produce a sensible document, but due to recent court cases, this basically now means not much at all...?) Confused!
  10. Hi all, Just wondered whether anyone could provide any comments on a situation we're having with Creation Finance. We've been paying them a reduced payment on a DMP for a few years and whilst we don't get much hassle off any of our creditors any more, I actually read some standard post from them the other day. Looking at the recent Creation statement (was an Adams store card), we're paying £20.10 per month (and have been for nearly three years), but each month they charge £14.88 in interest, meaning it's only reducing by £5.22 each month (with appriox £3k on the account, barring a massive
  11. Sorry to keep asking daft questions, but please can somone clarify the situation about signatures? I've read conflicting posts/news items about this. My understanding was that if a creditor is unable to provide a 'true' copy of the agreement then the debt is unenforcable until such time that they do. A 'true' copy should, if I understand correctly, include a signature ? I've also read that this is why you shouldn't sign the CCA request. This seems to imply that creditors will just 'cut and paste' a more recent signature onto a blank agreement and just say 'there you go'. I'm concerned bec
  12. Hi there - just reading this thread with interest and got this far - Why has this creditor offered you a refund? Was this for PPI or something else? Taking an interest as I'm embarking on our CCA request path...
  13. Quick question if anyone can help: Which creditor types do I send a CCA request to and which do I send a SAR to? We have; Store cards, store cards that have been passed to debt collectors, overdraft gone to debt collectors, welcome finance loan, credit card, credit card with debt collector etc etc If I understand correctly, a SAR should also include the original agreement also? If so, do I only need to send SAR's out, or do I just send CCA's, as this should tell me the original agreement, whether it's got PPI etc? *confused*
  14. Re; Statements - I don't think we actually get statements from everyone we pay....I know Egg send them yearly (or similar, but with regularity) and some of the collection companies post one every month, but now you mention it, I don't think we get regular post from all 12 companies
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