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Found 3 results

  1. Dear All and Anyone, I have not been living in the UK since September 2001 when we let our house there to one tenant for five years (no issues) and then another from 2007 until we obtained a repossession order this year arising from 14 months’ rent arrears. The property was (not very well) managed by a reputable, nationally known agency. After the tenant departed, a neighbour collected mail from the house as it was on the market to be sold. One letter, addressed to me personally at the UK address was from Thames Water claiming an amount in excess of GBP 100 in respect of services supplied to our property based on an agreement dated September 2010. This is the first that I have heard of this debt - my tenant presumably having ignored any previous mails addressed to me. Two issues: I was never in the UK in 2010 or any year since and, according to Thames Water, no monies have been paid on this account since it was "opened". They have now threatened summary judgment if not paid, despite several very polite letters from me, rather like this one, explaining the circumstances. Most important, is there no prescription of debts in the UK. I am not trying to cheat anyone out of money legally due by me but seven and a half years seems a bit late to start collecting a debt on a contract that I did not sign. Any advice will be welcome.
  2. First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong section. It seems the right place but I couldn't be sure. Right, we got behind with our payments to Thames Water. We organised a payment plan with them but fell behind again. They got Capquest involved who we called after receiving multiple missed calls from them. I tend not to answer unknown numbers on my mobile and that is what they were calling. At the time of the calls we did not know what they were calling about. We called them to ask who they were and what they wanted. They explained about the Thames Water debt. They demanded we pay the full amount there and then. We couldn't do that so we said we'd call them back when we were in a position to make a payment. I said to my wife that maybe we should give TW a call to see if we could set up another payment plan. We called them and they were more than happy to set up another plan. we set up a DD and 3 payments went out. We make a payment every month. A week or so ago we go a letter from Capquest saying they may start litigation proceedings regarding the debt. Obviously we were shocked as we had arranged the plan with TW. After we explained and they demanded we pay them as well we called TW to see what they had to say. They told us that as far as they were aware Capquest had no reason to, and I quote, "harass us" as the debt was not with them because we had an agreement between us and TW. As far as we were concerned that was that. Obviously not because now Capquest call every morning and night. They still want us to pay them as well as TW despite us explaining what TW said. They are having none of it and will not stop calling. I have now diverted their calls straight to voicemail to avoid having to answer it. I suppose I'd like to know what I can do to stop these people calling me? One thing I will be doing tomorrow is to call Thames Water to ask if they can contact Capquest to tell them the debt is nothing to do with them. I'm not sure if they can or will do that though. Sorry for the long winded post. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. M
  3. Well, there's an interesting one, and when I say interesting... Water supplied by Thames Water, whose aggressive tactics I have commented on before (sending a "final warning" letter after paying late on ONE instalment for the 1st time in donkeys' years) Hands up, I messed up. I forgot to reinstate my standing order for the new billing year, then it went out of my head and of course by them I was playing catch-up. Fair enough. Anyway, I lost my "right" to pay by instalments and they wanted the whole balance. Yeah, cos if I can't pay by instalments, I'll be able to pay it all at once, right? Long story short, last month, I paid them £200, which didn't quite catch up with the arrears, and the idea was to pay them double bubble until I'm caught up, in time for when their payment scheme ends (it's done over 8 mths). Enters Countrywide debt collections, asking to speak to Mr Bookie. Chap with strong Asian accent, to the point I had to ask him the name of the company 5 times (couldn't work out if he was a DCA or an IVA cold caller to start with , lol). Since I was there, and not in too great a mood, and misery loves company, I thought now was a good time to ask a few questions. Well.... He ABSOLUTELY refused to tell me whether they were acting on behalf of TW or whether they'd bought the debt for pennies (which alone gives me my answer, lol). Repeatedly asked for Mr BW to call them back on an 0870 number (tsk tsk). etc, etc... So I'm a bit intrigued. Someone (Dave, in fact) said to me not long ago that having water being a basic human right means that they can't cut you off and so that they have little power in the way of collecting monies. I was a bit dubious, but the above behaviour does make me wonder. Why would TW flog a "live", as it were, debt? Why not pursue through a normal arrears dept like everybody else? Ideas, comments all welcome.
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