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  1. The details up until the final move to Canada was what I wasn't privy to, up until then I had only known him to be at his 'former' address here in the U.K. When we last spoke on WhatsApp I didn't have the slightest impression he had moved. I am finding out like this from his relative. What do you suggest, that I hunt down his overseas address and rope him in?
  2. Yes he is no more in the U.K, but parking company doesn't know nor have this information at this point in time,all the mails are now going to his old family home here in Scotland where his sister lives
  3. This current address is not that of mine but my friend's Sergeant Bush, the last two letters to their place had my name on it, now this new one here has his name. His sister just brought me this mail this morning, I've asked her to send me copies of each of them, in case things went down hill, so I know what I'm dealing with
  4. Many thanks for your response folks. There's just been a new letter, this time with the actual driver been addressed and me not anymore. For some reason, the parking charge figure has dropped to 100 GBP again from the last 160. See photo attached. I'd answer the questions from the stikky as soon as possible HB PCN P4Parking - TNC.pdf
  5. Earlier in January a work colleague of mine who took my vehicle out for a lunch break got me into a bit of a trouble as I found out he had gone to park illegally in a private residence in the city of Edinburgh. The letter from the parking Company, a parking charge notice stated emphatically 'to keeper', they wanted to know the driver and I guess at this point I should have hesitated a bit, I wrote to the parking Company giving them the name of my colleague and asked them to address him with any further issues, I did sign the letter to that effect. I was even more shocked that DVLA could easily give out my private information with such wanton disregard to privacy. Problem is, this guy has moved to Canada and married there and rarely stays in touch, his sister called me up couple of days ago saying there have now been two threatening letters sent to their address but in MY name asking whoever was driving to cough up firstly a 100 GBP parking fine, and suddenly a massive jump to 160 in the second letter,with no breakdown of charges or how they even got to that exhortbitant amount in the first place. Now, was I wrong to name the driver from the beginning, if he refused to play the game by paying, does this then come back to me by default. Where do I stand here if things escalated. I would upload a scanned copy of what the young woman sent me when I get home from work.
  6. Hi DX, I'm back again with more questions/queries. Over the last five, six years I've had the following financial transactions/ packages; Everyday Loans (payday) Very Credit Card Capital One Credit card RBS current account Close Military Brothers car finance/loan Very online/catalogue account I'm very much interested in sending SAR out to all of them, just to see what I can find and or come up with. Is it ok to use the generic SAR template and throw in a request for any PPI's as well, are they compelled to especially release information about the PPI bit. The last account I closed was Closed Military Brothers, I voluntarily terminated the agreement after paying a little over half of it. I forked out nearly 400 GBP to serbice the car, MOT, as well as two brand new tyres out of courtesy, I still have the receipts for it all. I was made to pay for a Gap insurance addon I had on the agreement before it could terminate, I asked for receipt which they claimed was not possible as they don't issue receipt for the gap insurance payments so they fobbed me off on that one. Two months down the line these people came back telling me I owed them 2 months worth of late payment/arrears because the car was in my possession. This situation came about as a result of them not being able to find a car auctioning company on time to come take the vehicle rght after the agreement ended. And twice they sent someone out to my address without informong me. They were very adamant that I owed them till I threatened to escalate the issue to the FOS/FTA as my wife was getting stressed out by their barrage of phone calls and letters to my address. They suddenly dropped the case and also deliberately refused to send me a copy of the agreement affer I had explicityly asked for it, thing is, I do not have the original agreement and feel there's something I might have missed and which they either dont want coming out or me discussing it. Anyleads on how to go about this one specifically or I should just go ahead and SAR them as well after 25th May and take it from there? Find attached as screenshot of the last post from them
  7. Right, I'd contact them first week of June, and then come back with all the info I can get from there to take things further. This is an amazing site and really love what you guys have done here, I wish I knew half of the things I've binge read here in the last 72 hours, would have saved me tonnes of trouble and other ugly financial/consumer dealings from the past. Cheers.
  8. Many thanks for your response DX. Does this May 25th has anything to do with the General Data Protection Regulation coming into full force from the EU. Also, a bit of a silly question but, what is this post 3 referred to in the SAR templates that is deemed imperative to be read before using any of the SAR guides?
  9. Hello to you all I have been reading and digging out numerous threads on RBS and how I can request for a overdraft charge sheet from years back. I was wondering what exactly should be the wording of the letter and what I should be looking out for in the details of the sheets they send me, this is regarding what I can and can't claim back. Many thanks.
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