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  1. A quick one for this thread. Just had an update from Clear Score this morning that 3 has submitted an 'account settled' on my file and would be showing month ending report . Would wait and see how it goes
  2. Case finally Resolved... I'd like to thank you all who took the time to respond to this post,much appreciated. Loads of of mails/correspondence exchanges leading up to this point, hope to find the time to upload them as PDF soon, hopefully someone might pick a thing or two from this incident. I wrote to the Executive Office a few days ago as advised by DX and stayed away from the DCA. Shockingly got a response within 48 hrs via email, and I'm glad I did add my email and not just postal address. A few things that went wrong along the line
  3. Apologies Dx. Any leads on the template for writing to the CEO. Also. Any leads on where to fish for their email
  4. What are the chances of this messing credit file if any, now or in the near future. Just so I know what I'm dealing with when it comes to that point. I also intend to write to them one last time about this unresolved complaint and how they've manage to escalate it to DCA. If they refuse to reason would you advice pushing it higher with the ombudsman?
  5. Just a quick update on this post. Got the text message below this afternoon. "The balance due to Three has been passed to CRS. Click the link to pay £32 by using Ref 3JAN...."
  6. The device was placed inside our church, the only place it could be to be honest, on a busy corner in Edinburgh, 9 Lorne Street. The dongle picks up signal alright. But the Internet/Data connection was absolutely rubbish. Prior to us signing the contract in the store, we got told by the sales guy that there was decent signal in the area where we'd be using it, think they're obligated to check first on their system before selling. Now I don't know whether he lied or was just bluffing ................. Thanks DX. The device came together with th
  7. Need a bit of direction on an issue with Three Network. Just before the lockdown, my church bought a MiFi dongle to be used for streaming our service to Facebook. The device came with a 3 Data SIM which was contracted for 18 months at 11 GBP a month. First week of using it to stream was an absolute disaster as the network was absolutely piss poor. We had to go find other alternatives and discontinued using the dongle after several attempts. We wrote to 3 and told them what had happened, and that they should see what they can do for us as it was a contractu
  8. The details up until the final move to Canada was what I wasn't privy to, up until then I had only known him to be at his 'former' address here in the U.K. When we last spoke on WhatsApp I didn't have the slightest impression he had moved. I am finding out like this from his relative. What do you suggest, that I hunt down his overseas address and rope him in?
  9. Yes he is no more in the U.K, but parking company doesn't know nor have this information at this point in time,all the mails are now going to his old family home here in Scotland where his sister lives
  10. This current address is not that of mine but my friend's Sergeant Bush, the last two letters to their place had my name on it, now this new one here has his name. His sister just brought me this mail this morning, I've asked her to send me copies of each of them, in case things went down hill, so I know what I'm dealing with
  11. Many thanks for your response folks. There's just been a new letter, this time with the actual driver been addressed and me not anymore. For some reason, the parking charge figure has dropped to 100 GBP again from the last 160. See photo attached. I'd answer the questions from the stikky as soon as possible HB PCN P4Parking - TNC.pdf
  12. Earlier in January a work colleague of mine who took my vehicle out for a lunch break got me into a bit of a trouble as I found out he had gone to park illegally in a private residence in the city of Edinburgh. The letter from the parking Company, a parking charge notice stated emphatically 'to keeper', they wanted to know the driver and I guess at this point I should have hesitated a bit, I wrote to the parking Company giving them the name of my colleague and asked them to address him with any further issues, I did sign the letter to that effect. I was even more shocked that DVLA could e
  13. Hi DX, I'm back again with more questions/queries. Over the last five, six years I've had the following financial transactions/ packages; Everyday Loans (payday) Very Credit Card Capital One Credit card RBS current account Close Military Brothers car finance/loan Very online/catalogue account I'm very much interested in sending SAR out to all of them, just to see what I can find and or come up with. Is it ok to use the generic SAR template and throw in a request for any PPI's as well, are they compelled to especially release information about the PPI bit.
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