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  1. Thanks DX100uk, Will leave as it is and see what happens. I updated the last DCA with current address who have referred back to JCI then I expect. Many thanks again.
  2. Hi, seems was an old Barcalys/ Providian / Monument / R Raphael credit card. Been through a number of DCA co's (Last CARS who were acquired by JCI in 2013). Only proof offered of a CCA was a copy of a Reply Card application in 2003 with a "Providian" stamp on it and "Subj.2 Cred App" stamp. Monument suggested this was their copy of the CCA along with a copy of basic Monument T&C's copy and some pages headed Monument but referring to R Raphael & Sons The last agreed payment to CARS was in mid 2017. Now stopped!! Will write and advise no further contact except in writing letter plus not acknowledge debt as no CCA proof.
  3. Hi all, I received a phone call from an 03 phone number and they left a message asking me to contact them about a debt but no other information. The name of the company was Henriksens, who appear to be a debt collection business. I've never had contact from them before. I am assuming that they have been given my details by a DCA. Is this legal under GDPR rules for this information to passed on? Has anyone else had any dealings with them as I suspect the DCA may be cabot who have been actively chasing hard with multiple phone calls and messages recently. Regards Murph
  4. Yes, quite a sum assuming nothing comes out of the woodwork. All cards pre 2007 too. Will find some more funds to support you soon, as have just become mortgageable again and have bought a house that needs some work doing to it. Caggers have been a fantastic resource and support. Thanks all!
  5. Hey DX, Noooo, not the only C/cd debt in the DMP! Also had Cap1, Citi, Old Providian. No CCA except CAP1 and all sold on to DCA's Have B/Card, B/Mastercard and not had contact since stopped paying them through DMP and don't know who currently holds the o/s debts. Will be interesting to see if they respond to my C of Address letter when I send it. I'm only paying a nominal amount to CAP1. OH has 3 cards too none have the CCA's available so not paying any. None are on our credit files now! BTW - just sent a donation. Murphy
  6. Hi DX, Finally in May 2018 they wrote to say that they are currently unable to get the information of the CCA from the original lender and that until they can, the account is unenforceable. As they (Crapbot) had not provided the required info by end of 2017 I stopped any further payments to them. I'll let them keep asking for a plan... How long for statute barred? Is it 6 years after after last payment made? Thanks for all your and the teams help. Murphy
  7. Thanks for the advice DX. Will do that. Queens King, I totally agree and I don't pay them anything except for one that does have an agreements and that I have a repayment plan with. Just need to ensure that they don't try going for a CCJ behind my back to the old address. Thanks for your comment. Murphy
  8. Hi Andy, Thanks for the quick reply. Ok, I can include that. If I send it recorded and they don't reply is that sufficient proof of advising them? Murphy
  9. Hi, I have recently moved and have a dilemma how to advise some old credit card debt creditors that I have moved as do not wish to have them contacting a rented property that I no longer live at. Most of the debts are with DCA's as have been sold by the original card issuers. There are no CCA's available for the alleged debt but they are not Statute Barred yet. A couple of cards I have not heard from the original issuer for some time and don't know if they have been sold. What is the best way to phrase an advice of new address without accepting liability for the alleged debts? Something along the lines of: - "I am in receipt of your recent letter requesting payment of the above alleged debt. However, as you have failed to provide a valid original CCA I do not acknowledge any debt to your company but advise that any future correspondence in relation to the monies related to the original CCA should now be sent to me at "New Address" in writing. Yours etc..." Any help or suggestions please? Murphy
  10. Thanks DX. I'll make sure no more payments are made to LINK from now. Murphy
  11. Hi DX, The DMP was with a company called London United Developments which was a contact that I had from some time previously. RBS were the claimant through Bryan Carter Sols and I have posted the court stay as MINT agreed to a regular payment being made which I have kept up to date. I'm now unsure whether this court order stands now that the alleged debt has been sold to Cabot. Any advice is very welcome. Yours Murphy Hi Dotty, good to hear from you. Hope you are getting sorted. I've still a long way to go but have had some success where a debt has been sold on and there is no longer a CCA available from PRA group and they have advised it is now unenforceable. I have sent them a CCA request for this account and will see what they come back with. Yours M MINT BC Court Agreed Post 1.pdf
  12. Hi, My partner has been paying off a nominal monthly amount to Link Financial since the card debt was sold to them by MBNA. Sent Link a CCA in June but have had no reply. Sent a SARN request to MBNA and had a reply with only the attached request form copy and a second page with the terms and conditions. From reading other posts I think that this is invalid and therefore unenforceable. Would one of you more experienced people be good enough to have a look at give me your opinion. It seems to refer to paragraphs that don't exist and there is no lending limit or interest rate shown. We have since (last week) written to Link re their failure to supply a valid CCA and await their response! What is our next move please? L CCA Request Load.pdf
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