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  1. I'm happy to send a company cheque - it is my company - but i want to know if its worth just complaining straight away about the fact they have not accepted the "blank" po
  2. Hi all Further to this post - I have still not had any response to my SAR request as they say the "cheque" needs to made payable to Barclays - They have not returned my PO Am i ok to start this again by sending a company cheque (signed by me - i do not have a personal cheque book) or should I write with a complaint on this
  3. Hi I hd written to them telling them that it was not a cheque but a PO which is valid for a SAR. They have just replied telling me that they cannot process this SAR as "the cheque needs to be payable to Barclays Bank" What should my next stage be.. it is now over 40 days and i don't really want to start waiting another 40 days if i do send them a personal cheque. They have not returned the PO nor as of 20th of June have they cashed it. It is now
  4. Thanks for your replies, I will write to them advising them of that. I have a copy of the letter sent , proof of postage and pictures of the front and back of the postal order
  5. Hi all I sent a SAR off to barclays on the 20th of May - I got a reply today from them saying they could not process the request as the "cheque is not valid" I had enclosed a blank postal order for £10 They have not returned it or told me why it was not valid What is my next move Thanks
  6. Defaulted 7 Years ago so already off my file. I don't fancy them waking up soon to start action which is why i wanted to settle.
  7. Ok thanks for your advice everyone on this one. I reckon i will need to let it run. Do you think they would be up for settling at a lower percentage
  8. Do the different APR not mean that this is not the correct terms?
  9. Anyone got any ideas with this one please?
  10. Please see attachments - The names should explain what they are - I hope all is redacted properly and the last one CCA return.pdf
  11. Hi all - this is a split off from a more general thread where following your Cash Cow advice I have sent off many CCA's This is a Natwest CC taken out in Mid 2004 - Balance around £2300 Currently paying £1 PCM Direct - Account in Default since 2010 The application was made online They have sent me 1) a covering letter telling me they can send me a copy agreement and "current" terms. 2) A current leaflet with the General Conditions 3) A letter regarding a replacement Credit card with no date 4) A signed credit agreement A6 size no mention of limits or
  12. I have sent this now to rbs. I was under the impression that they would forward this on to their clients. So let's see what response I get now.
  13. So I will resend it to RBS I presume i do not need to sign the letter OR put a name on the PO Does this now reset the clock? for the CCA
  14. Moorcroft sent the letter re RBS
  15. Hi all - this is a split off from a more general thread where following your Cash Cow advice I have sent off many CCA's This is a RBS CC taken out in early 2005 - Balance around £700 Currently paying £1 to Moorcroft They acknowledge receipt of CCA but request "in line of their clients procedures" a hand signed request... they returned the old one for a signature.. The also ask the the PO gets made out to the client ( atm it just says xxx) On hold 30 days blah blah I gather this is all rubbish so what is my next move? Thanks again
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