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Found 18 results

  1. Heya, Hoping I can get a bit of advice on the following. I've emailed Ashbourne mgmt to cancel my gym membership. I signed up in December 2017 with 3 months free and then started my 12 months in March 2018. My final payment is due to come on 1st of Feb 2019 at which point I would then cancel my DD. They have replied saying I have to pay a 3 months notice fee so will pay up until May. This sounds ludicrous but would I be in my right to just cancel my DD after Feb? Unfortunately, I've looked everywhere and can't find my contract and they have ignored my request to send another one:ev
  2. Hi everyone, hoping this is a relatively straight-forward one. I am a member at Clifford Health Club (Nottinghamshire), which use Ashbourne Management for their membership payments. I emailed Ashbourne as I have moved house and I was wondering if I could end my membership as the gym is now a bit out of my way. Ashbourne replied saying I had to have moved 15 miles away, I haven't quite moved 15 miles away, fair enough I don't meet that requirement. It'll be a bit irritating but not the end of the world. The bit of the email that confused me was the opening sentence, "The c
  3. Hi there.. after doing some research online this morning, I see that I am not the first person to fall foul of Ashbourne Management's poor customer service and blatant disregard of their own T&Cs. I informed the company via email that I would be moving out of the area and wanted to know their cancellation policy. I was told to refer to the T&Cs which I didn't have as I was not prompted to download a copy when I registered online for Clifford Health Club & Spa in Long Eaton, Nottingham. On checking their T&Cs it clearly states that I can cancel during the minimu
  4. Hello all, not sure whether or not this is worth mentioning on CAG forums but will post here anyway in case answers to this question might be helpful to other forum members. I joined 3SixtyFitness, in Newark on Trent, a couple of months ago. I paid for personal training sessions upfront and also signed a six-month contract, with Ashbourne Payments for use of the gym itself when I wasn't training. I rang the gym owner today to tell him that, owing to health issues/family troubles etc. I would have to cancel my gym membership. He said that would be no problem and that I should contact
  5. Hi, first time poster here - found this site through searching if others had the same issue as me. Will try to be as concise as possible, but happy to elaborate if this will be useful. My child joined a gym to learn Karate in November 15 and after an initial session, we signed up on a 6 month contract @ £35. This was organised and managed by Ashbourne Management. I then decided to join in January 16 to learn MMA - also on a 6 month contract. Due to working too much, I struggled to make my lesson each week, but kept going when I could. It must be noted the gym didn't pull me
  6. Hi all. I am desperate for help to see if there is any way I can cancel a 12 month contract before the 1st payment is due this december. I stupidly signed a contract for my 7 year old son who wanted to continue his karate classes having just been awarded his infant black belt. He has been a member since December 2013 and attended this local club weekly till 24th june this year where he earned his final belt. The teacher asked him if he wanted to continue into junior classes as he received his belt and he said yes in his excitement. I had 10 mins to fill in paperwork before the next
  7. Hi all This is my first time posting so please bear with me if I don't make much sense! I joined a gym in January this year as it was on my way home from work and my sister had already joined. I was then unfortunately made redundant in May but managed to get a new job in June. My new place of work is now more than 15 miles from the gym and in completely the opposite direction to the route I now have to take home. I was (thankfully!) given a copy of the agreement and T&C's that I signed by the gym when I signed up. In the T&C's it states the following: "Y
  8. Sighs and groans I'm sure from admins and members alike as this has no doubt been dragged up before, so sorry in advance if im treading over old ground I signed up with my local guy "heights" in around october last year, this was after a year away in whihc apparently they changed to using Ashbourne to run their accounts. At the time I had just left the army (was only in there just shy of a year) and had begun work in a local bank branch just around the corner so this worked like a charm, however after a month I was moved to a branch in the next town to us and a month after that my w
  9. Hi there, I took out a Gym membership and have cancelled it. Now they are trying to chase me for a debt I do not owe. I cancelled due to poor service( I spent weeks trying to get information out of the gym staff about personal training sessions, and then they started double debiting me) I concocted this e-mail after having a look round. Could I get a second opinion or three before I post it? Thanks To Whom it may Concern, I write with regard to the account of ***ME*** I cancelled this membership directly with ***THEGYM***, in writing the day I cancelled th
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but hope it is... I set up a gym membership in Jan 2012 a small gym actually owned by a school friend . I signed up with the type of membership standard 1 yr I was never shown terms and conditions and never noticed that it was a separate company taking the payments anyway I went into the gym and verbally cancelled the membership that June because we had to get rid of our second car meaning I couldnt get to the gym easily. The payments came out of my single account which mistakenly I rarely check, I agreed to pay the 12 months but
  11. Hi I cancelled.my direct debit with ashbourne management as I couldn't afford to go to the gym anymore, I cancelled this on the 4th December 2013, and got a letter from them a few days after, as I am debited from my account on the 1st of every month, what I noticed was that even though I I was debited.for December, the letter.stated that I owed an outstanding payment of £20.99, I'm sure as I have been reading alot about.this on the web and people having simular problems in the past I found this on the 'Office of Fair trading' website 'The judge also ruled that none
  12. I've been at this gym for 6 months, 5 on the debit card since I had to pay 1 month up front cash. It's been getting worse since I joined with no signs of improvement. The toilets and showers are extremely dirty, with things breaking all over the place. A lot of the machines are broke, or damaged, dumbbells lose, lights hanging out of fixtures in the bathroom, insects everywhere, never clean, latches loose, floor uneven, so some machines are, none of the improvements told at joining have been introduced since. I also have OCD, in which is officially recognized by my doctor, so I can't
  13. We're having awful trouble with this company! My husband joined the gym in Feb this year because of it's long opening hours (he works nights so would use the gym between 8.30pm and 10pm) the gym owner then wrote a facebook message after around a month of my husband joining saying that he was changing the opening hours to close at 9pm...this is no use for my DH as he would only have around half an hour in the gym! So we wrote to the gym and ashbourne to cancel the membership due to this and now 3 months later we've had numerous amounts of threatening letters and they're now saying if he doesn't
  14. Hi I'm new here, so please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. I have a gym membership contract that is collected by Asbourne every month. The contract was for 36 months from May 2010 and I wish to cancel it. I have seen something about the OFT, but I don't know how I would cancel it. I have been paying now since May 2010, so in excess of the 12 months. Could someone please explain how I cancel this, can I just cancel the Direct Debit, or would that result in nasty letters and debt collectors. Unfortunately I cannot find the actual contract, but I do have the initial
  15. I joined a gym local to my area back in march (Cork Ireland) this year but due to unforseen circumstances have not been able to continue availing of services offered by gym etc. Am wanting to cancel my membership but apparently because its under a two year contract i would have to pay all sums due plus the balance of the monthly subscriptions that would otherwise have fallen due will become payable immediately less 5%.. Is there any option out there available to me that would not involve having to pay a s i have recently lost my job and unfortunately cannot afford to
  16. I recently joined a gym which has a 12 month contract. I paid the first month in cash to the gym, and chose my first DD date, which was the 24th August 2012. I've only been there 5 weeks but I'm already starting to dislike the place as some weights are being broken, bathroom and showers in filthy condition. So I want to know If i have the right to cancel? The first month was cash in hand with the second being my first DD which was only 2 days ago. Don't these things usually have a 30 day time period in which you can cancel after your first DD payment? As the cash one wouldn't have
  17. Hi everyone, I am wondering if someone could help me with an issue I have with Ashbourne Management. I signed up in March at a Gym and my membership is a 12 month contract. Everything was alright for the first few months at the gym but in May then the mantainance of the building went down. The building has a major damp problem affecting both the upstairs and downstairs of the gym. There is big mould patches on the wall and ceiling ( I have taken photos of this) and the smell is absolutely awful. It actually makes me feel sick when I am there. I carried on going there until June but I jus
  18. Hi group, Total noob to this so apols if I make any ettiquette errors. So to be succinct - Ashbourne signed up to 12 month contract (£65 per month), stopped attending, quit the club and told them, then cancelled the DD, Ash then letter hounded me for increasing amounts. Ended up paying them £135 to close the account (2 months + admin fee) as they were threatening £500 and credit agency reporting etc! (was this the right thing to do or should I have called their bluff? Seems they have a lot of bullying claims against them) 2nd, I want to leave LA Fitness and join a gym closer t
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