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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, Naturally looking for some guidance, the details are as follows: I currently have a repayment plan with HMRC for overpayment, which i disputed via TC248 and a further appeal, which HMRC failed to acknowledge i was going around in circles and just agreed a repayment plan. I have received a letter from Pastdue for a further overpayment, this is the first i had heard about this as i would have definitely challenged this all the way to court. One overpayment, i can stomach, but further miscalculations are frankly disgusting and damn right unprofessional from a systems perspective. I contacted HMRC and asked why they had not contacted me, they responded that they had a sent a letter which i clearly had not received, they advised to take the issue up with Royal Mail, which is laughable really. Ironically i was calm and polite on the phone and the lady said i was talking to her aggressively, which was utterly pathetic and frankly untrue to be honest. She refused to take full payment off me and said i had to deal with Pastdue, i explained i owe HMRC the money and wanted to pay and have no dealing with some half baked collection agency, she then promptly cut me off. So now i have a sum of £1700 owed which i can pay right away and i have submitted SAR. It's a matter of principal that i have not been able to exercise any rights that i may have and have been unfairly denied the ability to make payment or to enquire further as to how the overpayment was calculated. Will this affect my credit rating, can pastdue send bailiffs, do i have an amount of time, do i have to acknowledge anyone? Where do i go from here? and thank you for taking the time to read my post.
  2. Hi All I have received a letter today from Past Due Credit Solutions requesting payment of just over £1.5k for an account with n power at a property I lived in for 18 months this between 2010 and 2012. Firstly the dates of the account are incorrect and are for a further 2 months after I moved out, secondly this is the first I heard that I owed them money! I'm not sure where to start with this one to be honest. Do I send them a SAR request? If so, is there a template specificity for energy companies? I was paying previously via a bank account I closed sometime ago it's going to take me a while to price payment I would like to push the ball into their court for now. Looking online and at other forums i think n power have sold on a shed load of accounts recently to DCA's as there seems to be an awful lot of people complaining about debt collectors film letters for old accounts. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I'm hoping that you can help me with a problem that my daughter now has with Vodaphone. In August 2012, she opened a new contract with Vodaphone, via their local store. This contract was then closed (in store) 2 days later as the sim card didn't work she was told by the staff, that there was an issue with that particular sim card and that they would have to close the account and open a new one with a new sim card and new phone number. She was never given a new contract paperwork with the new sim card. Her first bill arrived and it was £80.00 instead of £39.00. she went back to the local store and the staff had no clue what to do, they rang someone whilst she was in the store, and the person on the other end of the phone had no clue either. Some excuse was made, but nothing was made clear. She also told them that she couldn't access her online account, as she wanted to check why her first bill was so high, and they told her that she would have to wait a couple of days for all her information to be transferred from that first (cancelled) contract to this new one. An easy transfer they said!! She was never able to access her online account, however the phone was working and she was billed erratically for the next 18 months. The bills were always more than they should have been and she was never billed on the same day each month. All the bills were paid by DD. In May 2014, having had enough of the poor (non existant) coverage, she went into the store and asked to cancel her contract. only to be told that she had no contract with Vodoaphone and they had no record of her ever having had a Vodaphone account. (the person who opened the account in 2012 no longer worked there either) The last bill was sent in May 2014, which was paid, and after that the phone no longer worked. The contract ran out in August 2014. Nothing was heard until the end of 2016 when a letter arrived from Vodaphone demanding £400.00. There was no account number or phone number on this letter that applied to my daughter, so we could not track this on their website. They tried to take money from a new bank account (which was not connected ever to the Vodaphone account). now they have passed the account to PASTDUE who are demanding £753.66 or they MAY go to court (blah blah blah). today we found out from my ex husband of 15 years (her dad), that he has been receiving texts from this debt collector on his mobile, asking for my daughter to contact them. He has not lived with his daughter for 15 years, his phone number has changed numerous times in this time, he has never had any kind of joint contract or account with her, and these texts started on 22 Feb this year. So far they haven't rung his number and he hasn't replied to any texts. Sorry for the long explanation, but I hope someone can help me with this ridulous mess. Thank you
  4. Hi all - first post on these forums, hoping to find a solution to this problem! Over the last few weeks I've received a number of letters from Pastdue Credit Solutions about a supposed debt of £32.40 that I owe to Three Mobile. These letters have demanded that I pay up or face further debt collection procedures or legal action. I held an account with Three Mobile for two years, but closed my account in October 2016 when I switched to Virgin. When I called to close my account, the man in Three's call centre remarked that I had been a model customer, with no late or missed payments, and that they'd be sad to see me go. There was NO outstanding balance when the account was closed. Also, my account with Three Mobile was registered to a different address - my parents' address, where I was living when I first took out the contract. The letters I'm receiving from Pastdue Credit Solutions are coming to my new address, which has never been associated with my Three account. I never informed Three that I'd moved house, so there's no way they could have passed this address onto a debt collection agency. I've also checked my credit score on numerous different providers - Noddle (which I believe is part of Callcredit) and ClearScore (which obtains its information from Equifax). My Three account shows up as 'settled' and 'closed' and there is no sign at all of this mysterious £32.40 debt. My question is - how do I proceed? Do I ignore these letters and hope they'll give up, or do I risk acknowledging this debt to get them to leave me alone? Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give! I've read conflicting posts about Pastdue Credit Solutions, some saying they're legit and others saying they're phishing and intimidating people to try and get them to pay debts which aren't theirs. Not sure who to believe or what to do next.
  5. I have received two letters over the past 3 weeks from Pastdue chasing a debt for Npower for ~£620 (£450 debt £170 fees) relating to my old address I left in Nov 2010 so 6 years ago. The first letter lists the product and supply period as not specified which is helpful. I have spent the intervening time digging through letters and my bank statements trying to figure out what this for and have found some letters from Wescot in 2014 with the same account number for Npower Gas but owing ~£650 but I do not recall ever entertaining these letters. On my bank statements it seems I last made a payment to Npower in Oct 2010 but I am not sure if it was for gas or electricity as it was a card payment. On first glance it seems that the debt maybe Statute Barred or at least nearing it as I do not know the exact default date. To complicate things I can see on my bank statements that I have made payments to Scotcall since then which I think were for my Npower electricity account not my gas account iirc, which I paid for a period of time until I was told to stop as it seemed Npower recalled the debt. Unfortunately I cannot put my hands on any letters to confirm this so I am not 100% confident that it is a separate account. The actual value of the gas debt should be over £2000 as although I had a direct debit in place for both fuels, npower didn't bill me for gas for over 2 years so I am not convinced this debt is actually mine unless npower wrote some of the debt off. I am unsure how to proceed, I am not in a position to pay so am reluctant to start engaging with the dca. Is it wise to engage with Npower to try and confirm if the account is mine and try to find out the default date and last payment amount/date to see if the debt is now SB? Kind regards
  6. Hi all When I moved my mentally disabled son into his flat in 2008, I contacted all utilities to register him. Eon took on the electric but said no gas was registered there. I knew gas was supplied to the flat as there was a boiler. Eon gave me a Gas number to ring saying that held all records of properties listed as being supplied with gas. I rang them and they confirmed they had no gas registered at that address. Moving on to 2013, the gas board heavies turned up at my son's flat, threatening to break in if he didn't let them in and installed a pre-pay meter and made him sign something. He was so distressed and confused, as was I. The gas man said an error had been made and that his gas was registered at another number. He now owes around £1500. He is on benefits and couldn't afford the gas so his flat got very mouldy and he recently moved out to live with his friend. He gave no forwarding address but Pastdue have just sent him a letter saying British Gas have past the debt onto them and now he needs to pay. We don't know how they got his new address but that's beside the point. The point is, I don't know what to do to help him. He is registered as mentally disabled and lives on benefits. I have taken this on because he can't cope with things like this. Do we contact Pastdue and offer £1 a month or something or do we contact British Gas and dispute the bill? Hoping someone in the know will be able to help. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi I am paying off an old debt to BT through Pastdue credit solutions. I need to let them know I cannot make this months payment but cannot get in touch with them. I have e-mailed phoned and written to them but have had no reply from any of these attempts to contact them Can anyone help. Have you had any problems with this company at all?
  8. Hi everyone, My wife received a letter on July 9th from Pastdue Credit Solutions, apparently acting on behalf of, and claiming a debt of £700 owed to HMRC for Single Tax Credits. The letter doesn't give any info about the debt, but just threatens further action if not paid, giving a payment date of yesterday. We have not claimed tax credit for around 7 or 8 years, and even then it was as a couple. The last time my wife claimed as a single person was 10, maybe 12 years ago. We have never been told about this debt, and even if she did have a debt a decade ago, we had many years of claiming where they would have taken monies owed back again I think? Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this company, or deal with this situation? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone. I have a comparitively small debt of £350 for gas and electricity supplied by Eon at a property I moved out of a year ago. Eon have got PastDue to "manage" and recover the debt but it has not (as far as I can tell) been assigned to them. I have followed previous Forum advice and told them I will only communicate with them in writing and offered them in writing £10 a month. They have now come back to me asking for confirmation that I owned or occupied the previous property; dates that I entered and vacated the property and confirmation of my date of birth. They say they need this information to comply with the DPA. Now I must confess I'm not a leading expert on the Data Protection Act but I thought the act was there to safeguard personal information that companies held on people NOT as a tool to extract info companies do not have about you. If these people are properly acting for Eon shouldn't Eon be able to confirm dates when we were taking energy from them. They were properly informed when we vacated the property last year. I would welcome any thoughts members have please.
  10. I have an outstanding bill with Power that I had honestly forgotten about when I switched my gas/elec supplier. The total amount due is about £500. Pastdue have been in contact about the amount and have added about £60 "Administration Fee". Can they do this? I don't mind paying the bill, but I would be a bit peeved if I have to pay another £60 in admin charges. I suppose I could just go directly to NPower and pay them, missing out the middle man?
  11. In 2013 we received notification from Tax Credits Office that there was an overpayment of over £1000 from 2010 which they wanted back and they would adjust our tax codes to recover it. We presumed this had been done and forgot about it. In December 2014 we received another letter from Tax Credits Office saying the same thing which was surprising as we thought this had already been recovered. In March this year we received a letter from Pastdue Credit saying HMRC had instructed them to recover the debt and they wanted the whole amount paid at once. We did ask Tax Credit Office why this had not been collected from our tax code as they said they would. They said they had written to us again in February to tell us they could not recover this through our tax code. Neither of us received any communication from Tax Credit Office in February on this matter and we do not believe any letters were posted to us as we usually both receive our own copies of Tax Credit communications. We contacted Pastdue Credit and they informed us the matter had been passed to them and we had to pay the amount in full. When we looked back through our tax credit history there were no payments to us in 2010. What is our best course of action now? I would like to know why HMRC decided to refer this to debt collectors contrary to their own declared course planned actions.
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]56956[/ATTACH]Hi there, This is my first post here. Firstly, I live in Scotland and know that after 5 years a debt is statue barred and after 6 years it drops off your credit report. Six and a half years ago I had a 2nd job as an Ann Summers Party Rep. I didn't pay off the rest of my account with them when I finished parties in Nov 2008. Now this company has started to chase me for the money. This account has NEVER shown on any of my credit reports. I received first letter and as I knew it was over the time frame, I replied with the statue barred letter from this website. I today received another letter acknowledging my letter and they have asked me to confirm details with them. What should I do next? I have attached the letters Thanks for any help.
  13. Hi Everyone, A few weeks ago (23rd December actually) we received 2 letters from PastDue Credit Solutions. The letters had my name and address on them and some account numbers and references I know nothing about. Their client was also printed on there as ScottishPower Energy Retail Ltd who we have never used.. Here is the detail of the letters for reference, I have typed it all as I think its important to see how these agencies behave. IMPORTANT MATTER THAT MAY AFFECT YOUR CREDIT RATING Dear Mr/Ms BubbleGuppie.... Supply Address (Our previous rented address was printed here..) We have been appointed by ScottishPower Energy Retail Ltd to recover the above outstanding amount. To avoid any possibility of further action, we strongly urge you to repay the amount outstanding by 2nd January 2015. You can repay using any of the methods listed on the reverse of this letter. (You can guess whats printed there ) If you are having difficulty making payment or you wish to discuss this matter, please call a Customer Service Consultant today on. .... We will be able to offer you an affordable repayment plan that reflects your current financial circumstance. This may impact your credit rating Non-payment of the full outstanding balance may result in Scottish Power registering a default with Credit Reference Agencies. If Scottish Power decides to register or have already registered a default it will have an impact on your credit rating. In order to ensure Scottish Power do not adversely affect your credit rating (if they have not already) you have the following options; 1) Pay the balance of £411 in full immediately 2) Pay £100 and setup an instalment plan to pay the remaining £300 For and behalf of, PastDue Credit Solutions the letters stated that I owed 2 amounts of rather large sums of money.. Letter1 Amount - £400 Letter2 Amount - £250 Wow, that's £650 we apparently owe to some agency chasing a debt from an energy supplier we were never with. (We have been with NPower for years, EDF before that!) I called Scottish Power who asked me some questions, realised that the debt was actually for whoever lived there back in 2011 (not us) and appologised. They assured me that they would correct this in their 'back office' d that I would receive a letter from them (not PastDue). they advised I tell PastDue this also to stave off their rapid advances of assumption to which I called them up. I explained the situation to some dude on the phone, he asked for some details, I explained that the debt was not mine and that Scottish Power will 'sort it out' he just said he will put the account on hold for 1 week to see Scottish Power cancel with them. This never happened and we then received another 2 letters on 08th January 2015.. Here is the content of the letters.. (sigh...) :mad2: PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER Dear Mr/Ms BubbleGuppie.. You have still not paid off the above debt. Unfortunately this means that we may recommend to our client that they should issue a claim against you in court. What this means should the claim be successful? You may owe more as the amount may then include legal costs and/or interest You may have difficulty obtaining credit, a loan or a mortgage in the future. To avoid any possibility of further action, we strongly urge you to repay the amount outstanding by 18 January 2015. You can pay using any of the methods listed on the reverse of this letter. (usual credit card, address details etc..) If you are having difficulty making payment or you wish to discuss this matter, please call a Customer Service Consultant today on 0141 951 2345. We will be able to offer you an affordable repayment plan that reflects your your current financial circumstance. If you are experiencing serious financial difficulty it may be in your best interests to contact an organisation that offers free debt advice. Companies such as National Debtline (.......), Step Change (......) or your local Citizen Advice Bureau will not charge you for their services. Please let us know as soon as possible should this be the best course of action for you. For and on behalf of Pastdue Credit Solutions So as you can see and imagine, we had enough of this now. We were being what seemed bullied by this agency for a debt we never owed. I had a look on a few forums and I sent them a reply using recorded delivery. Here it is.. Dear Sir/Madam Account No’s: ............. ............. You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to Scottish Power I am familiar with the Consumer Credit sourcebook of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which states the following rules. "A firm must not ignore or disregard a customer's claim that a debt has been settled or is disputed and must not continue to make demands for payment without providing clear justification and/or evidence as to why the customer's claim is not valid." 7.5.3 "A firm must suspend any steps it takes or its agent takes in the recovery of a debt from a customer where the customer disputes the debt on valid grounds or what may be valid grounds." 7.14.1 "Where a customer disputes a debt on valid grounds or what may be valid grounds, the firm must investigate the dispute and provide details of the debt to the customer in a timely manner." 7.14.3 In not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt you are using deceptive/and or unfair methods. Furthermore, ignoring and/or disregarding claims that debts have been settled or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts to physical/psychological harassment. I would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above accounts unless you can provide evidence as to my liability for the debt in question. I await your written confirmation that this matter is now closed. Otherwise I will have no option but to make a complaint to the trading standards department and consider informing the FCA of your actions. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully Mr/Ms BubbleGuppie A week or so passes by and we then get this letter from them on 19/01/2015 Dear Sir I write in response to your recent correspondence. I understand that you are in dispute over the aforementioned account. Before we can make contact with our client, we require more details on your dispute. Our operating ours are .... Yours Sincerely ............. Admin Assistant for and on behalf of PastDue Credit Solutions So now we are not sure what we should do now? Should we call them? Ignore them? What? Can someone please advise on this? Sorry for the large post, but I needed you to see whats been going on. Its been quite a ride as you can see and to be honest it makes me sad that Britain has become like this with sharks trying whatever they can to get money out of people who don't owe it. Advice please!
  14. Hi, I have received a letter from Pastdue credit requesting payment of a rather large tax credit overpayment debt dating back to 2006-2009. I tried to dispute the debt with HMRC and requested an explanation as to how they had arrived at that figure, unfortunately they said I was out of time. There was further communication with HMRC in Jan 2013 when they phoned me for a statement of income and outgoings to arrange a payment plan, I requested that this be done in writing and wrote them a letter explaining my wish to come to a payment arrangement. I received no response to my letters then out of the blue received a letter advising me that this debt was to be passed to a DCA and to await their letter as there was nothing else I could do about it and it was out of their hands. I have since sent a letter to HMRC (recorded delivery) further requesting that I am able to deal with them but have had no response. In the meantime I have received a letter from pastdue credit. I have telephoned them and they wanted me to do an income and expenditure over one month, I said I would deal with them in writing and make them an offer which would not be great as I am a student. They said they would not accept my offer unless accompanied by an income and expenditure breakdown and even then they may not. Can they refuse my offer with it being a HMRC debt? Do they have enforcement powers? Do I have to provide a breakdown??!! Please help I really dont know where to go from here with it being a large amount due to HMRC, I dont know whether they would have further powers. Many Thanks Roadhog1
  15. Hello. Today i recieved a letter from "advantis" looking for my whereabouts.as british gas had passed debt of £370 to them. i phoned and spoke to an agent at advantis.i explained to him that i would contact british gas and pay the debt to them directly,set up standing order etc.british gas told me they could not recall the debt,as not in their policies.this debt was from a previous address,not where we live now. so basically i owe the debt to advantis.things are tough at the moment with being out of work,though got 2 interviews next week. guy at advantis said they would continue pursuing the debt unless they heard from britsih gas. guy at british gas said i didnt owe them anything now,as debt has gone to advantis. any advice please ?
  16. I am being chased for an old Next Account by Capquest who have employed Pastdue to collect. I asked for Capquest to send me proof of the debt in 2011 which I then followed up with a CCA request but they have not provided any documentation to me. Pastdue have been writing to me at my boyfriends address (I do not live there but I do have my mobile phone account registered for personal reasons) and I have replied to them using my address. I first sent Pastdue the Prove It letter, they then replied stating they knew no reason why no payment had been made to Capquest and I replied with a letter stating that Capquest had not provided any documentation regarding the account hence the reason no payment had been made. Pastdue's latest drivel is as follows, Can anyone help me come up with a suitable reply to send?
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