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  1. Hi, There is a front page which said we need your attention, potential legal action. Then a letter saying if I do not contact them within 30 days Cabot may ask them to issue court proceedings and ask for a ccj against me. Then attached to the letter there is are two pages entitled 'Letter of claim details', a reply form, I and E form and direct debit form. It looks like they mean business. Thanks RH1
  2. Hi, So this matter continues 18 months later. Mortimer Clarke have now sent letters with income and expenditure forms which I ignored and then another letter giving me 30 days to get in touch and make an arrangement or else they may issue. They also provided the missing terms and conditions. This is now without a doubt statute barred as last payments were in 2011. Shall I just ignore and let them issue then defend with statute barred? I cant recall now whether I got a response from my SAR after providing them with my council tax bill (earlier threads). I w
  3. No i didnt actually i must have missed that part when i read the notes section. I will write back then with the items they want. Thanks Rh1
  4. I sent a sar letter to direct auto but they have written back saying signatures didnt match and want passport or drivingnlicence plus proof of current address. Is this normal and if so shall i just go ahead? Thanks Rh1
  5. Ok, ive just looked at the letter.from dlc and it says please find enclosed a copy of your original agreement, terms and conditions plus a transactions list....definitely no t and cs enclosed. Im guessing i now write back to say they havent complied because they werent enclosed Rh
  6. Hi, Im posting SAR tomorrow. Which part of the S79 request have they not complied with? It was Mortimer Clarke who wrote to me a few months ago, DLC provided the agreement, I havent heard anything further yet from Mortimer. What is it that DLC have not sent me? I am not intending on making any proposals at this time. thanks RH
  7. hi, Here is the pdf the right way up. This is all they sent, no more t and c's. I will SAR them. Do i send it to dlc or direct auto finance? thanks Roadhog
  8. Hi, Please find docs attached. Ive been able to scan them now. thanks Roadhog1 CCA return .pdf
  9. Yes i will as soon as i get home this evening. I dont have it with me im afraid. Many thanks Roadhog1
  10. Hi DX, I don't think I have made four new threads on this debt? I tried to claim PPI as instructed and CCA them years ago to no avail then did not hear anything again as they said they had no documents. Believe me you are not wasting your time, thanks to your advice over the last few years I have managed to defend or win 3 court actions which without all your help I would not have been able. I always take advice from you all and act upon it and am very grateful for your services as evidenced in other threads on here. thanks Roadhog
  11. From what I can see over 50% of the amount advanced but no if you include the financial charges and PPI No I didn't send a SAR. They have provided a list of all the payments though. I could still SAR, they haven't issued or anything yet they've just answered my CCA request. This really annoys me because in 2013 I requested these docs for PPI and they couldn't find them!! How could SAR help with this now? thanks Roadhog1
  12. Hi, So is there nothing I can do at all other than to make a payment arrangement? Or do I have any defence? (I know you still need to see the PDF). Thanks Roadhog1
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