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  1. In 2013 we received notification from Tax Credits Office that there was an overpayment of over £1000 from 2010 which they wanted back and they would adjust our tax codes to recover it. We presumed this had been done and forgot about it. In December 2014 we received another letter from Tax Credits Office saying the same thing which was surprising as we thought this had already been recovered. In March this year we received a letter from Pastdue Credit saying HMRC had instructed them to recover the debt and they wanted the whole amount paid at once. We did ask Tax
  2. Latest communication again from somebody completely new. [ATTACH=CONFIG]56648[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]56649[/ATTACH] Should I continue to ignore?
  3. Sorry, I meant to reply to this with the copy of the recent letter - see attached. It seems remarkable that ZZPS are saying this has come from Excel Parking and it is now under BPA not the other lot. I was planning to ignore this. Edit: I can only get these uploaded in Thumbnail size - should be pdf's now.
  4. This has now escalated through a series of letters which at one point acknowledged the use of double yellow lines to indicate areas where stopping is prohibited (there were no yellow lines on the lay-by my car was stopped in) to making the monumentally outrageous assumption that because I am the registered keeper of the vehicle I can therefor be pursued as the driver during this incident. I have now received a letter from ZZPS Ltd saying this has been passed to them by their client Excel Parking Services Ltd. I have never had contact from Excel Parking Services Ltd before, only VCS. Should
  5. I don't have a picture of the signs, but I believe there are prominent signs on the entrances to the park.
  6. Almost forgot to respond to PCN issued 24/10/14 by VCS from 'breach' at Liverpool International Business Park - see attached PDF's. i realise I've left this late and I may only have a few days to get a response to them. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I stopped to make a call between appointments at local clients. The 'Road' I stopped on was a cut-in pretending to be a side road but it actually stopped at a fence then a field just behind the car in the picture. The majority of roads on the park has double yellow lines, but the cut-in the car was stopped on does not have dou
  7. Thanks to all for some great advice. I've sent a letter and I will update on the response.
  8. Hi I received the attached PCN from Park With Ease after a visit to Brockholes, Preston. I was aware of the free initial 20 minutes and did not think we had exceeded this. The 'offence' occurred on 01/10/14. The PCN is dated 04/11/14 (34 days later) The PCN arrived in my post on 07/11/14 (37 days after the offence). The charge seems excessive to me. Before I do something stupid, can thgis be enforced, and would I win an appeal?
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