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  1. Thanks for the prompt response. Will sort it out directly with NPower. I assume I need to post it recorded so that I have a record, rather than pay it over the phone?
  2. I have an outstanding bill with Power that I had honestly forgotten about when I switched my gas/elec supplier. The total amount due is about £500. Pastdue have been in contact about the amount and have added about £60 "Administration Fee". Can they do this? I don't mind paying the bill, but I would be a bit peeved if I have to pay another £60 in admin charges. I suppose I could just go directly to NPower and pay them, missing out the middle man?
  3. Update - Lee from the Vodafone web team rang me this morning, apologised for the mix up, conceded that promises had not been kept regarding re-calculating my bill and did the honourable thing. My bill has been reduced by £200 to the correct amount and my faith in customer support has been somewhat restored. I say "somewhat" because up until the point that Lee phoned the service had been nothing less than shoddy. Thanks to all who helped.
  4. There is some quite interesting reading in the attached link, on the BBC Watchdog site. Not sure if it helps but its worth a read. Seems to have been happening a lot. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2011/09/data_roaming.html
  5. ah, now then, I didn't get an automated response code when I mailed the web team. I will do it again. OK, done properly this time and response code added to initial post. Thanks for your help chaps. A £350 phone bill at xmas is going to kill me. Bread and water for the festive season methinks !
  6. Rebel11, my previous reply was badly worded. I have not yet heard back from the web team. I used info from somebody else's thread to contact them and am awaiting a response. I thought I would find out what my options were if they don't resolve the issue to my satisfaction, in advance of their reply as it were. Your links may yet prove useful. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Thanks Rebel11. I already contacted cust services as described in a previous thread.
  8. Vodafone Automated response code #7973685 I went on holiday to the USA 21st October 2011. About 3 days before I departed I checked the Vodafone website to see about data roaming charges. The "going abroad" section of the website says "ring customer services for enquiries about outside Europe". I rang Vodafone customer services and was told that there were no data packages available for the USA. Ive got an iPhone, so I made sure that when I landed in Miami Mobile data and data roaming were switched off. I was in the states for 8 days and did use the maps on my phone and checked my emai
  9. Quick question ; If I get a CCJ against me, how soon does it appear on a public register. I thought I had 28 days to pay the full amount before the judement showed?
  10. I filed a defence because what were my options ? Dont file a defence and get a CCJ anyway or file a defence and, worst case, add a bit more to a debt that I cant afford to pay anyway. It was worth filing a defence, I just got a little demoralised toward the end and failed to put in a good enough effort. I had every intention of putting up a big fight because MBNA have been utter swines. Ive been unemployed for ages, lost my home and my marriage broke up. I kind of lost the will to do anything much. Most of my other debtors have accepted token payments, but MBNA went for the throat. No one
  11. Thanks for the response. My defence is weak to say the least so dont expect to win. I suppose what Im trying to ask is, whats the best way to avoid a CCJ at this stage. Im skint and out of work, but I could make a one off payment from money I can lend. If I get a CCJ I still only have the same amount of money.
  12. I have a hearing on Fri 15th Apr at which the claimant (MBNA / Optima) is trying to get summary judgement prior to a full court hearing on the basis that I have no prospect of defending the claim. First of all do I have to attend the hearing ? What happens if I dont turn up ? Also, Im going to send Optima a letter making them an offer of a lump sum payment tomorrow. If they accept (which Im sure they wont as the amount is about a third of the claimed amount) will they stop proceedings? Will I still get a CCJ against me ? Thanks in advance
  13. A question which may have a quick answer, hopefully. I have a hearing on 15th April 2011 at court where the claimant will apply for summary judgement on the basis that I have no hope of successfully defending at the real court. I wish to actually defend the case, but I also wish to make an offer of payment, on the off chance they will accept a significantly reduced payment offer. Is there a template that I can copy from somewhere ? Many thanks
  14. I have a quick question about proof of posting. In a case I am defending I never received a Default Notice before I received court papers. The claimant is quite adamant that one was sent. Do they have to provide proof of receipt, ie that I signed for it, or merely a statement saying they sent it ? Clearly the claimant could say I was lying about not receivng a document. Im curious as to whom a judge would side with, if thats the right phrase, as Im sure all judges are impartial !! Thanks
  15. The debt is for a bank account overdraft not a credit card or loan. Are they still under an obligation to provide details of the original over draft agreement?
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