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  1. Hi there, Just wondering what I should do. My OH works in Denmark and pays their higher rate of tax at 36.5% therefore does not pay uk tax. How would the hrmc take this into consideration regarding paying back the 'higher tax charge' on child benefit. As we are currently paying 14% more than we used to. Went on the calculator and it said we would end up paying over 3/4 of it back in the year. Looking to see if anyone has any helpful input. Thanks
  2. So today I received a text message from this company asking me to contact them. I also found a letter to when the account was closed and it was jan 2009. Do I complain to fca in writing? If so is there a template that I can use?
  3. Bit of a daft question but who would I report them to? I get pestering phone calls from them too. Never answer the phone but they leave messages. Don't really wanna change my phone number either as had it for years.
  4. I have, after they sent the first letter I sent the SB letter back then they replied with the letter asking for info.
  5. Thank you very much everyone, hopefully the letters stop then and if they don't then I shall just report them
  6. I was living with my parents which was the address prior to the one they asked me about.
  7. Do you think I should maybe send the 'prove it' letter? My instinct is to ignore it as I know its over the 6 years so they cant enforce me to pay it. And as its not showing at all and never has showed on any of my credit files, it wouldn't affect my credit rating.
  8. I thought it was odd for them to ask that. I think they are possibly just phishing or stalling but unsure what to do next. The address they provided was a previous address of mine but from almost 5 years ago.
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]56956[/ATTACH]Hi there, This is my first post here. Firstly, I live in Scotland and know that after 5 years a debt is statue barred and after 6 years it drops off your credit report. Six and a half years ago I had a 2nd job as an Ann Summers Party Rep. I didn't pay off the rest of my account with them when I finished parties in Nov 2008. Now this company has started to chase me for the money. This account has NEVER shown on any of my credit reports. I received first letter and as I knew it was over the time frame, I replied with the statue barred letter from this website. I today received another letter acknowledging my letter and they have asked me to confirm details with them. What should I do next? I have attached the letters Thanks for any help.
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