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  1. aha - the backbilling is interesting. thank you. I called British Gas today and made a formal complaint about the way this was all handled. They said they couldn't recall the debt from Pastdue as my son is not registered at any property now BUT, the guy I spoke to was very apologetic and reported it to his manager when I was on hold - he is also sending me an application to some British Gas trust which will he said, in certain circumstances will pay some if not all of the debt (and he said our situation seemed likely to be successful in the application) The backbilling tool will come
  2. Thank you so much. I will give them a call tomorrow
  3. Hi all When I moved my mentally disabled son into his flat in 2008, I contacted all utilities to register him. Eon took on the electric but said no gas was registered there. I knew gas was supplied to the flat as there was a boiler. Eon gave me a Gas number to ring saying that held all records of properties listed as being supplied with gas. I rang them and they confirmed they had no gas registered at that address. Moving on to 2013, the gas board heavies turned up at my son's flat, threatening to break in if he didn't let them in and installed a pre-pay meter and made him sign somet
  4. sorry guys... just thought of this... my friend is having debt issues as well. She is on income support, single with one disabled son. She receives a carers allowance which is deducted off her income support money and the child (who is 9) receives disability living allowance. She is worried that if she declares the full income, which includes her son's disability allowance every month, that the debt collectors would take that into consideration... also, that if it did go to court, the court would make her use the disability allowance to pay off debts.. I am not in a position to
  5. Just found this.... Available Reports Details Company Name: MERCANTILE DATA BUREAU LIMITED Company No: 01829604 Registered Office: Incorporated: 03/07/1984 WILLOW ROAD BRACKLEY NORTHANTS NN13 7EX Company Type: Private Limited Legal Status: Striking off Notice Report Status: Full Data Accounts Type: Dormant Latest Accounts to: 30/04/2008 Latest Return to: 11/08/2008 this is at Creditgate.com Does anyone know what the "Legal status - striking off notice" means?
  6. REPLY FROM MDB RECEIVED TODAY Obviously beyond Mark's job instruction so he has got a Jason to reply.... here it is Dear Mrs xx I am happy to answer your questions to quash any doubts you may have that Mercantile Data Bureau is in anyway not a bonifide company. 1) Mercantile Data Bureau’s licence with the Office of Fair Trading was renewed on the 4th November 2008. 2) Mercantile Data Bureau is a member of the CSA and is therefore proud to have their logo on our letterhead. 3) There are no regulations or guidelines preventing us from withholding our
  7. I have to say that I am looking forward to what they have to say. Will of course keep you posted.... Have a great weekend everyone x
  8. Email from MDB today.... their follow up to my request for the CCA which they sent me last week.... From: Mark Davies To: xxxxxxx Sent: Friday, 13 March, 2009 8:50:44 AM Subject: Dear Mrs xx I am still awaiting a response to my letter sent on the 4th March 2009. Could you please advise if you have replied by letter, as it is possible that you have but I have just not received it. If you haven’t replied and now that you have received the copy of agreement you requested, would you be willing to discuss this matter on the phone to speed up this process?
  9. Thanx for that Pinky... referring to the company switch that they do... I did read somewhere that thy are not allowed to pass your details onto another company without your knowledge or authority... did I get the wrong end of the stick?.... Surely, if this is the case then MDB shouldnt be sharing our details with Hillesdon
  10. ps... at Companies House, their accounts were dormant for last year
  11. As you can see... the license expired in Nov 2008. Just thought I would copy what was on the OFT website for others... CCA Search :: CCA Search Results :: Licence Details Application / Licence Details Licence Number: 0545676 Licence Status: Current Current Applicant / Licensee: Business Name Company Registration Number Mercantile Data Bureau Limited 1829604 Categories: Consumer credit Consumer hire Credit brokerage Debt collecting Right To Canvass Off Trade Premises: Yes Trading Name(s) (Current): MDB Mercantile Data Bureau Issued Date: 16-Nov-20
  12. Soooo..... It looks like my Egg CCA is not enforceable because it does not state a credit amount... MDB have written to me from an address which is not registered and which boldly displays a CSA logo of which they do not seem to be members of.... I do not want to court trouble but if I do not have to pay back Egg because their CCA is unenforceable, and MDB are not being honest about their phone numbers and their address... I am wondering what to do next. MDB have given me 7 days from last friday to contact them and arrange a payment plan but I read on another thread that th
  13. MDB UPDATE... REPLY FROM OFT... today (09.03.09) Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA) - Licensing Re: Mercantile Data Bureau Ltd Thank you for your email. According to your enquiry, I would like to confirm that Mercantile Data Bureau Ltd holds a consumer credit licence with number 545676 that covers: Consumer credit Consumer hire Credit brokerage Debt collecting and the right to canvass off trade premises. Their main place of business is at: Buckingham Road, Brackley, Northamptonshire, NN13 7DN and they also have a registered office at: Willow Road, Brackley, North
  14. Thanks... I have emailed the OFT today giving them all the details of MDB, their phone number and their letter heading address and asking them where I can find out if they are licensed for credit collections. Thanks to all who have helped me through this maze x
  15. I have just done a search on the CSA website for Mercantile Data Bureau Ltd and it has no members by that name (today). The footer of his letter has a CSA logo on it though. I have also checked MDB out a Companies House and it states the accounts are dormant.... not sure what this means Certainly, I will be asking him for proof of his credit License and to explain exactly who he is working for (I suppose)
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