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  1. Thank you unclebulgaria67 and ericsbrother. Useful advice. I would just like to ask one further question if I may. I offered originally to SSE what I felt was a reasonable and affordable payment arrangement. Why the matter went to LCS is because SSE flatly rejected my proposal and demanded that the full sum be paid in 2 equal instalments over 2 months which I couldn't afford then and still can't. Can I just implement myself what I proposed and what if they say I HAVE to deal with LCS?
  2. We used to be with SSE up until the summer and we were advised by them that we had a closing balance of £357.87. We were unable to pay this at the time and SSE were not prepared to wait for us to agree some sort of payment arrangement over a period of time because they wanted things settled there and then because we were leaving them. after the passage of some more time we heard from LCS who are saying they are authorised agents. I have never at any time had any communication from SSE that THEY were adding charges so I am assuming this is an attempt by the DCA to extract 'administration fees'.
  3. Hi everyone I hope someone out there can point me in the right direction on this one. I have an ongoing issue with a DCA called LCS who act for Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE). I have not, and of course will not speak to them on the phone. They have, after some time, responded to my letter to them asking if SSE had sold the debt. They have responded openly and said they are agents and the debt has NOT been sold on to them. They are trying to add on "recovery charges" of £71.57 and trying to say it is SSE that has done this. They enclosed an invoice from SSE for the amount owed to them and there are NO additional charges added. Now I have already told them that if the debt has not been sold then I want to deal direct with SSE and not them but they are having none of it. I want to tell them to basically go forth and multiply but I want to do it in a legal way.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm just after the best advice as to how to deal with Rossendales. Naturally I haven't and will not speak to them on the phone. They are claiming I owe a WTC overpayment of £139.07 from 2014. This would have been from the time when I was self-employed. I can just about remember getting some derisory amount of a couple of quid a week from way back. Could this be it? Anyway, I thought I would 'test the water' so to speak with them and wrote back asking if the debt had been assigned to them, knowing full well that HMRC doesn't assign debts. They came back with two letters, one factual, one rude saying essentially send us a statement of your finances and stop messing about! Now for the life of me I MIGHT owe this debt, but then again I might not and HMRC could be wrong. Rossendales say they don't under the 2005 Act have to provide info proving the debt. I am minded to fire back a letter along the lines of 'psychological harassment' and say if you won't provide the info get HMRC to but I would welcome all views and thoughts before I do.
  5. Hi everyone. I have a comparitively small debt of £350 for gas and electricity supplied by Eon at a property I moved out of a year ago. Eon have got PastDue to "manage" and recover the debt but it has not (as far as I can tell) been assigned to them. I have followed previous Forum advice and told them I will only communicate with them in writing and offered them in writing £10 a month. They have now come back to me asking for confirmation that I owned or occupied the previous property; dates that I entered and vacated the property and confirmation of my date of birth. They say they need this information to comply with the DPA. Now I must confess I'm not a leading expert on the Data Protection Act but I thought the act was there to safeguard personal information that companies held on people NOT as a tool to extract info companies do not have about you. If these people are properly acting for Eon shouldn't Eon be able to confirm dates when we were taking energy from them. They were properly informed when we vacated the property last year. I would welcome any thoughts members have please.
  6. Hi, I'd be very grateful for some general advice on a few issues. I had a debt management plan for some time with xx DMP co.. and everything went along fine for some time and all the creditors were as happy as they were ever going to be and I got regular statements for a while. Then the statements stopped but I continued to make my payments each month. Round about the early part of this year I received a letter from another DMP co which said that they had taken over the old ones including their staff and even my personal adviser would stay the same! Right! That was the last I heard so I continued to make my payments. Still not hearing anything further I did a little search on the internet only to find that the MD of the new DMP co had had his house raided, he was helping the police with their enquiries on fraud and embezzlement charges and Greater Manchester Police had closed the company down! So I have been in the process of making my own arrangements with my creditors but one thing has become clear. Several are saying that I am substantially in arrears and that they have received no payments for over 90 days. I have written to them saying this is not my problem, I'm not the one that has committed theft and that I'm not paying twice! Now I normally only deal with these people in writing and the letter templates in the library are invaluable. However, recently I did speak to Welcome Finance who said on this issue that again it wasn't THEIR problem, thought I was making a complaint against them and told me I was still liable. Am I? The other issue with them is that they said they're happy to reach agreement directly with me. I have implemented my own payments directly with them already and have advised them of this. They have now sent me an Income & Expenditure Form, asked for the payslips (which I don't have cos I'm self-employed) plus the usual line on 3 months of bank statements. I have already read the forum responses on this front. Of all my creditors they keep piling on the interest. Any advice on this would also be very welcome. Best regards to you all.
  7. I would be very grateful for any advice on handling the following. In 2009, when employed by a local council, I took out a loan for a few hundred pounds through the area Credit Union. At the end of 2009 I left the council for personal reasons and embarked on the tricky road of being self-employed. I found I could not maintain payments to the CU and the loan defaulted. Earlier this year the CU passed the matter over to Newlyn who from the start were agressive and stated they would accept nothing but full payment. Regular phone calls commenced with Newlyn refusing point blank to accept my offer of a monthly payment of what I could afford (£20). In the end, as they kindly supplied the details on their letters, I just implemented my own arrangement and started paying them £20 per month. They have continued to lump on the interest and demand full payment. I can now pay them £30 per month but they are "recommending to their client" that litigation commences. What is of more concern is that 2 months ago they opened a second account (with a different reference number) and I'm now getting letters relating to both reference numbers demanding different amounts. Any advice would be most welcome.
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