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  1. Thanks, I will keep you posted. I have a horrible feeling that I may have thrown out my old season tickets (to make room for the new carnets and oyster card in my wallet!) but I did have a few of them. But don't the TOCs keep their own records, as I know they have reissued cards to me before when the magnetic strips stopped working?
  2. BazzaS - please don't think that I am railing against those who have posted - that's not my intention and I thank everyone for their comments so far. What really gets to me is that I do genuinely feel that I have acted reasonably and in good faith here, and yet it seems that nonetheless I'm at risk of getting hung out to dry. Whether that's more a comment about the one sided relationship we have with the TOCs, I don't know, but I hope you can appreciate I am feeling somewhat bruised right now, especially if this could be hanging over me for months before I even know any more. One thing is
  3. In terms of the discussion with the inspector: He asked the standard questions that are on the form, my (good faith) answer to the 'do you have a valid ticket for travel' was 'yes', and he wrote that. He also wrote a supplemental question around whether the ticket had been 'altered' and wrote my answer that it had been 'corrected'. The discussion was largely around the fact that I had put an incorrect date on the ticket and was simply correcting it for the date that it was intended to be used on. I also made several points about the fact that it could clearly be demonstrated that I d
  4. Well I'm astounded. And I thought the idea of a carnet was to provide flexibility over travel dates. So basically what I am hearing is that regardless that I had no intent to defraud or deceive anyone, despite the fact that I have faithfully paid my way over the past 18 years, and despite the fact that noone suffered financial loss here, I'm somehow a serious criminal? This has really made my day. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for the welcome HB... as you can tell, this has rather wound me up! I suspect I have little comeback on the inspector's absolute right to confiscate the tickets, given that I am sure that there is language to the effect that the 'ticket remains the property of the TOC' somewhere, but it's this automatic presumption of deception/fraud that seems to be endemic in the public transport system that really gets me. Yes, I realise there is a genuine issue with evasion, and even with us 'white collar' lot, given the recent case with the ex-MD of a big fund manager. But based on the
  6. Hi there, new to these forums, but I googled the issue I faced this morning, and saw a couple of related threads here, so hoping I might be able to get some advice, or at least confirmation of what I believe! My situation is that after 17 years of using annual season tickets between my Hertfordshire home and work in the city, I switched to the carnet + oyster method, because I often do not need to travel to the office and it would save money. 1 week later, and I now have had to deal with an inspector this morning that wrote me up for altering the date on my ticket. I don't dispute th
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