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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I have been following this intermittently since I joined last October 2015. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452513-Sallie-Mae-UK-loans-statute-barred-or-not-scotland&p=4934734#post4934734 I am sort of the same situation, though I moved from Scotland to England in 2012. I am not sure which year Capquest via Sallie Mae, are referring to, but I received nothing after 2007-2008 when the loan was started until 2015, from the annoying letters they started sending me that year. I also had something from Arrow, but I have answered nothing for either Capquest nor Arrow. I tried to contact Sallie Mae UK in 2009 I believe but got bounced emails and nothing except something from an address in Canada, which was dead upon my response. So, seeing as how I am now in England, it is 2016, and theoretically the loan would have been statue barred in 2012 whilst I was still in Scotland, what would the advice be from the forum?
  2. Having so many Pay day loans (different thread already) and gambling I took stupidly on the same time unsecured Loan – contract with TM ADVANCES LTD. The interest its huge but when you are gambling you don’t think about now I need a help. They didn’t ask for Bank statement and I can see searches on my Credit file so was very clear how much debt I had already but I am not expecting that this one will be easy
  3. It would seem to be official - if not properly announced Buy an item or win an auction on ebay and the seller (and apparently buyer) can just 'cancel the order' up to 30 days after the win, and even after a buyer pays... So you win an auction * Seller doesn't like the final bid * Seller just cancels the order with some half baked 'reason' like item is lost or damaged * EBAY automatically send you a seller has cancelled with the only responses being an automatic refund if paid through paypal, or say the payer has refunded. There is mention buried in the t&C's that a seller gets a penalty mark if they do it too often, but customers cant see them. What I seem to have discovered so far working with a member of my family on this issue follows YOU SHOULD CONFIRM ALL THESE ISSUES YOURSELF AS I MAY BE MISTAKEN AND EBAY MAY WELL CHANGE THEM AT NO NOTICE - ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY So what seems to be the case is: You win an auction item - the seller (or buyer) can just 'cancel order' up to 30 days after the end of the auction, even if you've paid The seller does NOT HAVE TO CONTACT YOU OR GET YOUR AGREEMENT The EBAY system will automatically send you an email telling you the seller has cancelled your order - it gives you no real options to argue. NOTE: This seems to hide the fact that the seller may NOT GET THEIR FEES REFUNDED if you just dont respond to this Email. Effectively any response means you agree with the cancellation as far as I can see. Our decision is - not to respond to the Email Trying to get a complain option just sends you around the two liner Ebay help system. - at least if we dont accept the email (by not responding) the seller may still have to pay any fees, - accepting the cancellation seems to mean they get their fees back and may mean they dont get their due penalty flag. Ebay also remove all your usual places to leave negative feedback - BUT IT CAN STILL BE DONE and as soon as they cancel. Apparently buyers can do the same. I have no experience of that. Seems to make the auction site rather pointless as it holds no-one to the assumed agreements. I'm no legal expert but perhaps these practices breach trading standards? Hopefully an expert can offer an educated and informed opinion? https://ocsnext.ebay.com/ocs/sr?query=1482&topicName=Report+an+issue+with+a+seller&st=6&levelHierarchy=2a6a4 "Seller no longer wants to sell or ship the item If you paid for the item, the seller must refund the full amount within 10 business days. If you don't receive the refund on time, report it to us so we can help you resolve the issue." (Trouble with this is it seems impossible or at least extremely difficult to report it) Hers a load of ebay threads on it happening http://community.ebay.com/t5/tag/cancel/tg-p/board-id/bidding-buying-ac
  4. Well what can I say hasting direct smart miles black box insurance, what a joke their black box,s are, they constantly record their data wrong and their accuracy is appalling, my son has been doing his best to keep a good rating and had been doing a pretty good job of it until 2 days ago when he got an extreme speeding warning saying he was doing 61 in a 30 and they had it pinpointed to a place called sambrook crescent, a small cul-de-sac I checked his route on the smart miles map and to my supprise his journey takes him on a dead straight line through the middle of sambrook crescent which is impossible as sambrook crescent is a twisty culdesac and impossible for his 1.0 polo to hit 61mph there sambrook crescent does back onto the bypass which is a 60mph limit, the gps on the black box was out and you can see this from his journey map but hastings direct say there is nothing they can do as the box is never wrong although its plain to see.. i would warn any one thinking of taking a policy up with these people not to bother, their customer service people are the worst ive ever come across and do absolutely nothing to help you, but they are top notch at fobbing you off
  5. Hello, I was made redundant(no pay i don't have like thousands of pounds, not even close it was a apprenticeship type vacancy so no redundancy pay) recently and im starting to do a show which allows people to donate (optional) which does not go toward any real life spending, purely towards the stream. however i'm worried if this is benefit Freud in any way? can someone explain this to me? thank you.
  6. Hello, First post so be gentle. I recently saw a car online that had no photos but was from a well known dealer franchise, I contacted them to enquire about photos and some were sent to my email. It looked OK on face value but obviously I needed to see it in person. I left a £500 reservation deposit and was happy that if the car was good I would pay the balance and the car would be mine. A few days later I realised that on one of the photos the drivers seat looked like it had a white stain on it (very difficult to see from the photo) I asked the dealer if it was a stain and he said yes we'll try to get it out but I can't guarantee anything. I was annoyed that it hadn't been disclosed in many of our previous correspondence and therefore told them I no longer wanted the car due to its condition. They agreed to refund my £500 and despite having wasted £28 on a train ticket I was satisfied with the outcome. Fast forward a week and I enquired as to where my money was to be told "well we registered it in your name so if you could post the v5 back to us we'll refund you! I cannot believe they did that I mean I hadn't even physically seen the car! Where do I stand now? not only am I liable as a registered keeper for anything that happens but they are withholding my money for a mistake that they made. Sorry for the long post:-(
  7. Hi All, We use Virgin media business 150mb. We moved on the 28th of Oct and really need broadband for our business. However, they are saying they cannot install until the 19th. We need to be with Virgin as we are still in contract. I find it really hard to believe that they would expect a business to survive almost a month without any internet. Does anyone have any feedback on this?
  8. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/10/01/russian-embassy-_n_8225676.html?utm_hp_ref=uk
  9. if you read this and provide advice, thank you it's much appreciated. Secondly, yes I'm stupid and finally I know ignorance is not a defence (I have a Masters in Law, though you probably won't believe it after reading this). I'm expecting to receive a letter at some point from TfL and wanted to understand how to proceed... I mentioned to my dad last week that I was going to London on Saturday 15th for a day trip and he offered to lend me his Oyster card that gets him on the tube for 'free'. Thanks dad. Readers, I'm sure you can see where this ends up. I travelled from Birmingham to London and got off at Euston train station with a view to heading to Old Spitalfields market. Euston-Kings Cross-Liverpool Street. Went to leave the station at Liverpool Street, the barrier beeped and said seek assistance. Having just been at Kings Cross I noticed they had ticket booths and machines all over the place I figured it must be the same at Liverpool St, I'd just go to a booth and buy a full day ticket to get out and not bother with the so called Oyster card faff. That to me was seeking assistance. I turned round to walk towards the way I'd come from and check out the signs only to be chased by 2 guys asking to check my Oyster card. I said sure it's my dad's. The main guy took it from me, pulled a note pad out of his bag and asked where I was going. Then asked if my dad knew I had his card, to which I answered as above. He asked did I know why he'd stopped me, where I was from, how long I'd been using the card and how it came to be that my dad had given it to me. I explained just for that journey and reiterated he'd given it to me. He scanned the card then asked why I'd walked away from the barrier I told him it said seek assistance I wanted to find a ticket booth. Then he asked for my ID and started writing his Qs and my As and said I looked to young to be married which I found a bit odd, but said I was 29 - even though he had my D/L. Asked if I lived with my dad (no) and where he lived (Coventry). Then he cautioned me and said the card allows my dad free travel on the tube. It was at this point the penny dropped that I was in big trouble. Throughout the whole thing I didn't see any ID and they didn't tell me who they were so it was all a bit odd. He asked if I was entitled to any freebies and I said not that I'm aware. Did I agree that I had evaded a fare by using dad's card. Yes I did agree. How could I not. He confiscated the card and said if dad wanted another he'd have to apply for one saying he'd lost his. He asked me if I wanted him to read the notes back and I said no I've been watching him write it. Then he asked me to sign so that he wouldn't be able to write anything underneath after I'd gone and I can expect a letter. So here I am. I'm absolutely not blaming my dad, I take full responsibility for using the card without thinking about it. I'm not sure what his card was, I assumed it was a benefit he got being ex-military as he's previously offered for me to use his friends and family discount on a certain website he uses. Having said that he's 67 so it could be a senior ctizen card. Either way I realise that by using it it's meant that TfL haven't received my fare and someone else was paying for me to use dad's card which isn't right. I wouldn't walk into a shop and stand there using a product without paying , but that's essentially what I've done here and I'm mortified. My main question is, I know I'm guilty so do I instruct a solicitor from the point I receive the letter and get their assistance or respond and see what the outcome is? I am more than willing to pay TfLs costs for any losses/admin, pay a fine, settle out of court as it is not something I am proud of and do not want to have this hanging over me for the rest of my life. To receive a conviction would mean losing my job (I'm a contractor so always undergo record checks as I work on client sites in the finance sector) and will certainly not be able to apply for future contracts. I've calmed down a lot since Saturday but all I can think of is being sat at home on benefits watching Jeremy Kyle whilst my husband slaves away and it's not the life I want for either of us. On top of that my mum is in hospital today for a skin cancer operation, I found out on Weds that she had it and had been keeping it from me, got caught on Saturday by the revenue chaps and now it's the op so it's been a week of sleepless nights. Any help would be lovely. Thank you again MsD
  10. Right Interesting one... I like the idea of this! Could be interesting!
  11. just wanted to give a shout out to Mr Lender and Swift Sterling ive quite a few debts and rather than going pop im trying my hand at sorting a payment plan. both the above companies have frozen my debt and to reduced payments, BRILLIANT and a massive help. i'm awaiting a few replies but these guys did all this with 12 hours of my initial email. SO DON'T GIVE UP HOPE IF YOU TREAT THEM FAIRLY TOO THEY DO TRY TO HELP
  12. took a little battering around but.. ordered a treadmill from tesco direct, fullfilled by sportshq ordered the friday and paid extra for delivery "on or by Saturday" come saturday and no delivery, spoke to customer services and they tried to expain that it "wasnt their fault it was sports hq's fault" emailed ceo office, 30 mins later phone call, explaining they cant get it that day but would look into it and make sure we "were not out of pocket" monday email saying it had been delivered to a neighbour could we check it was ok and they were looking into it as their contract said mon-sat delivery sportshq claimed it was mon-fri tuesday email after we confirmed it was ok, sorry for the inconvenience, we are looking into the contract and have sent a money card for """""£50""""" was expecting £2 for the extra cost of delivery, not most the cost back..
  13. Well worth reading a must if you get a parking charge notice (PCN) http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2015/01/22/could-parking-fines-issued-to-shropshire-drivers-be-illegal/ Main story from here http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news?page=3 I have also added now a parking guide from "WHICH"
  14. Hello! I have ATOS assessment tomorrow. From their leaflet I have learnt that if I want the assessment to be AUDIO recorded I must contact ATOS in advance. Well do I or is it in my rights to just record the meeting?
  15. No money? No excuses! Following people on the sharp end of bad debt – and those whose job it is to get the money back. http://www.channel5.com/shows/cant-pay-well-take-it-away Channel 5 - April 8th - 9.00 pm
  16. Hi Second day of my new part time job in retail (first day was spent setting up retail outlet and visual merchandising with Directors) and a few hours in I am pulled to one side by a Manager who works fir another store who is helping out and she is with the new store manager whom I have only spoken two words of introduction to. Telling me I am need to calm down! I am making the other staff nervous and this can make the customers nervous. I cannot think for the life of me, what they are talking about. I actually am really dopey today full of cold and just getting over a gastric bug. They said I was too chatty, yes I give my full attention to the customer and this ha resulted in multiple sales today from my efforts whilst they are busy stock ticketing. I hve just emailed the HR and explained all the sitation and I am resigning. Maybe I was just not a good fit. I will concenrate on building my business instead. Has anyone ever had this I never ever have. I have always been told how professional and having been in field account management I am fully aware of my deliverey in communicating with people.
  17. “LG Life’s not so Good” TV developed fault just after 2 years.........! Sent an email to Currys and got a response: ‘As a company, we do understand our obligation to provide a remedy for products that fault following the expiry of the guarantee in certain situations. I do appreciate that manufacturing defects may not manifest themselves until after the initial warranty period has expired… Alternatively, you are able to obtain an independent engineer to inspect your television, you can send us the engineers report. The report should outline the diagnoses of fault/s that has occurred, the cost of repair, also if the television is not repairable then the report should state this also….” Sent independent engineer’s report and they called to organize collection to repair the TV, which they did within 7 days. Also will refund my £30 for the engineer's report. Well done Currys and the KNOWHOW team. P.S. Background: avforums.com/forums/lcd-led-lcd-tvs/1802165-lg-tv-no-picture-sound-hdmi-usb-lan-don-t-work-distorted-freeview.html
  18. I hope this is the correct place for my query, however I couldn't find a specific Credit Card section so did a search on "Aqua" which led to existing posts here ... ************* I am amazed by the brainless incompetence of Aqua. I am unable to keep up my credit card payments, and in October notified Aqua accordingly and asked for the appropriate claim form in order to activate my PPI. In the absence of a response I have written repeating that notification and the request, but still have not had claim paperwork. In that time my account has missed two payments so is further in arrear now, which could have been avoided had I been able to claim when originally intended. I have also received chase letters, to all of which I have responded pointing out that I have been trying to take proper steps for weeks and been prevented from doing so by their apparent inefficiency. At different points in this time I have been written-to by Matthew Ball, Senior Collections Manager, by K Stafford, Head of Collections and Recoveries, and by Charlotte Gurnell, Senior Operations Manager, referencing my overdue account. I have written immediately to each pointing out that I have been endeavouring to be able to invoke my PPI to stabilise matters, and that I was still waiting for Aqua to make any move whatsoever. Each time I requested their personal intervention to move things along. The only response I have had is standard letter offering to make a repayment arrangement. Laughably, that letter also stated that I might not realise that I have PPI on the account so I might want to consider making a claim! Last evening I wrote letters following-up my personal letters to messrs Ball, Stafford and Gurnell, pointing out that in five weeks I still had not had the claim forms, nor even the courtesy of an acknowledgement of any past correspondence including my replies to them. I requested immediate action before their collection processes geared-up a level because nobody was taking steps to stabilise matters. These letters were posted first thing this morning by recorded delivery, something I have had to do for a while since being told that "we have no record of receiving them so the Post Office must be to blame not us" And now, a couple of hours later, I have received a letter advising that an Aqua "representative" is visiting on Monday! No doubt he/she is calling to obtain either payment of the arrear or to go through the motions of setting up a payment plan, entirely unaware of all of the above because nobody has ever done a single thing in response to my initial perfectly reasonable and proper steps when becoming unable to continue. I have very limited time to take steps now because of being right up against the weekend and the visit is booked for Monday ... But I am not at all confident that any step I might take would actually get further than yet another brick wall anyway! ... were I to follow-up today with contacting any of those senior people again to have them cancel the visit and get my PPI claim rolling at last, I have very little expectation that anything would actually be done or get down the chain of command to where it would be needed in time for Monday anyway. So firstly I want to know how I can have them cancel their visit?! It is actually no problem just to be out all day, however that isn't really sensible plus wouldn't achieve any progress where it matters and would presumably only result in repeated visits at varying hours until successful anyway. And of course I want to get my PPI going still! I need a claim form etc from Aqua but despite now a total of eight letters to four different people across five weeks, mostly by recorded delivery - only one of which has had any reply at all - they have not yet provided anything enabling things to move along. At a push I could actually get enough together to pay the outstanding arrear if that would cancel the visit and allow a few weeks til the next payment falls due for the PPI arrangements to hopefully get taken care of. However, firstly I'd rather not, and secondly I shouldn't have to anyway because if they had responded when I first asked, PPI would have kicked-in and the arrears wouldn't have arisen! But if it is the lesser of two evils I would be willing to do it. So please can anyone advise with regard to halting the visit on Monday with only the rest of this afternoon plus tomorrow to act? Also, does anyone know of a route in to someone in authority at Aqua who can actually be contacted and has the ability to get off their bum and call off the dogs and also get the claim form sent to me? A simple step I had assumed five weeks ago! Howard
  19. Hi all. Looking for some reassurance if thats possible. DMP has been set up and running since August 2012. The majority of creditors have been really positive and supportive through the entire process which has really helped. The only sticking point at the moment is we have had notification from stepchange (cccs) that 2 of our payments have been returned and an ongoing increase in rbs current account balance. 1.Payday UK (approx balance £800) are no longer accepting payments from stepchange on our behalf....and at present my wife is receiving calls from Credit Resource Solutions insisting she contact them asap. I understand that CRS is a DCA working on behalf of/ under the same umbrella as payday uk but we hve had no written communication from payday uk informing us of a change of arrangements. 2.Our payment to RBS personal loan (approx balance £11000) has also been returned, with the account no longer able to view on online banking. 3. Our rbs current account was sitting just below our £600 overdraft limit when we entered into our DMP. During that process we slipped over that limit by £4 or so. I have attempted to write to the rbs to ask them for support with our dmp but we notice now that our current account balance is now approx £1200 ......about £600 in charges. Help?
  20. Hi everyone, djwrath here! I am new to this community and i have actually joined to see if I can help people here with their problems, especially as I do something VERY similar in my line of work (Legal Advisor for a Solicitors firm). Personally I have been involved in a few litigation cases, 1 for myself (LandLord/Tenant) and the others I was supporting family/partners and friends with issues ranging from Benefit Tribunals to Compensation Claims. Added to that is my working experience providing advice in a wide range of legal issues. So in closing I hope to be of help to people here, though please bear in mind I am NOT authorised to speak on behalf of my Employer outside of my workplace and working hours, and all advice provided is of my own personal views, experiences and training. (Sorry if that sounds negative, I have to put that statement in accordance with my work's Social Media Policy) and of course my views do not represent the opinions of CAG, its founders or members. Once I have the required post count I can come back and edit the legal stuff off as it will be in my forum signature, along with useful linkage! Signing off for now! djwrath
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