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Found 8 results

  1. Hi-a company has essentially not paid £300 of mine. I recently sent a final demand letter via tracked post and i can see that it was not sign for at the other end, it is actually being sent back to me. They are also not responding to emails although they were responding before. Can someone please tell me how i would go about suing the company. thanks!
  2. Hi all, I received the above Court that received my defence (back in November 2014). . The Court acknowledgement letter goes on to state 'Where he wishes to proceed, the claimaint must contact the Court within 28 days after receiving a copy of your defence. After that period has elapsed, the claim will be stayed' . I never heard anything else so assumed all was well and the claim was stayed. Today (10 months later) I received a letter from a solicitors practice saying 'Our client link financial outsourcing...has instructed us to act for the Claimant... The appropriate notification has been submitted to the County Court. My questions are: Could they have responded to the defence within 28 days but I don't get to hear anything until now? Could the stay have been overturned without my knowledge? or are they trying their luck? Is there a way I can find out from the Courts directly if they did respond to the defence? Thanks in advance B4nkers
  3. Hi, My business partner and I are going to be registering our company very soon. I know that somewhere into the process, we're going to need to open a business bank account and designate that as our main account for the business. About 3 years ago, I opened a business account and had a business loan that was connected with that account when I opened it (by Lloyds TSB). This company was as a sole trader and wasn't a registered company. I had some payment issues and the business account was eventually closed, as I'd missed some loan repayments/late payments, etc. Ultimately, the loan was sold on by Lloyds and I've been paying it back ever since. I didn't go bankrupt or anything like that, and the loan wasn't a large sum of money. But I lost the business bank account in the process. I've been paying off the loan ever since through a debt consolidation company and all is fine in that regard. I was wondering if I'm likely to experience issues when opening a business bank account now? I'd use a different bank and I wouldn't be looking to get a loan or anything like that. It would purely be myself and my business partner using it as our official business bank account. Any help on this would be much appreciated,
  4. Up until last year I was insured as a driving instructor and had my own car and paid my own insurance and accumulated 6 no claims years from the insurers. I had decided not to continue as an ADI and looked elsewhere for insurance. I received my NCD and uploaded it to the new insurers who refuse to accept it as it was earned, they say, on a commercial vehicle. I have phoned my previous insurers and they said they have never had a problem like mine, and suggested I give permission for the new insurer to call them. The insurers I have now have said I can alter my policy on line (have tried with no success)I want to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period and look elsewhere now, for which they will charge me a fee of £25 as the policy began on 2/1/2016 and charge me for the days of insurance on a daily rate. Quote me unhappy !! Any advice appreciated. The insurers I have are the same Aviva
  5. Hi all, Been mulling this over for about a year now as I was fobbed off by HSBC for my PPI claim. Here are the basics: Had a loan with HSBC in 1997 as I was 19 I was advised I HAD to have PPI for the loan, as I was buying a car and paying off a credit card. Loan was for £3000 Xmas 97 extended the loan to £3500 and again (I remember sitting at the desk in the Crawley branch) and being told, as I was extending the loan that PPI again PPI HAD to be added as they are 'helping me out'. '98 was going through debt problems and my father took me to HSBC branch again and they took my debit card off me and restructured the loan again with PPI till I paid it off in 2000. Now I followed all protocol for the information of the accounts and statements, but none was forthcoming. HSBC eventually (after 9 months) sent me the loan account numbers but said there was no PPI on any of them. I spoke to two different HSBC people in two different parts of the UK. One guy stated that he has all info in front of him, but can not 'verify' I had PPI and the lady I spoke to just said that she cannot confirm that I had PPI as it was too long ago and all details are destroyed after six years. I stated to both of them that if all details are destroyed after six years and no data stored on Microfiche, how can you send me details of all loan accounts and statements? Both staff said that if I can provide the PPI certificate, I have a claim. Now this was last year, The Ombudsman agreed with HSBC that there is 'no proof' that I had PPI, but I know I had PPI. Where do I stand. Barclays paid out on my PPI for years 98-2000 and I had no info for that. What I want to do is file at County Court for say £3000 for PPI Mis-selling and see how far I get until they settle or I go to Court. I have nothing to lose apart from my fee's for the County Court, and maybe HSBC might find my information? Look forward to any replies.
  6. Good afternoon, I have served notice to my previous landlord that I intend to take legal action to recover my deposit and a penalty as decided by the courts. I gave him until 23rd June to respond, which was 16 days. I got a response today (24th) saying he has responded within time and that he is going to use a solicitor to defend this action. I am concerned that if I take him to court and lose I may be liable for his legal fees on top of costs. How would I stand with this? I don't have a receipt for the deposit but do have the following: 1. Deposit protection certificate showing it protected late 2. Letter from him offering to use the deposit in lieu of rent 3. Further letter from him saying I hadn't commented on 2. 4. Schedules of payment showing the deposit amount 5. Letter from him saying "this will negate the general cleaning requirement for which we are entitled to deduct sums from the deposit". In total I have at least 9 documents detailing a deposit. I also have a large pile of correspondence from him denying we paid a deposit, Facebook posts calling me a tw@t, sod and idiot regarding the deposit and a letter saying he will deduct 50% of the deposit unless we agree to his offer. We have tried to reason with the LL regarding the deposit and its return but just get arrogant responses to the effect of "sue me if you dare!" Any advice gratefully received
  7. Hi - I followed some advice on here to ensure that my UK credit card companies that I owe too were aware that I was now in Australia. This is to ensure they don't raise a CCJ against me. I've actually not lived in the UK for 2.5 years however only recently defaulted on my cards due to unforeseen circumstances. I've written to Capital One half a dozen times to advise them of my change of address and I've had either no response or a letter thanking me and asking me to ring them in order to update their records. This was posted to my Australian PO box one week then the following week a letter was sent to my old address ( which I get redirected to my PO box in Oz) stating that I'm in default and a nominated representative will contact me shortly. I also sent a recorded delivery / signed on delivery letter to them advising of my address change although I've not had the signed card back yet. Questions I'm hoping someone can help me with ... Why wouldn't they send this default notice to the newly advised Australian PO box No ? Should I call them ? Or is this an admission / start the clock again ? Could they raise a CCJ at my old address ? (there have been new people in the house for almost 3 years) Any ideas how I stop them sending letters to my old address and start sending to my PO box ? Any help would be much appreciated. SIO
  8. Hello, I'm a bit unclear about the whole thing around what it is to acknowledge or not acknowledge a debt. Say one [ahem] has been paying a monthly amount towards a credit card debt for years, does that by extension automatically mean acknowledgement of the debt? Likewise if someone requests repayment of charges and interest (for credit card debts), is that automatically seen as acknowledging the debt? I'm wondering what then happens when a CCA request is made and the creditor (or DCA) does not deliver a true copy of the agreement, and then the debtor the decides to discontinue monthly payments until a true copy of the CCA is received. Does the whole thing of acknowledging or not acknowledging a debt come into play here or not? Maybe different factors are involved with original creditors versus DCAs who have bought the debts? I suppose the question boils down to: What constitutes acknowledgement of a debt and what are the implications/consequences of that? Obviously I'm not very clear on this topic so any clarification would be welcome!
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